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NWA Power results: Tag Team, TV title no. 1 contender's matches

Colby Corino took on Flip Gordon to start the show.

This was a good episode of NWA Power with a lot happening to advance stories and the build to Hard Times 3.

Colby Corino (w/ Jamie Stanley) defeated Flip Gordon

This was a good match to open the show. Corino is someone that the NWA seems high on, but I’d move him up to the top of the card sooner rather than later. That said, I suspect he’ll be Junior Heavyweight Champion at some point in the near future.

Corino kept Gordon grounded in the early going as Joe Galli let us know that Jamie Stanley was the brand manager for Corino now as he has separated from The Fixers. Corino speared Gordon and they both tumbled through the ropes to the floor. Corino hit a senton bomb off the top rope for a two count while Gordon managed to hit a springboard sling blade for a two count. 

Corino and Gordon exchanged uppercuts, but Gordon ducked a chop and took out the legs of Corino. Gordon hit a springboard moonsault for a two count and then a spanish fly off the top rope for another two count. Gordon went for another springboard, but flew right into a dropkick and Corino hit a page turner for his own two count.

Corino put Gordon on the top rope and hit the Colby Crush to get the pin and win.

- Jax Dane and Chris Silvio, Esq. were with Kyle Davis with Silvio presenting an apparent text message transcript between Anthony Mayweather’s wife and Dane, implying that she cheated on Mayweather with Dane. While this feud has being going on forever, and every time it seems like it ends, they bring it back. Having said that, this was actually a pretty sinister twist on the tale. I assume Dane faked the screenshots to get under Mayweather’s skin and to try and cause trouble for him personally. This better end with Mayweather beating Dane decisively.

- Tyrus was with May Valentine and had the NWA Television title over his shoulder...which seems weird given that we had them talking about him cashing the title on a recent edition of Power Surge. Tyrus claimed that he was in the three-way match against World Champion Trevor Murdoch and Matt Cardona at Hard Times 3 to get NWA 74 out of his head because he hesitated and lost to Murdoch in his bid that night.

Valentine asked what the most likely outcome of Hard Times 3 would be to which Tyrus retorted "pain.” Much like me when I watch his matches. Tyrus is teaming with Murdoch on an upcoming Power but while he doesn’t like Murdoch, he knows he can trust him, unlike Cardona.

The Hawx Aerie (Luke & PJ Hawx) defeated Dirty Sex Boys (Dango & JTG) to become the no. 1 contenders to the NWA Tag Team titles

Hawx Aerie has been a great team in the NWA for quite some time, and seeing them win the tag titles in their home town at Hard Times 3 would be great.

Dango warmed up before the match by gyrating. When Luke Hawx went for a sunset flip, Dango used his extensive gyrating experience to stay balanced and escape the move. JTG tagged in, but was soon facing double team moves from the Hawx family. PJ Hawx showed some great technical wrestling before transitioning into a smooth vertical suplex which was really nice.

JTG hit a pump kick and a pop-up neckbreaker. Hawx moved out of the way of a corner splash to tag out to his dad. He ran wild, but it ended with JTG hitting a sling blade on PJ Hawx and then a bulldog in similar fashion for a two count.

I'm not sure why Luke Hawx tagged back out so fast, but he did. PJ Hawx and Dango exchanged pinfall attempts until Hawx was able to cradle Dango and get the pinfall.

- Rolando Freeman said that all men had a little Rolando in them and he was the most Rolando. He then said if Matt Cardona was the death match king, he is the big match king and was going to be NWA World Champion.

- James Mitchell hacked the NWA Control Room with Kyle Davis as Mitchell cut a promo on Natalia Markova, challenging her to a Voodoo Queen casket match with Max the Impaler at Hard Times 3. Mitchell promised that Markova’s career would end there.

- Aron Stevens and Question Mack made their way down to the ring for a karate demonstration with Question Mark II. Question Mark II won. Kyle Davis, in a funny line, thanked the athletic commission for allowing the demonstration as Mongrovian karate is banned in most countries.

Stevens went to demonstrate his own expertise in Mongrovian karate but superkicked Question Mark II. Gagz the Gimp tried to save him, but Sal the Pal and James Mitchell attacked him from behind. A lot was happening here.

- KiLynn King was with May Valentine and talked about Chelsea Green being added to the Women's title match at Hard Times 3 with champion Kamille.

The Spectaculars (Brady Pierce and Rush & Rolando Freeman) defeated The Cardonas (Mike Knox, VSK & Brian Myers) (w/ Matt Cardona) in a Team War match

I can’t tell you how much I loved how this match was booked. Rolando Freeman, the smallest guy in the company who makes Rey Mysterio look like a giant, got a clean win over the entire Cardona Family on his own by out-wrestling them. The crowd exploded and cheered him on. They got something here in him as an underdog. I don’t think he could be world champ, but there is something here with this character. The underdog with an undefeated streak is really fun.

Myers went for a hip toss on Rush Freeman, but Freeman blocked it and did a swivel of his hips before hitting a russian leg sweep. Myers responded by hitting a spear and a clothesline of death for the pinfall. Brady Pierce came in to go after Myers, but was soon kicked off the apron and only Rolando Freeman was left against three men.

Freeman hit a sunset flip on Myers as he came into the ring, but Myers tried to hold the ropes to cheat to get the pin. Freeman was able to roll through and get the pin anyway. VSK flew in with a flying knee that dropped Freeman. VSK tried to choke him while sitting on the top turnbuckle, but Freeman endured the choke and shoved VSK to the floor.

Mike Knox came in with a crossbody that crushed Freeman. Knox tried to launch Freeman over the ropes into the crowd, but Freeman managed to move and turn it into a DDT on Knox. To Knox’s credit, he sold it by spiking himself right on his head, making it look like he died in the process. Rolando did a hip swivel and hit a running boot on Knox, but Cardona pulled the referee from ring and Chelsea Green hit the Unprettier on Freeman.

Freeman kicked out, so Knox crushed him in the corner and then hit a giant chokeslam. Knox picked him up at the one count. He went for a second chokeslam to the floor, but Freeman did a headscissors and pulled Knox to the floor for the win.

I thought they were going to crush our hopes when Green hit Freeman with an Unprettier, but they went and had him win anyway. 

Mims defeated Gustavo & Judias (w/ James Mitchell) to become the no. 1 contender to the NWA TV title

I honestly would have ended the show with Team War given the happy ending to the show, but NWA did have Mims go over here. He’ll face either Jordan Clearwater or AJ Cazana after Hard Times III for the TV title.

Gustavo tried to get Mims and Judias to swivel their hips. Mims tried. Judias did not. Gustavo was saved by Mims and Gustavo tried to roll him up. Mims pointed out he was trying to help him. Judias ate some kicks from Gustavo and hit a fallaway slam. Judias choked Gustavo on the ropes. Judias also choked Mims on the rope and did some clubberin’ (if you will).

Mims sent Gustavo into Judias who bear hugged Gustavo and Mims then crushed him with a splash. Gustavo low bridged Judias and went for a sliced bread no. 2 on Mims, but Mims countered into the Big Strong Slam for the pin.

This was a very well-booked episode of NWA Power with some solid in-ring action and build to this month's PPV. This was an easy thumbs up show.