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NWA Power results: The Pope vs. Fred Rosser TV Title match


The opening video recapped what happened to Trevor Murdoch last week as Chris Adonis destroyed him to win the NWA National Title. The video package was both fantastic and simple with dramatic music really adding to it. It helped drive home that this was a big injury angle.

Sal Rinauro came out while Aron Stevens was sitting in on commentary and said he has been trying to make a NWA World Tag Team match official, but Stevens was avoiding him. Stevens said Rinauro was promised a match but not a title match. He would be happy to give him a chance if the NWA sanctions a title match and if they don’t, he’ll give him a chance to earn one.

Strictly Business (Thom Latimer and National Champion Chris Adonis) defeated The End (Parrow & Odinson)

This was a solid opening match with the major story that Adonis is now member of Strictly Business despite World Champion Nick Aldis saying that he was just an associate.

Parrow and Odinson used their size and power to stay on top of the new team, using their four years of experience to hit Latimer with a few big double team moves including a fireman’s carry on Parrow by Odinson into a senton on Latimer.

Latimer and Adonis got the heat on Parrow by attacking him on the floor, giving the fight right back to the bigger men. That didn’t last long as Adonis was placed Parrow's shoulders and The End went for what looked like a doomsday device but Kamille came out to distract the referee.

Latimer shoved Odinson off the top rope to the floor and then shoved Parrow into the ring post while Adonis locked the master lock on Odinson for the submission.

-- Thunder Rosa came out after the match to confront Kamille. She cut a promo, mostly in Spanish, about how she was going to kill her. Taryn Terrell then came out and said she wasn’t there to challenge Rosa because she was injured, but she would beat her anyway if they did fight. However, she was there to offer to manage Rosa. Melina came out and told Terrell that if Rosa needed help, she was going to come to her. Rosa said she didn’t need either of them and left.

-- May Valentine was with Murdoch who talked about how Strictly Business tried to grind Tim Storm into the ground and that everyone knows how it feels to give it your all and still come up with a loss. He said because of this, he was going to war with Aldis and he was coming for him and not just Adonis. This was a great promo.

Sliced Boogie & Matthew Mims defeated The War Kings (Jax Dane & Crimson)

This was a very basic tag match, but had a good story with Dane getting knocked out early on, hinting at a potential split between the two. This was as old school as you can get as Crimson showed great concern for his partner. After the match when Dane slowly got up, Crimson looked frustrated.

Dane slapped Mims, prompting him to tag in, and Dane made him pay for his anger, hitting a huge belly-to-belly. Crimson threw Mims to the other corner and Boogie tagged in. Crimson beat on Mims for a bit, but when he went for a tag, Boogie pulled Dane off the apron and he crashed face first into it, leaving him on the floor unconscious.

Crimson tried to tag out, but Dane wasn’t there. Boogie hit a big chop block and an elbow on Crimson. Dane was on the floor for quite some time and Velvet Sky rightly asked if someone should come out to check on him. Crimson got more and more worn down by his opponents, but managed to hit a death valley driver as a referee came out to check on Dane. Mims managed to roll up Crimson with a hook of the tights to get the pinfall.

-- Aldis was with Kyle Davis and said he was not out there to announce the newest member of Strictly Business, but that he is the person that knows the difference between good and great. He is angry with himself when he is merely good and that the NWA lives by his standard. He holds himself to a higher standard, so you can imagine what it would take to join Strictly Business.

Aldis then announced that no one’s position in Strictly Business is guaranteed and there are positions open in the stable but they just have to prove themselves. He said that every wrestler and every wrestling organization in the world is welcome to come and try to impress him. Aldis is recruiting and no one is safe at the same time. This was an excellent promo and one that set up some interesting possibilities.

NWA World Television Champion The Pope defeated Fred Rosser to retain

Pope managed to stay on top for the first half the match, countering everything that Rosser tried. When Pope missed a flying crossbody from the top rope, Rosser was able to start getting some offense in.

They exchanged some chops, but Pope was able to hit a strike to the stomach and a swinging neckbreaker. He then missed a charge and hit the turnbuckle hard, leading to a two count. Rosser ducked a strike and hit the Gut Check, but Pope managed to roll to the floor to escape. Rosser brought him back in for another near fall. He picked him up, but Pope countered and managed to hit his running double knees in the corner for the pinfall to retain.

As Pope was celebrating, Tyrus and Austin Idol came out and mocked him with false applause, foreshadowing a future match between the two. The show went off the air as Pope celebrated his win.

Final Thoughts:

This was another good episode of NWA Power as their return from hiatus continues to be strong with easily digestible TV shows that move week-to-week with their storytelling. We have several developments with Adonis being announced as a member of Strictly Business while Aldis is still denying there are new members.

We also had Aldis open up the call to anyone from any wrestling company to come to the NWA and try to join his group which makes me wonder if we’re going to see a crossover with another promotion in the near future.

Then, there's the storyline between Thunder Rosa and Kamille that is advancing slowly with more than one person vying to be Rosa’s manager while she continues to insist she doesn’t need one. It appears that Jax Dane will be turning on Crimson in the near future, The Pope continues to defend his TV Title, and Murdoch has personal business with Strictly Business now.

This was all good, basic storytelling that gives me a reason to tune in next week.