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NWA Power results: Team Aldis vs. Team Storm


The show opened with a recap of The Dawsons vs. Tim Storm & Eli Drake from last week.


James Storm came out and asked why Nick Aldis was ducking him, and he called out Colt Cabana about how Cabana wanted to insert himself into the title picture. Cabana said he wanted Storm's NWA National title. Eli Drake came out and said that the National title was the key to getting a shot at the NWA Worlds Heavyweight Championship.

Aldis entered and said all the things that Storm was saying must have been a result of him having too much to drink. He said Eli Drake doesn’t drink, smoke, or do drugs -- his only vice is wanting to be exactly like Aldis. Aldis said “Why don’t we just get into the squared circle and settle this like men?”

Aldis suggested that they have a six-man tag. If Aldis’ team wins, Cabana gets a title shot at James Storm. If James Storm’s team wins, he gets a shot at Aldis' NWA World title, with one condition -- If Storm wants that shot, he needs to vacate the NWA National title, because to challenge for the NWA Worlds Heavyweight Championship, he needs to put it all on the line.


A video recap aired of Kamille not speaking and Aldis appearing to not let her speak. Kamille refused to talk to Joe Galli several times.


David Marquez interviewed Trevor Murdoch. Murdoch cut a promo saying he wanted an NWA contract. He said that he didn’t think that Jocephus should be suspended for 45 days for throwing powder into Colt Cabana’s eyes, but that he should fight Murdoch. Murdoch said he would beat anyone he had to for a contract.

Jocephus came out and attacked Murdoch from behind, and we had a match.

Trevor Murdoch defeated Jocephus

Murdoch started hitting 10 punches in the corner, but Jocephus dropped him into the top turnbuckle. As the referee was checking on Murdoch, Jocephus went for some powder in his tights. Murdoch kicked the powder from Jocephus’ hand into his own face.

Murdoch then followed with a bulldog from the middle rope for the pinfall.


Aron Stevens came out and Galli reminded the crowd that Stevens didn’t want anyone to make eye contact. Stevens was getting started, but Ricky Starks came out to interrupt him. Stevens said Starks looked ridiculous, but Starks slapped him and sent him flying across the studio before saying, “You talk too much.”


A recap video aired of The Wild Cards vs. Eddie Kingston & Homicide.


It was announced that The Rock 'n' Roll Express are coming to NWA Power soon.


The Dawsons were out at ringside and Kingston & Homicide attacked them and started brawling. Kingston & Homicide were trying to get some revenge on the two Dawsons for interrupting their Tag Team title match against The Wild Cards.

The Dawsons defeated Eddie Kingston & Homicide in a no DQ match

Dave Dawson was in the ring with Homicide, but Zane Dawson dragged him to the floor and both teams resumed brawling around the ring as Dave targeted the hand of Kingston while Homicide tried to choke Zane with a camera cable. The Wild Cards made their way to ringside, watching the match closely.

The brawling continued, with chairs being thrown into the ring. The Dawsons hit Kingston with the chair on the outside. Homicide hit a cutter on Zane Dawson, but it only got two. Kingston’s hand was very damaged, and he continued to sell it throughout the match. The Dawsons set up two chairs in the middle and bridged a third between them. They suplexed Kingston onto the chair.

Homicide came in, but the numbers got the best of him as Zane Dawson destroyed him with a chair shot to the back. They piled a bunch of chairs in the middle of the ring on Homicide and Zane climbed the top rope.

Tom Latimer ran up to the apron and hit Zane with the belt to knock him off. Then Royce Isaacs came in and hit a Death Valley Driver on Kingston and dragged Dave Dawson onto Kingston for the pinfall.

The announcers were as confused as I was about why the Wild Cards attacked both teams, only to put Dave Dawson on Kingston for the win.


Ashley Vox defeated Marti Belle

Belle talked about how Allysin Kay is her best friend, but she wants a shot at Kay's Women’s title.

Vox out-wrestled Belle in the early portion of this match, but Belle was able to overpower her and drive a knee into her face in the corner for a two count. Belle hit two vertical suplexes and a Russian leg sweep for two, then a rolling elbow for two.

Belle went for a corner charge, but Vox dodged and hit a headbutt. Vox went for a headscissors, but Belle dodged it and went for the Pedigree on Vox. Vox fought out and went for a chicken wing, but Belle blocked it and went for the Pedigree again. Vox dropped down and rolled over into a jackknife pinfall for the three count!

Thunder Rosa came out and offered to shake Belle’s hand, but Belle left the ring.


Ricky Starks defeated Aron Stevens

Stevens and Starks locked up, with Stevens hitting a snapmare and missing an elbow. Starks hit a chop and whipped Stevens into the ropes. Stevens countered with an elbow and tried to put Starks into the turnbuckle. Starks blocked it, drove Stevens into three turnbuckles, and then hit a big dropkick for one.

Starks locked on an armbar, but Stevens shoved him into the ropes. Starks stepped over the ropes and Stevens kicked the rope into Starks for a low blow before hitting a series of punches and then a Russian leg sweep.

Stevens hit an elbow on Starks. He picked Starks up and hit a very weak slap. Starks fired up and hit a series of clotheslines and a slingblade for two.

Stevens hit the ropes and Starks hit a back body drop. Starks threatened to slap Stevens and Stevens screamed in fear, so Starks rolled him up and scored the pinfall.

Stevens said “No!” -- and the crowd chanted “Yes!” back at him.


Team Aldis (Nick Aldis, Mr. Anderson & Colt Cabana) defeated Team Storm (James Storm & The Wild Cards)

Tom Latimer and Aldis started the match after Latimer tagged himself in. He hit the ropes and screamed “Screw you!” at Aldis, so Aldis took his head off with a clothesline and tagged out to Anderson. Anderson hit an armbreaker on Latimer. Latimer tagged out to Isaacs, but Anderson took him down and tagged out to Cabana.

Cabana came in and hit two bionic elbows on Latimer and Isaacs. He called in James Storm, but this was a mistake as he was cut off by Latimer.

Storm then tagged in and attacked Cabana. Isaacs kept Cabana in the corner and tagged out to Latimer. They continued to get the heat on Cabana for the next few minutes.

Isaacs went for a dive off the ropes, but Cabana got his foot up. Cabana made the hot tag to Anderson, who ran wild. Latimer picked up Anderson in a fireman’s carry, but Anderson fought out and hit a fireman’s carry flip. Anderson hit the Mic Check on Latimer, but Isaacs broke it up before Anderson could get a pinfall.

Aldis hit Isaacs with a dropkick. Storm hit Aldis with a codebreaker, but Aldis fell back into the ropes and they collided with a double clothesline.

Anderson tagged out to Cabana, who ate a knee from James Storm. Storm tried to superkick Cabana, but Cabana ducked and Storm hit Isaacs. Anderson clotheslined Storm over the top rope. Aldis hit a slam on Latimer and Cabana did the superman pin on Latimer for the pinfall victory! James Storm must defend his National title against Cabana.