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NWA Power results: Matt Cardona vs. Tim Storm

If Storm defeated Cardona, he could challenge for the World title once again.

The show opened with highlights from the Crockett Cup with Tim Storm getting involved with Matt Cardona and then the aftermath with Cardona issuing a challenge to Storm. 

The show wasted no time with Cardona and Storm facing off. If Storm won, his stipulation that he could never challenge for the NWA World title would be waived.

NWA World Champion Matt Cardona defeated Tim Storm in a non-title match

This was a quick match, but a great one. Storm got some good hope spots while Cardona had to cheat to win.

Storm took the early parts of the match with a bionic elbow and a running boot for a near fall. Cardona blocked a corner charge, but missed a dive off the ropes and tweaked his knee. 

However, Cardona was faking and used it as a chance to attack. As Cardona was going for punches in the corner, Storm powerbombed him, hit a big boot, and then hit the Perfect Storm, but Cardona got his foot on the ropes to avoid the pin. 

Storm missed a corner charge and Cardona hit the Reboot two times. Storm told him to bring it, so Cardona hit a third and pinned Storm.

Nick Aldis ran in to save Storm from eating a belt shot from Cardona. Aldis beat on Cardona, taking the belt and hitting him with it. VSK tried to come in and he ate a belt shot, too. Mike Knox refused to come in the ring and demanded that he let VSK go. This was a good angle.

- Kyle Davis was promoting several NWA t-shirts from their online store, but Da Pope interrupted him. Pope said he had waited long enough sitting on the sidelines. He indicated that he was going to cash in on Cardona and challenge for the World title.

Rhett Titus defeated Darius Lockhart by dq

I hated the finish on this one, but I did like the follow up with Titus saying he got what he wanted. I’m looking forward to a rematch.

Titus and Lockhart had some great technical exchanges to open the match, with Titus showing off his ROH Pure division skills. Titus used a Greco Roman knuckle lock to bring Lockhart to the mat for a two count. Titus stayed ahead of Lockhart for the next few minutes, always countering and using his experience to keep Lockhart down. Lockhart countered a backslide with a schoolboy, but Titus responded by getting up and hitting a vertical suplex.

Titus locked on a spinning toe hold, but Lockhart escaped by kicking Titus in the face. Titus and Lockhart brawled a bit, exchanging strikes in the corner. Lockhart kept attacking in the corner and the referee DQ’d Lockhart. 

Titus said that he got what he wanted because he got in Lockhart’s head. Lockhart said he was going to get him next time as they shook hands. Titus then arrogantly slapped Lockhart’s back, saying that he got him this time.

- The Briscoes were with May Valentine and they talked about winning the Crockett Cup and their desire for the NWA Tag Team titles. They are coming for La Rebelion.

- Chris Adonis and National Champion Jax Dane were at the podium with Davis. Adonis made it clear that Dane was a newcomer to the NWA National title scene, and he wanted to get his title back. Dane said that Adonis shouldn’t underestimate him and he was open for challengers. Adonis then challenged Dane for the Master Lock challenge, but Dane refused, saying that the title couldn’t change hands on a challenge and he didn’t get paid to do those. Looks like Chris Adonis is a babyface now.

Trevor Murdoch defeated Garrison Creed

Murdoch dodged a corner charge and Creed crashed into the ring post. Murdoch just shook his head, hit two big boots and a piledriver, and pinned Creed in less than a minute.

He went right to the podium and said that he was here in the NWA to focus on himself, and maybe if he did that, he would still be world champion. Aron Stevens came out and said Murdoch hasn’t answered his calls or texts since he lost the title. Stevens reminded Murdoch that he won the NWA World title and that he needed to get out of his own head. Stevens said that the Murdoch he knew never gave up. Murdoch dropped Stevens when he began to sing, irritating Murdoch further.

- Billy Corgan was with Valentine and talked about Lockhart and Titus, saying Titus is going to get a title shot soon for the Junior Heavyweight title. Corgan made it clear that Aldis did not have another shot at the World title right now, because his shot was at the Crockett Cup. Murdoch is entitled to a title shot when he wishes to have it. Pope wanted to have a title shot on the biggest stage, so Corgan is still trying to find when that will happen.

Tyrus Slam Challenge

Cyon came out to challenge TV Champion Tyrus for the Tyrus Slam Challenge. Cyon got three attempts to slam him and if he succeeded, he would get a TV title shot. Cyon tried, but Tyrus shoved him off. The second attempt got a little closer, but Tyrus leaned back into the ropes to block it.

Austin Idol beckoned Cyon over and whispered something into his ear, presumably about his parentage, This clearly caused an emotional reaction in Cyon as he turned away from Tyrus. Tyrus shoved the referee away and hit a heart punch as soon as he turned around with the challenge ending before Cyon got his third attempt.

Final Thoughts:

This episode of NWA Power had some good wrestling with Storm and Cardona and a really good match with Lockhart vs. Titus. However, the action was secondary to the angles with some great promos setting up future matches. I find what they are doing with Murdoch to be compelling, but I am not sure where it is going.

I like the idea of Pope getting a title shot soon, so we shall see when that happens. The Cyon storyline about his father potentially being Idol is an interesting one. I am eager to find out how it is going to conclude.