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NWA Power results: The Briscoes vs. La Rebelion Tag Team title match

Homicide defended the Junior Heavyweight gold against Rhett Titus.

The Cardona Family was at the podium. Noticeable by his absence was Matt Cardona, who was away celebrating his win over Pope from two weeks ago. Chelsea Green talked about wanting to hold the NWA Women’s World Championship. Kyle Davis pointed out that Green had a chance to win the championship before, but she lost and VSK and Knox lost in the Crockett Cup. They claimed they were the best family in the NWA and chased Davis away and took over the podium.

Nick Aldis defeated Jordan Clearwater (w/ BLK Jeez)

After breaking a wrist lock, Clearwater posed like he won but Aldis punched him and chopped him before hitting a clothesline. Aldis hit a nice vertical suplex for a near fall. Clearwater managed to get the advantage when Jeez tried to give his business card to Aldis.

Clearwater tried to hit a corner splash after gyrating repeatedly and missing, landing said gyration area on the ropes. This distressed Clearwater. Aldis hit a flying elbow after a face first suplex, knocked BLK Jeez off the apron and then locked the cloverleaf on for the submission.

NWA Jr. Heavyweight Champion Homicide defeated Rhett Titus to retain the title

This was a solid match from these guys here. Homicide and Titus are vets and almost impossible for them to have a bad match. This was a really good one.

Homicide refused the Code of Honor as they locked up to open the match. Titus used his technical wrestling to stay on top and stay ahead, so Homicide bit him to escape and chopped him in the corner. Titus hit a monkey flip and Homicide landed right on his tailbone, which resulted in a funny visual as he froze and looked on in horror.

Titus went for a suplex, but Homicide hit two of his own and went for a third, but Titus rolled him into a small package for a near fall. Titus hit a nice belly-to-belly off the ropes for another near fall and then two big boots in the corner for another near fall. Homicide hit a headbutt on Titus and a tornado DDT off the middle rope for his own near fall.

Titus hit a dropkick but Homicide got his hand on the ropes to barely escape. He set up Homicide in the corner and charged at him, but Homicide moved and Titus crashed into the ring post. He put Titus on the ropes and hit a koji cutter off the turnbuckle for the win.

- Angelina Love was at the podium after the match and announced that she signed a contract with the NWA. Velvet Sky insisted she knew nothing about this.

- Mickie James was with May Valentine backstage and talked about how things went down with the Aldis and Cardona match. James talked about how she had to deal with Green, wanted to fight Kamille, and was baffled that Natalya Markova got a match with her, so she was going to destroy her. Mickie, Markova has won matches on TV lately.

Trevor Murdoch defeated Aron Stevens

I really liked this match: a brawl with a lot of intensity and violence, but in a traditional pro wrestling way. There was lots of punches and gritty looking offense.

Murdoch’s mean streak continued as he beat on Stevens all around the ring, starting with a big back suplex. Murdoch hit some crossfaces and later, a russian legsweep followed by a submission that was almost an octopus stretch on the mat. Stevens fought out, but missed an elbow.

Stevens bailed to the apron, but ate some punches. Stevens raked Murdoch's eyes and did a neck snap across the ropes. Stevens tied him to the corner with the tag rope and started beating on him in the corner. Stevens dug his fingers into his eyes again and stomped him as he was tied to the ropes.

Stevens charged in and ate an elbow and a punch before Murdoch finally got free. Murdoch decided to choke Stevens with the tag rope for revenge, hitting a big boot and then a top rope bulldog for the pin.

Murdoch was definitely not the heel as opposed to Stevens who blatantly cheated throughout. He was just grittier which I like. If he continues to develop that mean guy edge, his character will become more compelling as the weeks go on. They are riding that line very close to a heel turn while keeping him babyface, but so far, it’s working. 

- Jax Dane was with Kyle Davis backstage. Dane listed his resume before saying he was going to crush Marche Rockett.

Angelina Love defeated Tootie Lynn

I’m not sure what Love’s place will be on this roster. She’s not quite as good as some of the top talent today and I’m not sure if she should be positioned over some of the younger talent at this point. I will withhold judgement to see what they are going to do though.

Sky speculated that Love didn’t tell her about her NWA debut because she wanted to surprise her, but we shall see if that develops into a story. Lynn kept up with Love early on, landing a dropkick that sent Love to the floor. Lynn went for a kick off the apron, but took her time getting there, so Love was just left standing there for too long.

Love caught the kick and drove Lynn into the apron. Love hit a sidewalk slam for a near fall. Love hit an elbow for a near fall, followed by some forearms to work over Lynn’s arm a little bit. 

Lynn used a few kicks and hit an enziguri for a two count. Love hit a samoan drop on Lynn, but Lynn kicked out. Love fought out of a fireman’s carry and hit Botox Injection for the pin and win.

- Idolmania Sports Management came out and the crowd was booing. Tyrus said that he would give the fan a quarter if he used a different vowel, so the fan yelled “Baaaaa!” which he tried very hard not to laugh at. BLK Jeez took the mic and announced the next challenger for the Tyrus Slam Challenge was Mims, who indicated he wanted to try last week.

- Thom Latimer and Kamille were at the podium and Latimer looked like he was wearing his grandmother’s couch fabric for a shirt. He said that he was going to have an announcement on the next episode of NWA USA. Kamille than addressed potential challengers to her title. Joe Galli got breaking news in his ear that Mims has not actually accepted the Tyrus Slam Challenge yet, which is baffling since he said he wanted it last week.

NWA Tag Team Champions La Rebelion defeated The Briscoes to retain the titles

This was a great match. The Briscoes are on fire when it comes to producing great matches and this was no exception. La Rebelion looked good outside  one botched move, but it played into the story of the match.

Mark Briscoe used his redneck kung-fu to gain advantage over Mecha Wolf. Wolf ducked a chop and hit a series of his own, but got hit with a throat thrust from Mark. Wolf got a one count off a dropkick before tagging out to Bestia 666. Jay Briscoe made a blind tag and took Bestia’s head off with a lariat. Mark hit a vertical suplex on Bestia and sent him to the floor where Jay held him in place for a dropkick.

Jay tagged in and the Briscoes hit a double shoulder tackle on Bestia. Bestia managed to whip Jay into the corner and tagged out to Wolf. Mark came in as well, but Wolf hit a forearm and a dropkick, followed by a uranage on Mark onto Jay.

La Rebelion hit some fast paced offence on Mark for a near fall, but Jay ran into the ring and took out Bestia. The Briscoes hit Redneck Boogie for a near fall on Bestia. La Rebelion botched The Mark of the Beast, which Jay kicked out of. The botch was the excuse for the kick out according to Galli, so it worked out. 

Jay drove Bestia into Wolf and then hit a death valley driver. Mark hit the Froggy Bow for a two count. Jay went for the Jay Driller on Wolf, but he fought out. They went for the Doomsday Device instead, but Wolf rolled into a pinfall as Bestia held Mark's foot to prevent him from stopping the pin. 

La Rebelion barely won this match and the crowd booed them after this victory as the fans were fully behind the Briscoes.

This was the best match on the show so if you have the time, check it out.