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NWA Power results: Rodney Mack vs. BLK Jeez, Kamille in non-title action

Tim Storm also got big news on his future during this week's show.

Joe Galli and Velvet Sky were on commentary this week as NWA 74 continues to draw near.

Angelina Love & Chelsea Green defeated Paola Blaze & Rylee (3:58)

The preview and the screen at the start of the match said Blaze’s partner was Rylee, but the commentators kept saying Roxie. I’m going with Rylee.

Blaze and Love screwed up an O’Connor roll in the first 20 seconds. Blaze pushed Rylee into a double flapjack from Green and Love. Blaze stood in her corner playing on her phone while Rylee got worked over for the bulk of the match. Green knocked Blaze off the ring apron while she was playing with her phone. Green then gave Rylee a Russian leg sweep while Love connected with the pump kick, followed by both ladies covering Rylee for the pinfall.

– Kyle Davis interviewed Jeremiah Plunkett, representing the Ill Begotten. Plunkett brought out Rush Freeman, another member of the group, and promptly fired him. He then brought out the newest member of the faction, Brady Pierce. Plunkett praised Pierce as someone who was smarter, a better wrestler, better looking and can even read! 

Freeman: “But, I have a Master’s Degree!” Pierce took exception to how Plunkett threw Freeman out of the group and rejected the invitation. Freeman and Pierce then decided to go off and bond over their love of Dos Equis beer. “What just happened?” “Uh, you just ruined your group.”

Well, that was different and easily the highlight of the show.

– May Valentine interviewed Chris Silvio, Esq. Silvio announced that NWA National Champion Jax Dane is not contractually obligated to defend his championship again until NWA 74. This announcement could have been an email or a tweet. 

Tim Storm defeated Larry D (3:57)

Storm reminds me of Tom Berenger’s character in Major League: the old ballplayer trying to prove he’s still got it, even though he never really had it.

Larry D got a good near fall with a power slam, but Storm came back and got the pinfall with a spinning bossman slam. This had good back and forth action.

After the match, Velvet Sky called Storm over to thank him for his friendship. Sky gave Storm her Champion Series title shot which apparently gives him a shot at any title he wants. This seems like it should be a bigger deal given Storm's past with losing the ability to challenge for the World title, but Galli just hustled to the next segment which were commercials for the upcoming pay-per-view and title belts. The show never touched on Storm again.

– Clips from the August 18th NWA USA show had Ricky Morton winning a match against VSK with a canadian destroyer and then getting attacked after the match. Mike Knox brought out a table, but Kerry Morton saved his father from a further beatdown.

NWA Women's Champion Kamille defeated Hayley Shadows in a non-title match (3:04)

Kamille shouted “up.. POW!” whenever she hit a strike or a kick, which was pretty funny. She got a near fall after a clothesline and a backdrop suplex. Shadows dodged a charging knee in the corner and got a near fall after a kick, but Kamille came back with a Finlay roll and a spear to get the pinfall.

– May Valentine interviewed Rolando Freeman. Freeman called out the Ill Begotten and NWA World Champion Trevor Murdoch.

– Kyle Davis interviewed BLK Jeez who wants the NWA Junior Heavyweight Championship, so he isn’t interested in a match with Rodney Mack (who is a heavyweight and much bigger than he is). Mack came out with Aron Stevens and told Jeez just to admit he was scared, then went to the ring.

Rodney Mack (w/ Aron Stevens) defeated BLK Jeez (3:26)

Mack was much bigger than Jeez. He hit a powerslam for a near fall. NWA TV Champion Tyrus came out (walking like an old man) and distracted Mack, allowing Jeez to get the advantage. Jeez hit a shotgun dropkick from the top, but later got caught on a crossbody attempt and was slammed to the mat. Mack then locked in a cobra clutch sleeper to get the tapout.

After the match, Jeez dropkicked Mack out of the ring. Stevens ran in and attacked Jeez, but Tyrus ran him off. Tyrus (who looked like he could barely move) called Stevens a “washed up punk.” 

The show ended with a staredown between Tyrus, Mack and Stevens.