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NWA Power results: Tag Team title match, Aldis vs. Storm fallout


Last week, we saw Nick Aldis retain his NWA Worlds Heavyweight Championship against Tim Storm in an excellent match. After the match, Aldis refused to let his manager, Kamille, speak. We saw the recap video linger on that, as they’re telling a story there.

- Aron Stevens (the former Damien Sandow) made his entrance to talk to David Marquez. I thought Stevens showed more charisma here than he did in his entire WWE run, and he looked more like a star.

Stevens decided to catch the fans up on him, and he asked for no eye contact. He requested silence from the audience, said he was a real thespian, and then completely turned the crowd in a second. This was great.

Ricky Starks defeated Trevor Murdoch

Starks and Murdoch exchanged arm drags and chops. Murdoch posed like Michael Jackson, which was hilarious. He hit a big boot, a Russian leg sweep, and missed a leg drop. Starks hit a twisting neckbreaker for a near fall.

Starks hit a dropkick off the middle rope for a two count. He went for a tornado DDT, but Murdoch countered and threw him across the ring. Both men exchanged strikes, then Starks got a crucifix and pinned Murdoch.

Murdoch shook Starks' hand after and said that Starks was the better man tonight.

Marquez then asked Starks what he wanted to do. Starks said he wants the titles, but also said that God didn’t have much beauty left over after making him, and he’s too blessed. He said “I might be a little funny, but I’m coming for your money.” Good promo here.

- Joe Galli had a news update about questions he asked Kamille. Galli said he was only searching for the truth, and sometimes you need to ask tough questions -- questions that the audience needs answers to. This was excellent, as it hyped up the sit-down interview he was having with Aldis and Kamille later. It was refreshing to see a babyface announcer stand up to the heels.

- Colt Cabana came out to be interviewed by Galli, and he said he was going to go after the championships, including the Tag Team titles. He said he's got a guy, and his name is -- and it was cut off by Mr. Anderson yelling his own name. The crowd popped huge for this. Cabana stole his catchphrase at the end, and Anderson looked a little bewildered by it.

Colt Cabana & Mr. Anderson defeated Sal Rinauro & Jordan Kingsley

Cabana and Anderson dominated Rinauro early on, including Cabana yelling stop as Rinauro hit the ropes and then hitting an arm wringer takedown. Anderson worked on Rinauro and Kingsley for a bit, hitting a clothesline that saw Kingsley backflip.

Cabana hit a big flying elbow. Anderson hit a rolling fireman’s carry on Kingsley, then on Rinauro, who tagged himself in. Anderson hit the Mic Check for the win.

- Aldis was seen leaving the building as a cameraman came up to him. Aldis said he didn’t have to do the interview with Galli but came in on his day off.

- An ad aired for Tony Falk’s Waffles and Tire Irons. You have to see it. It’s incredible.

- Eddie Kingston and Homicide were backstage and cut a promo about how they were going to take out the Tag Team Champions.

NWA Women's World Champion Allysin Kay defeated Ashley Vox in a non-title match

Vox showed zero intimidation here as she attempted to take down Kay, but Kay was too big and too strong. She beat on Vox all around the ring. Vox went for a roll through, but Kay caught her and hit a wheelbarrow suplex for a two count. Kay went for the inverted piledriver, but Vox rolled through into a sunset flip. Kay kicked out.

Vox hit a flying headscissors and a cannonball for a near fall. She went for the Fish on the Hook, but Kay hit the Dudebuster for the win.

Kay cut a promo saying that Vox’s future is bright, but not with the championship.

- Tim Storm was caught for an interview after his match last week, but he couldn’t speak and walked away.

- James Storm came out to cut a promo. Storm said he saw the National title as a prop to help him get the NWA Worlds Heavyweight Championship, and he laid down the gauntlet. Storm said he was a real man, unlike everyone in the back.

Eli Drake entered and put over how the National title was a huge deal because it made him next in line for the World title. Drake said, “Maybe Nick Aldis is ducking you!” and he wondered if Aldis was ducking him too. Drake told Storm to take the shot, and no matter what happens, if he wins, Drake wants the first title shot.

NWA Tag Team Champions The Wild Cards (Thomas Latimer & Royce Isaacs) vs. Outlaw Inc. (Eddie Kingston & Homicide) ended in a no contest

Kingston and Latimer started the match. Kingston quickly went for the Backfist to the Future, but Latimer rolled out of the ring and tagged in Isaacs. Kingston hit a suplex and tagged in Homicide. Homicide hit a flying forearm for a two count. Latimer tagged in and started to brawl with Homicide. He got a near fall after hitting a back suplex.

Isaacs hit a powerslam on Homicide for a two count. Homicide fought out of the corner, but he didn’t see the blind tag from Isaacs, who was able to cut him off. Latimer locked on a headlock on Homicide. Homicide cut Isaacs off and shoved him off the top rope. Homicide made the tag to Kingston, who chopped the crap out of everyone.

The Dawsons ran in as Kingston was running wild. They attacked Homicide and Kingston, and the referee threw out the match.

- Galli interviewed Nick Aldis and he talked about choosing the Power premiere as the time and place for his World title match against Tim Storm. He put over Storm strongly and said the match could have went either way, but he walked out with the win.

Galli asked why he needed Kamille as insurance, and Aldis accused him of pushing buttons

Aldis said that he had no insurance at All In and lost the title due to Brandi Rhodes. Aldis said at the NWA 70th Anniversary Show, he decided he needed insurance. Aldis asked “Has she ever gotten involved in a match?” Galli had to admit no.

Galli gave Kamille a chance to explain why she was helping Aldis, and Kamille chose not to speak. Aldis said “I don’t want to hear another word about not letting her speak,” and the show went to the credits. This was fantastic.