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NWA Power results: La Rebelion vs. The End Tag Team title match

Kamille, Nick Aldis and Rodney Mack were all in action as well.

NWA World Champion Matt Cardona was interviewed in the back by Kyle Davis to kick off the show. He complained about Tim Storm's interference at the Crockett Cup and said if Storm can beat him in a non-title match, he will go to Billy Corgan and see about getting the stipulation that Storm can never challenge for the NWA World title again waived. 

Joe Galli, Storm and Velvet Sky were on commentary. Storm accepted Cardona's challenge before we went down to ringside. 

NWA Women's Champion Kamille defeated Madi in a non-title match

This was Madi Wrenkowski, who has been on AEW Dark several times. She was announced as "Madi, just Madi." So, no last name for her in the NWA, it seems. 

I expected this to be a squash, but Madi got in quite a bit of offense. She started focusing on the champion's arm early. Madi was definitely wrestling as a heel too, pulling Kamille's hair and raking the eyes. 

Kamille missed a kick and Madi went right back to working the arm. Kamille then fought back, landed a suplex and then a spinning neckbreaker for a two count. 

Madi raked the eyes and hit a forward-falling DDT followed by "The Reality Check" (axe kick) for a two count. She went for it again, missed, and Kamille hit a spear to get the three count. 

Thom Latimer came out to congratulate Kamille after the match. 

- The Pope was interviewed by May Valentine in the back. He wanted to let Cardona know that he's coming for his title. Pope also said he understands where Trevor Murdoch is coming from with his recent change of attitude but doesn't want him to forget who stood with him and where he comes from. 

"Magic" Jake Dumas defeated Rodney Mack

Dumas lit up a cigarette to start the match and blew smoke in Mack's face. Mack then grabbed the cigarette and put it out on his tongue. 

Dumas kept wanting to put his top hat on, but the referee wouldn't let him. He then raked Mack's eyes to start the match. 

Mack quickly fought back, however, delivering a big back body drop that took Dumas to the outside. Mack then tossed Dumas into the steel steps. He continued to take the fight to Dumas as the match ended up back in the ring. 

The match had been pretty much all Mack up until the finish. Dumas grabbed another cigarette from his hat and crumpled up the tobacco. He then blew the tobacco into Mack's eyes as the referee was distracted, rolled him up, grabbed the tights and got the three count. 

The Cardona Family (VSK & Mike Knox) defeated The Ill-Begotten (Jeremiah Plunkett & Rush Freeman) (w/ Alex Taylor)

Before the bell, the Ill-Begotten were shown discussing which two of the three of them would wrestle in the match. The ring announcer clearly said it would be Plunkett and Freeman moments earlier, but perhaps they were rethinking things. VSK then just tossed Freeman out of the ring to make the decision for them.

Knox and Plunkett started out with Knox getting the early advantage. VSK and Knox then worked on Plunkett with quick tags. Knox got a two count off a big vertical suplex. They then hit a standing moonsault/ leg drop combination for another two count. 

Freeman made a hot tag in and took Knox off his feet with a series of clotheslines. Knox hit a crossbody moments later, however, and then hit a flatliner after tagging his partner. VSK then came off the top with a frog splash for the three count. 

- Davis interviewed Chris Adonis in the back. Davis asked Adonis about Latimer's comments that Strictly Business is finished. Adonis said he's better as a solo act anyway and is going to try and regain the NWA National Championship. 

- Valentine interviewed Cyon in the back. He accepted Tyrus' challenge to try and bodyslam him and will take Tyrus' NWA Television title. Taryn Terrell then interrupted and Cyon rolled his eyes and left. Valentine asked Terrell about Paola Blaze now that her team with Jennacide has broken up. Terrell avoided the question by saying she heard Blaze is shopping. 

Nick Aldis defeated Deonte Marshall

This was a quick match. Marshall went for a crossbody early, but Aldis caught him and hoisted him up for a suplex. Aldis then hit a tombstone piledriver moments later before locking in the King Lynn submission to make his opponent tap. Galli brought up that Marshall was tapping just as Cardona did at the Crockett Cup. 

After the match, Aldis joined Davis at the podium. He said that he and Cardona have unfinished business and that won't end until Cardona is in the hospital and Aldis is the champion once again. 

La Rebelion (Bestia 666 & Mecha Wolf) defeated The End (Parrow & Odinson) to retain the NWA World Tag Team Championships

Mark and Jay Briscoe joined Galli at the broadcast table.

The End attacked the champions before the bell. That left Bestia already hurt as the match officially got under way. Parrow then worked on him in the early moments, getting a two count off a vertical suplex. Odinson suplexed Bestia shortly after and The End continued to work on him with quick tags. 

Parrow hit a standing senton for a two count and hit a chokeslam moments later. Bestia hit a cutter and then was able to make the hot tag into Mecha Wolf, who then took the fight to Odinson. 

La Rebelión hit Odinson with a series of double team strikes. Odinson fought back moments later and tagged out to Parrow. Wolf and Parrow were then fighting atop the turnbuckle. Wolf bit his opponent and then kicked him off the top. He then came off the turnbuckle with a 450 splash for the three count. 

After the match, the champions held up the titles and jawed with the Briscoes at the commentary table. 

Final Thoughts: 

This was a fun show. The NWA tag team division feels really important right now coming out of the Crockett Cup and The Briscoes winning the titles would make it feel that much more important. Harry Smith and Doug Williams should also be in the title mix since they eliminated the champs in the semifinals of the tournament. Cardona is also the perfect villain for this promotion.