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NWA Power results: Mask vs. Shakespeare reading match


The show opened with a summary of the story between Nick Aldis and Kamille, ending with her talking to James Storm.


Eli Drake was at Championship Wrestling from Hollywood and was interviewed by David Marquez. Drake said that The Rock, Steve Austin, and Ric Flair are all names he’s been compared to. Drake took offense that he has been compared to Nick Aldis, and while Drake agreed that Aldis is the man, he was offended that Aldis thought there were no challengers.

Drake claimed he was a challenger, but he had to deal with Ken Anderson first. That was another comparison that was made, and Drake said that he didn’t see it because he was a world class athlete. It looks like we’ll be getting Drake vs. Anderson soon. Drake’s promo here was fantastic.


Joe Galli recapped the return of Melina and Thunder Rosa’s MMA debut for Combate Americas. The video showed her preparing before the show, getting ready to walkout, and then followed her to the cage. It then flashed back to her training with Brazilian Top Team.

Thunder Rosa talked about the kids she helped work with before she got into wrestling and MMA. She talked about how wrestling was an outlet to help her get through the pain of trying to help those kids. She said she helped kids process their emotions but wasn’t able to process hers. Galli then promised us more later.


Aron Stevens cut a promo about how Ricky Starks made him look like a fool. The Question Mark was with him, and Stevens promised that if Question Mark lost the empty arena match, The Question Mark would unmask. Stevens said that if Zane Dawson lost, The Dawsons would have to recite Shakespeare.

The Question Mark (w/ Aron Stevens) defeated Zane Dawson (w/ Dave Dawson) in a mask vs. Shakespeare reading match

The Question Mark chopped Zane, hit the ropes, and ate a knee from Zane. Zane choked Question Mark on the ropes, but as the ref counted, Zane got distracted by him. Question Mark chopped Zane in the throat, hit a dropkick off the middle rope, and then hit the Mongrovian spike for the three count.

I guess the Dawsons have to recite Shakespeare. As they read it, Stevens looked like he was going to vomit and pulled a garbage can out of the ring. The Dawsons put on a fake English accent, and I admit that I found this really funny. Galli then announced that The Question Mark would be taking on Trevor Murdoch at the NWA's Into the Fire pay-per-view.


Galli sat down with Melina and she talked about why she liked pro wrestling and how she has been able to be a role model for people. Melina said she didn’t just walk into anywhere, it had to be worthy of her name. She said she liked to be a part of something new and the NWA was it. Melina claimed that before her people didn’t care about entrances, and things like that, and claimed that she didn’t get the credit she deserved.

Galli asked what Melina’s plans were for Allysin Kay, and Melina said that she had a problem with Kay thinking she is the best. She said Kay was carrying around the NWA Women’s Championship like an accessory and that it means more than that. Melina said Thunder Rosa and Marti Belle were worthy of being champions, and Kay doesn’t know how they have all fought to be where they are. She said that she will either make Kay appreciate what she has or appreciate what she had when she loses.

This was fine, but I’m not sure Thunder Rosa is going to be helped by Melina in the long run. Melina came across as a babyface in this promo. I’m not sure if that was the intention, but most of it was good.


The next part of "Into the Cage" aired with Thunder Rosa preparing for the fight and warming up in the cage. She was also shown warming up backstage after getting her fists taped. We saw her after the fight, and she was very emotional after losing. The coaches reminded her that she didn’t crumble under the pressure. This was absolutely fantastic.

There wasn’t a lot of wrestling action on this episode of NWA Power, but the interviews were great, and the Thunder Rosa video was incredible.

Galli then ran down the matches announced for NWA Into the Fire so far. He announced that Eli Drake would be facing Mr. Anderson, and that Nick Aldis will defend his NWA Worlds Heavyweight Championship against James Storm in a two-out-of-three falls match. Galli promised that he was going to ask Aldis about Kamille’s conversation with Storm next week. I can’t wait.