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NWA Power results: Nick Aldis, Trevor Murdoch, Chris Adonis, JTG


By Ian Carey for

William Patrick Corgan joined the commentary team for this week’s episode.

Nick Aldis defeated NWA National Champion Chris Adonis in a non-title match

The advertised match was Adonis vs. Pope, but that wasn't the match we got. With Adonis already in the ring, Pope cut a promo and said he had received a phone call from someone recently. That person wanted to come to Power to handle some business: some “Strictly Business” as it was. Pope said he was going to step out of the way and allow this person to do just that. Aldis then ran out from the back and hit the ring to take on Adonis.  

Aldis took it to his former stablemate in the early going, backing him up into the corner with strikes. Adonis tried to counter with a poke to the eyes, but even that didn’t slow down Aldis. Aldis hit a Thesz press and looked to go to the top for his big elbow drop but Thom Latimer, who Aldis will face at Hard Times, came out and drew his attention. The distraction allowed Adonis to dropkick his opponent to the floor. 

Adonis then wore Aldis down with some elbows, choking him on the bottom rope followed by a chinlock before Aldis made a comeback. Aldis hit a belly-to-back suplex, a few clotheslines, a Michinoku driver and then his top rope elbow for a near fall. Aldis then turned his attention to Latimer on the outside which allowed Adonis to lock in the Masterlock.

Aldis got out of the hold by backing Adonis into the turnbuckle, but Adonis kicked Aldis in the face and tried to come off the second rope with some sort of diving move but Aldis countered into the King's Lynn Cloverleaf. Aldis stared at Latimer on the outside while holding on to the submission and Adonis eventually tapped out. 

Aldis then taunted Latimer, who looked like he was going to hit the ring until Kamille came out and stopped him. 

Thom Latimer defeated Jaden Roller

When we got back from commercial break, Corgan was on the microphone and called for Latimer to come back out. Upset with his interference in the previous match, he told him to get in the ring or he was fired. Corgan said he told the back to send someone out for him to face. And with that, we had an impromptu match.

Latimer hit repeated suplexes, bodyslams and a gutbuster on the top rope before taking some time to taunt Corgan for a bit. When he got back in the ring, Roller made a bit of a comeback until Latimer countered a backslide attempt into a piledriver and got the pin with just one finger pressed on his opponent’s chest. 

Tyrus/Cyon segment

Tyrus and Cyon will clash at Hard Times 2 with Tyrus’ NWA World Television title at stake.

When we got back from commercial break, May Valentine appeared to have both at ringside for an interview. It soon became clear that this was not the real Cyon, however. Rather, it was Jordan Clearwater dressed as Cyon. 

Tyrus grabbed the microphone and asked “Cyon” if this was what he really wanted to do with the title opportunity he earned from being on the winning team in the Champions Series. “Cyon” then said he was very sorry for everything he said. In fact, he was 130% sorry for what he said. Valentine then said “Thanks Jordan” to the man dressed as Cyon as the segment came to an end. 

Kenzie Paige defeated Taryn Terrell by countout in a "social distance" match

Before the match could begin, Terrell announced a special stipulation: a "social distance match." Kenzie Paige and the commentary team seemed very confused by this as nobody aside from Terrell seemed to know what the rules were.

Terrell then tossed a mask at Paige and put one on herself. She then pulled out a tape measure to make sure she and Paige were six feet apart which seems like it would make a wrestling match difficult. 

The two then sort of mimed locking up from and Paige somehow threw Terrell into the corner without actually touching her. Terrell slapped the air which led to Paige pretending as though she was hit in the face. This continued for a few more moves until Terrell pulled out some hand sanitizer and sprayed it in Paige’s face. Paige then charged at Terrell who promptly ran away. 

Terrell got on the microphone to complain that Paige wasn’t following the rules. While this was going on, the ref counted her out.

JTG & Colby Corino defeated The Rude Dudes (El Rudo, Sam Adonis & Jamie Stanley)

JTG got in some early offense, but it became clear early that he and Corino weren’t entirely on the same page. JTG had Stanley up for a slam but Corino, for some reason, grabbed Stanley’s leg from the outside and prevented JTG from hitting the move and tagged himself in. Corino then hit an olympic slam and a flipping standing senton for a two count. El Rudo then made a blind tag and hit a clothesline on Corino, allowing the Rude Dudes to go on offense for a period.  

After Stanley and Rudo worked on Corino for a while, it seemed as though he had an opportunity to tag out to JTG. Corino looked like he was going to tag out but then decided not to and Rudo promptly kicked him in the face. Rudo and Stanley then went right back to working on Corino while making quick tags. Rudo hit a pop-up sit down power bomb for a near fall. 

Finally, JTG made a blind tag and entered the match for the first time since the very early going. He hit a slingblade on Rudo and a neckbreaker on Stanley for a two count. Corino came back in and took Rudo to the outside, leaving JTG alone with Stanley. JTG then hit the Brooklyn’s Edge for the win. So despite Corino not being the best teammate early in the match, he and JTG did manage to pull it all together in the end. 

Corino then badly missed high-fiving JTG in celebration before the show cut to commercial. 

Jax Dane Interview Segment

When we got back from commercial, Dane was standing with Kyle Davis. Dane was on the winning team of the Champions Series, but Davis announced that if Dane was pinned in the main event later, he would lose his opportunity to cash in on a title shot. Dane said this was all a part of the “Corgan conspiracy” against him. On commentary, Corgan said the reason the stipulation was made is that Dane refused to wrestle on a previous episode of Power. 

NWA World Champion Trevor Murdoch amd Crimson defeated Jeremiah Plunkett and Jax Dane

Crimson took it to Plunkett to start the match. He hit a shoulder tackle and a suplex before tagging out to Murdoch. The champ hit a spinebuster, three bodyslams in a row, chopped his opponent in the corner, and then got a near fall off a Russian leg sweep. Finally, Plunkett managed to tag out.

Dane then came in and hit a series of kicks and headbutts on Murdoch in the corner before tagging out pretty quickly again. Dane was clearly avoiding being the legal man so he didn’t get pinned and lose his title shot. 

Plunkett ended up on offense after raking the eyes. Dane then grabbed Crimson’s legs from the outside and rammed him groin first into the steel post. With Crimson down, Dane was willing to tag back in. Crimson ended up fighting back and tossing Dane into the ring post shoulder first three times in a row. Dane then tagged out again the first chance he got, leaving Plunkett frustrated with his partner. 

Dane then just bailed on the match completely and headed to the back. Crimson chased after him and the two brawled through the curtain. This left Murdoch and Plunkett in the ring alone. Murdoch hit a series of strikes and a bodyslam on his opponent before going to the top rope and hitting his bulldog finisher for the win. Murdoch celebrated in the ring as the show came to a close.

Final Thoughts:

The early part of the show really built up the Latimer vs. Aldis match taking place at Hard Times 2 which feels much more important after what took place here.

There wasn’t much talk of the Murdoch vs. Knox title match on the pay-per-view, but Murdoch looked strong in the main event. This was billed as the season six finale so we’ll likely get a special Hard Times preview show next week on FITE.