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NWA Power results: Tag Team title eliminator tournament semifinals

Kratos & Aron Stevens vs. The End

NWA Power opened with Joe Galli and Velvet Sky welcoming World Champion Trevor Murdoch to the announce booth for tonight’s episode.

Hawx Aerie (Luke & PJ Hawx) defeated Sal Rinauro & Mims (w/ Danny Deals) in a Tag Team title eliminator tournament semifinal match

Mims used his power advantage over Luke to take control during the first half of the match. Luke gained momentum with a shoulder tackle on Mims which allowed him enough time to tag in PJ. 

PJ and Rinauro both showcased nice technical wrestling, but Rinauro took control by avoiding an armdrag. PJ used his amateur wrestling prowess to gain multiple near falls on Rinauro. Deals distracted the referee twice, which eventually backfired as PJ claimed another near fall on Rinauro.

After tagging in, Luke landed a series of shoulderbreakers into a running slam to regain momentum for the Hawx family. Deals jumped on the apron for a third time which was finally enough for the referee to eject him from ringside. Rinauro blocked an Irish whip which allowed him to tag in Mims and keep the action in their corner. Mims powerslammed PJ followed by Rinauro hitting an assisted leg drop for another two count. 

PJ reversed an Irish whip with a knee to the midsection of Rinauro. Mims hit the ring but was met by a leg lariat taking him out. PJ locked the Hawx Clutch on Rinauro, who tapped out. Luke and PJ Hawx are moving on to the finals of the tournament.

-- Kyle Davis interviewed The Pope on a closed set, which he apparently requested. Pope addressed all the speculation about when he would cash in his opportunity for the NWA World title. He stated he has great respect for Murdoch and was one of the first people to congratulate him after he became champion. Pope said he wouldn’t cash in on an unexpecting Murdoch. 

-- Chelsea Green, Melina and Kylie Rae were on set with Davis. Green yelled at the crowd, claiming that everyone knows she should be champion. Melina stated she wanted redemption for getting punched in the face. Rae did her typical “I’m just happy to be here” and “all of us are worthy challengers” gimmick. 

NWA World Television Champion Tyrus (w/ Austin Idol) defeated Jordan Clearwater (w/ BLK Jeez)

The bell rang, but both BLK Jeez and Idol stayed in the ring to exchange pleasantries. On commentary, Galli rightfully acknowledged that the two wrestlers are trying to run out the match time clock. Finally, with 3:30 left, Clearwater landed multiple big boots on a distracted Tyrus which resulted in a two count. 

Clearwater put Tyrus in a figure four leg lock, but Tyrus reached the ropes to force a break. Tyrus recovered while Clearwater argued with Idol at ringside. Tyrus then hit his heart punch for the win.

After the match, May Valentine interviewed Tyrus and Idol. She said that was a weird match which Tyrus agreed with. He stated that no other company in the world makes two team members fight each other for championships. Tyrus then called on everyone to celebrate the new NWA champion: his cousin, Trevor Murdoch. A “Trevor” chant began which prompt Tyrus to storm off the set.

-- Back at the podium with Davis was Mickie James who was asked about the success of the Empower show. James thanked Billy Corgan and the NWA for allowing her to put on the best pay-per-view of all time. She stated that Empower was just the beginning of the NWA showcasing women talent. Kiera Hogan interrupted and apologized for previously being a hothead.

Hogan asked James why she’s leaving her off the next Empower show which James explained that she is going to have her on the show. Hogan said she came to the NWA to wrestle James and was getting frustrated that she didn’t want to wrestle her. James said this isn’t how matches are made in the NWA and they could talk about this in private. Both were clearly frustrated and stormed off.

-- Kamille and Thom Latimer joined Davis at the podium. Latimer explained his relationship with former NWA champion Nick Aldis. He mentioned how Aldis always made more than him per show in the UK and that he was always second to Aldis no matter where he went. He argued that Aldis used him his entire career to further himself. Latimer brought Aldis’ son into it and said he should apologize to him for everything that’s happened recently.

-- James Storm came out to the podium. He claimed that pro wrestling has always been a huge part of his life. He made his intentions and no. 1 goal clear: regaining the NWA National Championship.

The End (Parrow & Odinson) defeated Kratos & Aron Stevens in a Tag Team title eliminator tournament semifinal match

The End attacked Kratos and Stevens as they made their way onto the apron. Stevens made it in the ring and the match officially started. Odinson dominated the beginning of the match while commentary pointed out that Stevens doesn’t seem like himself. 

Kratos and Parrow tagged in and both men hit running lariats on each other with Kratos seeming the least phased by this. Kratos landed a big powerslam on Parrow for a near fall.

Parrow went to attack Stevens in the corner which distracted both him and the referee. While the referee got Stevens back on the tag rope, Odinson landed a dropkick to the back of Kratos’ head. Parrow and Odinson continued to use their signature tag team moves on Kratos, resulting in multiple near falls.

Kratos recovered and hit a devastating forearm on Odinson which allowed him to tag in Stevens. As soon as Stevens entered, he missed a swinging lariat which Odinson reversed into a schoolboy for the pinfall to advance.

The End will meet Hawx Aerie in the finals of the tournament with the winners earning a title shot.

As Galli closed the show, Kratos was seen shoving Stevens at ringside.

Final Thoughts:

During the TV championship match, Murdoch claimed the NWA is all about wrestling. I’m not sure what he meant by that because this show was laced with subpar promos and very little wrestling. The few matches we did get were average at best. I’m not sure who the NWA is targeting for their audience. Seasons one and two of Power were great, but I can’t recommend this show to anyone in its current state.

I hate hearing the NWA is for “old school” fans. Each week, I watch a retro Mid-Atlantic show and they are 10x better than what the NWA is currently putting out. I want the NWA to succeed, but it's a disaster when they put people on the podium who are clearly not comfortable with it. Subpar matches with excessive talking segments make for a dull show on a weekly basis.