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NWA Power results: Mickie James & Kiera Hogan vs. The Hex


NWA Power opened this week with World Champion Trevor Murdoch being interviewed in the back by May Valentine. He was asked how he feels about Mike Knox being in the promotion and Murdoch responded that since Knox has been here, he’s caused nothing but carnage. Murdoch was asked how he feels about Matt Cardona being in the NWA. He responded by saying that Cardona seems to enjoy showing up in promotions randomly and putting himself on top. He said Cardona was waiting for him, but wants him to come at him face-to-face. 

Joe Gallie, Tim Storm and Velvet Sky were on commentary. 

Thom Latimer promo

Kyle Davis was there to interview Latimer, Kamille and Chris Adonis from Strictly Business. Latimer grabbed the microphone and trash talked Nick Aldis. He said things between he and Aldis will never be over until he reads Aldis’ name in the obituaries. Neither Adonis or Kamille had anything to say apparently. 

Judais and Father James Mitchell promo

Kyle Davis interviewed Judais and Mitchell. Mitchell said there is a conspiracy in the NWA against Judais, that the referee at Hard Times 2 should have disqualified Adonis in their match, and that the Masterlock is an illegal chokehold.

Sal Rinauro then came out from the back with a crazed look on his face. He said that Mitchell is his light and asked if he could join them. Mitchell didn’t seem to be into this idea and the rejection caused Rinauro to go into a bit of a panic. Danny Deals then came out and tried to calm Rinauro down as the camera cut away. 

Aron Stevens & Kratos defeated The Dirty Sexy Boys (JTG & Dirty Dango)

Stevens has been undergoing a more aggressive personality change as of late which his partner, Kratos, seems to be pleased with. That story would play out here. This was also the in-ring debut for JTG and Dirty Dango after they came out together as a team at Hard Times 2. 

After Dango and JTG got in the early offense, Stevens and Kratos ended up isolating Dango with quick tags. Dango then made a hot tag to JTG who got a two count on Kratos with a side slam. Shortly after, Stevens grabbed the microphone and complained that his opponents had no respect for the rules, although it was not clear what rules he felt they had broken.

Stevens then left the ring area and stayed by the interview podium section. Meanwhile, in the ring, Kratos hit a deadlift suplex on JTG and got the pin. After the match, Stevens got on the mic and said that he has been set free and has never been better. Stevens then told everyone to appreciate Kratos. 

Considering it was their debut, I’m a little surprised they had JTG and Dango beaten so cleanly and with one member of the opposing team having left the ring area. They seem to be building Stevens and Kratos up for another run at the tag titles now that Stevens has adopted this new aggressive attitude. 

Valentine interviewed Kratos in the back and asked him what has been going on with Stevens. Kratos said that he pushed to bring the animal out of Stevens and he likes what he has been seeing from him. Winning is what matters to Kratos and he said that he and Stevens are coming for the belts. Stevens then walked in front of the camera, gave a weird little look, and then walked away again. 

Sal Rinauro performs a loyalty test for Father James Mitchell

Since Rinauro wants to join Mitchell and Judais, Mitchell had him perform a loyalty test. He was in the ring with Judais and Mitchell gave orders from the commentary position. Mitchell told Rinauro to bark like a dog and then bow down and kiss the boots of Judais. He did all of these things in order to prove his loyalty. 

Mitchell then told him to allow Judais to chokeslam him and Rinauro obliged. Then the final test was for Rinauro to consume a glass of blood. He did and then sat with a crazed look on his face as the blood dripped down his torso which created an interesting visual.

It looks like we're getting a new and darker version of Rinauro in the future as Mitchell seems to be building a creepy little stable as well.

Melina promo

Valentine interviewed Melina in the back and asked about her loss at Hard Times 2. She said that just because she lost, it doesn’t mean it’s the end of her going for the title. She admires Kamille, but is motivated to figure out how to beat her. She continued to say she’s going to keep striving to win “The Burke." Valentine pointed out that she’s no longer in line for a shot at Kamille’s title, but Melina said there are ways for her to get another title shot. She didn’t elaborate on what those ways are, however.  

The End and Jax Dane promo

Kyle Davis tried to interview the End, but Parrow just grabbed the microphone from him. He said he wanted a rematch against Tag Team Champions La Rebellion but apparently the NWA had other ideas. So he went out and found the biggest badass he could to form a trio with he and Odinson: Jax Dane. Dane came out and commented on how he has a title shot owed to him from the Champions Series. 

NWA Women’s Tag Team Champions The Hex (Allysin Kay & Marti Belle) defeated Kiera Hogan & Mickie James to retain

Hogan and James got the early offense by isolating Belle. Kay tagged herself in, but quickly was given a Lou Thesz press and a hurricanrana by James. It was noted on commentary that James is the one calling the shots for her team. When Hogan tagged in, Kay turned the tables by hitting a spinebuster. 

The Hex then isolated and worked on Hogan for a period with double team moves and quick tags. Hogan eventually made the hot tag to James. James went for her DDT finish, but Kay countered. James then tagged out to Hogan and they both went to the top turnbuckle. Kay and Belle knocked them both off the ropes, however. James fell to the floor, leaving Hogan alone with both members of the Hex. They hit Hex Marks the Spot on Hogan for the pin.

The Hex came off as the heels a little bit here and there was a smattering of boos from the live crowd when they won. They didn’t cheat at all and it didn't feel like the start of a turn, but their double teaming of Hogan came off somewhat heelish and the crowd was clearly behind Hogan and James. The Hex seem like they could hold these titles for a while though and are definitely being built up as a strong team. 

After the match, Latimer and Kamille came out to taunt James.

A bit later, the camera cut back to the ring where James and Hogan were seen arguing. Hogan was upset that James told her to go to the top rope for what ultimately led to the finish of their title match. Hogan then left the ring leaving a sad and disappointed looking James alone. 

Natalia Markova promo

Valentine attempted to ask Markova if she thought it was okay to interfere in the match between Jennacide and Paola Blaze last week. Markova just wanted to congratulate the NWA for signing her, however. She then stormed off when Valentine insisted she answer her question.

Austin Idol, BLK Jeez, Jordan Clearwater, Tyrus Promo and Marshe Rockett promo

Idol presented a name tag for BLK Jeez and announced that he was the new junior executive of Idolmania Sports Management. Jeez said this allows him to sign and scout talent, and announced his first signee to the group: Marshe Rockett. Jeez then promised Cyon that he has something special in store for him next week. 

William Patrick Corgan promo

Kyle Davis interviewed Corgan who said he’s taking heat in the back for bringing in Mike Knox. Corgan talked about Knox injuring Da Pope at Hard Times 2, but stands by his decision to allow him to compete in the NWA.

Matt Cardona and Mike Knox promo

Kyle Davis then interviewed Cardona and Knox. Cardona is doing a disingenuous routine where he is pretending he didn't have any ill intent coming out at the end of Hard Times 2. He said he was just in the NWA to see "his buddy Trevor." He talked about how they are old friends, but Murdoch didn’t seem happy to see him recently for some reason. Cardona then called Knox his best friend and that he had to get involved when Da Pope “sneak attacked” him. Cardona said he only picked up the NWA title afterward to see if it really did weigh ten pounds.

Knox said he was supposed to wrestle Da Pope tonight but he’s not there because he’s injured. Instead, Knox issued an open challenge. 

Mike Knox defeated Mims

Knox didn’t expect anyone to answer his open challenge and wanted the referee to just count his non-existent opponent out. Mims then came out to answer the challenge. He trash talked Cardona and Knox and said they disrespected the locker room, the fans, and the NWA. Mims said if Da Pope was there, he would tell him to beat both Cardona and Knox.

Mims got in an early flurry that included a big slam, but Knox quickly turned the tables. Knox worked down Mims for a period until Mims launched a bit of a comeback. As Mims was picking Knox up, Knox raked his eyes and went back on offense. Finally, Knox hit him with a rolling cutter and picked up the win. 

Final Thoughts:

This was a very promo heavy show with many storylines either created or continued. A few of them seem like they could be pretty interesting but the most noteworthy is Cardona and Knox now being the top heels in the promotion. Cardona is coming off like a big deal right now, so building to a match with he and Murdoch feels important. Hogan and James seem like they are going to keep working together, but with Hogan potentially turning heel. That seems like it could be interesting too.