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NWA Power results: Mickie James vs. Kenzie Paige


Aron Stevens opened the show with May Valentine. He announced that he was done with wrestling. Stevens said the NWA was a place for him to be revitalized, but it was time for him to be done. Valentine started crying, and Stevens asked for the camera to be cut. It looked like Valentine had feelings for Stevens, and she asked him to go to Brazil with her. Stevens said it was a solo thing, and Valentine cried. This was bizarre.

Billy Corgan was on commentary, and briefly discussed what Stevens said, saying he wasn’t sure Stevens was done, but for now he was.

A brief recap of La Rebelion and The Briscoes from last week was shown.

Nick Aldis defeated Mike Bennett

Great match to open the show with Bennett getting a lot of shine in this one. Aldis won after selling for the most of the match and just scraped by with a win due to his toughness. A nice little self-contained story in this one.

Bennett started the match charging at Aldis before he could get his jacket off, but Aldis moved and Bennett crashed into the middle turnbuckle. He staggered around at the start of the match, but Aldis immediately hit him with a Michinoku Driver for a 2-count. Aldis hit a clothesline for a 2-count.

Aldis caught a crossbody attempt and moved it into a vertical suplex for a 2-count. Bennett locked a kimura on Aldis while Aldis tried to superplex him, then snapped the arm over the top rope to begin working it over. Bennett hit a forearm that dropped Aldis and continued to attack the arm, including hitting a baseball slide into the arm.

Bennett went for a spear but Aldis got a knee up. Aldis went for a vertical suplex, but was unable to lift Bennett due to the damage to his arm, and Bennett hit a suplex of his own. Alids hit some clotheslines with his good arm, but landed on the bad one after a flying European uppercut. Bennett went for a sleeper but Aldis drove him back into the turnbuckle. Bennet jumped over Aldis and then hit a spear for a two-count.

Bennett hit a rolling elbow to Aldis and went for a piledriver, but Aldis blocked it and attempted to counter into the Cloverleaf, but his arm prevented him from locking it on. Aldis rolled through a sunset flip attempt by Bennett and went for the cloverleaf again, but managed to lock it on this time, and Bennett tapped out.

Matt Cardona was backstage and claimed that Aldis lost, and he will not be getting a rematch. Cardona told Aldis to get to the back of the line.

The Fixers (Wrecking Ball Legursky & Jay Bradley) defeated The Rude Dudes (Jamie Stanley & El Rudo)

Rudo kicked Wrecking Ball and Wrecking Ball just yelled. This distressed El Rudo. Jay Bradley threw Stanley around the ring as El Rudo was beaten up by Wrecking Ball. Corgan claimed that Wrecking Ball got his email and sends him an email saying “Fixers Rule!” everyday. I somehow don’t doubt this story.

Rudo and Stanley locked on some headlocks, but failed when they attempted shoulder tackles a few times. The Fixers yelled “Fixers!” every time they didn't sell the tackle. Rudo ran up the ropes and hit a crossbody, this actually worked for him. Rudo and Stanley managed to throw the slightly smaller Jay Bradley into Wrecking Ball, but the advantage didn’t last long as Wrecking Ball hit a gorilla press on Rudo and hit a cannonball on Stanley.

Stanley tried to Irish whip Bradley, but Bradley sat down and then threw Stanley face first into the chest of Wrecking Ball. In a confusing spot, Stanley kicked out of an O’Connor Roll from Bradley which somehow sent Bradley flying through the middle ropes into a suicide dive that hit his own partner. It also ended up being a pointless spot as The Fixers hit a knee drop and splash combo on Stanley a few minutes later for the pin.

A highlight video aired of Jax Dane successfully defending his NWA National title against Marche Rockett on NWA USA.

Pope talked about the ups and downs of life, and how despite his loss to Matt Cardona, he was going to keep going.

Mims was there for the Tyrus Slam Challenge. This was actually fun as Mims succeeded in slamming Tyrus on his third try. The first one ended with Tyrus just pushing him away. The second one ended when Tyrus hit him with a forearm. Tyrus then hit the ropes but Mims picked him up and slammed him.

Mims took out BLK Jeez, Clearwater, and then hit the Big Strong Slam on Rockett, securing a title shot against Tyrus. The crowd was going nuts for Mims. This was fantastic, and Mims should absolutely beat Tyrus for the TV title. Austin Idol claimed he was going to sue and not give the match to Mims.

Matt Taven and Jennacide were backstage with May Valentine. Taven wanted to challenge Matt Cardona, so he was going to work his way up the ladder by taking on Judias next week. Jennacide wanted to move up towards the title as well, and announced she would be facing Kilynn King and Chelsea Green.

Billy Corgan then announced that there was going to be a six-man tag next week, with Harry Smith, Doug Williams, and Nick Alids against the Cardonas.

Angelina Love joined the commentary table for the main event.

Mickie James defeated Kenzie Paige

This was a very solid match between James and Pagie. Kenzie Paige was not out of place in the ring with James, which speaks well of how good she is despite her young age.

Mickie James used her experience to keep Paige down with some basic headlocks and wrist locks. Paige sidestepped a dropkick and did a crucifix pin for a two-count. They quickly transitioned into pinfall attempts before Paige tried to lock on a crossface. James made the ropes, but Paige pulled her back into a wrist lock that James cartwheeled out of into an armdrag.

James hit a hard forearm and then hit a running boot. James caught a superkick and transitioned into a half crab, but Paige made the ropes. As Paige got up, she hit a superkick for a two-count. Kenzie had James in a submission, but Mickie ducked down and got out of it before hitting a neckbreaker on Paige. Paige hit a kick to counter James, but ate a flapjack. James went for the Chick Kick, but Paige ducked and hit a clothesline for a two-count. James then hit her DDT for the win.

The show closed as James shook hands with Paige.

Final Thoughts

This was a very solid episode of NWA Power, barring the bizarre opening angle that left me confused. The rest of the show, however, began to set up matches for the June 11th PPV, Alwayz Ready. This was a very enjoyable hour of pro wrestling, and I must say, again, that Billy Corgan on commentary is significantly better than not having him on it because he knows where the stories are going, and tells them fairly well.