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NWA Power results: Taya Valkyrie vs. KiLynn King no. 1 contender's match

Two title matches were made for Hard Times 3 on Tuesday's show.

A good episode of NWA Power opened right away with our first match. On tonight's show, two title contenders for next month's Hard Times 3 will be made.

The Hex (Allysin Kay & Marti Belle) defeated Natalia Markova & Taryn Terrell

Markova spent the early going trying to fight off both members of The Hex, but being unable to because of their tag team experience. Terrell threw her ring entrance skirt at Belle to distract her, and Markova hit a stunner while doing the splits before tagging out. Terrell tagged out as soon as Belle hit her but was able to keep Belle from making the tag.

Terrell tagged herself in for a pin attempt, which led to she and Markova arguing while choking Belle. Markova and Terrell eventually argued face to face, leading to Belle tagging out and Kay entering, hitting a spinning neckbreaker on Markova. Kay and Belle hi Hex Marks the Spot for the pinfall on Terrell, who was left in the ring alone after Kay’s comeback.

- Homicide was at the podium and took offense at Kyle Davis saying he was slipping back into his old ways. Homicide said he was always the same, and that he would do anything to make sure he stayed NWA Junior Heavyweight champion.

- Question Mark II was with May Valentine and said he was in the NWA to fight for the memory of Question Mark. Valentine asked if he had a visa, because she heard rumors (likely from Aron Stevens as they’re associated with each other on screen) that he could be deported.

- Kyle Davis ran down the current card for November's Hard Times 3.

Question Mark II defeated KC Roxx (w/ Aron Stevens)

I’m not sold on this angle yet, mainly because I’m not sure you can duplicate Joseph Hudson’s Question Mark. This new guy needs to make it his own.

Joe Galli informed us that Question Mark II is the brother of the original Question Mark, and he was tired of how Stevens was disrespecting his brother with Rodney Mack wearing the mask. Stevens ate a slice of pizza at ringside while saying Question Mark II was disrespectful.

Question Mark II caught Roxx off a springboard and did Mongrovian squats before hitting a powerslam. Stevens grabbed a mic said that wrestling was in a horrible state because a man was pretending to be Question Mark, while he had the real one, and that Roxx wished he could be his client but he can’t win a match. Question Mark II bowed to Roxx before hitting the Mongrovian spike for the finish.

- Matt Cardona & Chelsea Green were with May Valentine and Cardona talked about how he wasn’t worried about Tyrus or Trevor Murdoch in the NWA Hard Times 3 main event, saying he’d pin Billy Corgan if he had to. Valentine then asked Green if she was still interested in winning the Women’s title. Green said it was a stupid question and that of course she was as every woman should be.

Dak Draper defeated Chris Adonis and Thrillbilly Silas in a three-way to earn an NWA National title match at Hard Times 3

Tom Pritchard joined the commentary booth for this one. Silas tried to get Draper to double team Adonis at first, but Draper didn’t bite. Silas shoved Adonis into Draper for a two count. Silas hit a Snake Eyes across the top rope on Draper before hitting a slam for a near fall. Pritchard screamed at the hard chops Draper hit Silas with.

Adonis came back in the ring and hit a spinebuster on Silas, but Draper hit a springboard elbow on Adonis. Silas nailed Draper with a clothesline and all three men were on the mat. Silas went for the Thrillride, but Adonis countered into the Master Lock. Draper broke it up with a big boot and hit the Magnum KO for the pinfall to earn a title shot at Hard Times 3.

KiLynn King defeated Taya Valkyrie to earn an NWA Women's title match at Hard Times 3

This was a solid match with King looking fantastic. Valkyrie is no longer the top contender, which is the right call with King and Kamille having a great match previously.

Galli noted that Valkyrie did earn the no. 1 contender position in a four corners match, but she pinned Chelsea Green and not King in that match which explains why they are having another no. 1 contender match here. (It ignores the fourth participant, but I appreciate the attempt to make this make sense.)

King hit a uranage on the apron to take control in the early going. King followed that with a suplex for a near fall. King charged the corner, Valkyrie dodged, and King crashed into the post. Galli and Velvet Sky then informed us that Bully Ray was the one that got King this shot, and Valkyrie said, “Bring it on” because she had confidence. We have a full explanation now! Well done, NWA.

Valkyrie targeted her shoulder with strikes and submissions, but King was able to overcome them and lock on an inverted figure four. The two exchanged several submission attempts, ending with Valkyrie hitting a curb stomp on King for a two count.

King hit a knee in the corner, but Valkyrie fought her off and hit a crossbody off the middle rope for a near fall. King countered a kick attempt by ducking and hitting the Excalibuster for the pin and win to earn her title shot at the PPV.

Final Thoughts:

This was a fairly logically booked and simple episode of NWA Power that built to the Hard Times 3 PPV. It wasn’t the most exciting, but everything in it was pushing forward to November's big show which makes this one an easy thumbs up for me...outside of the Question Mark angle. However, I am willing to give that time.