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NWA Power results: The Cardonas vs. Aldis & The Commonwealth Connection


The Commonwealth Connection joined Kyle Davis to open the show. Doug Williams talked about his history with Nick Aldis, and how Williams, Harry Smith, and Aldis are going to take out The Cardonas this week.

The show went to the announce table. Austin Idol was still yelling about the Tyrus Slam Challenge from last week when Mims slammed Tyrus. Joe Galli pitched to the ring.

Kamille w/ Thom Latimer defeated Paola Blaze

This was mostly fine, but the booking was just bizarre. It made no sense if you think about it for a few seconds, as the referee was ready to stop the match and suddenly didn’t once more damage was being done.

Blaze rolled out of the ring as the bell rang, and said she wasn’t ready yet. Every time Kamille tried to get to her, Blaze would run away, smiling. Kamille had enough and drove Blaze back to the corner and hit an Oklahoma powerslam for a two count. Kamille hit a gutwrench suplex and nailed Blaze with a spin heel kick for another two count.

Kamille landed hard on her leg when she tried to leapfrog Blaze, looking like she hurt her quad or knee. Blaze stood away as the referee and Thom Latimer checked on her. Latimer turned around and Blaze kicked Latimer low and started stomping on the leg of Kamille.

They were looking to stop the match prior to this attack, so they just kept going once Latimer was out of the ring, and the referee just shrugged. Why? If you were going to stop the match, then why are you letting it go after Blaze attacked? That made no sense at all.

Kamille managed to fight back after a submission attempt and hit a twist and shout for a 2-count. Blaze hit a headscissors and a missile dropkick on Kamille. Latimer came out with some ice he was holding near his lower regions, which distracted the referee for some reason. The referee tried to send him to the back despite him doing nothing. Kamille hit a low blow on Blaze and then hit two spears for the win. Kamille sold the knee inconsistently once she started getting offence again.

Matt Taven was with Kyle Davis at the podium and talked about how he wants to win the tag titles with Mike Bennett, but he also wants to challenge for the NWA World's Heavyweight Championship. Good promo from Taven.

Matt Taven defeated Judias w/ The Sinister Minister via DQ

I was worried they would have Judias win this match. I’m not a fan of the DQ finish, but at least Taven didn’t lose.

Taven hit some hard chops that Judias no sold. Judias powered out of several moves from Taven, but Taven used his superior movement to keep slipping out of the power moves. Judias dodged a missile dropkick and started a Garvin stomp on Taven.

Judias used basic power moves to get some heat on Taven until Taven managed to get on the top rope and go for a flying elbow. However, The Sinister Minister called out Gags the Gimp and Sal the Pal to attack Taven. The group started to beat on Taven as the announcers let us know that Mike Bennett was not there this week, so Taven had no one to help him.

Help then came in as the Briscoes ran out, laying waste to the Sinister Minister’s stable, saving their old rival but ROH comrade in Matt Taven.

Tyrus was backstage with May Valentine and talked about Mims challenging for the NWA Television title. Tyrus insisted he was impressed and Mims was exactly what he was looking for, as he wanted a challenge.

The Dirty Sexy Boys (Dango & JTG) w/ Angelina Love defeated The Miserably Faithful (Sal the Pal & Gags the Gimp)

Velvet Sky went into a rant about how Angelina Love didn’t tell her that she was coming to the NWA, and that now she was moving in on her crush over Dango. Okay, this seems dumb. Joe Galli tried to reign her in and get her to call the match, but Idol continued to feed her into it. That was annoying.

JTG and Dango dominated Sal the Pal in the early portions of the match, but Gags tripped JTG as he hit the ropes and they started to get the heat on him. Sal and Gags worked over the fingers and various small joints of JTG. All of Gags’ offence was cheating, outside of a few chinlocks. Sal accidentally hit Gags with a clothesline and JTG tagged out.

Dango commanded Gags to lay down on the mat. Gags listened. Dango kicked him. Dango went for a crucifix bomb, but Gags slipped out and tagged out to Sal, who superkicked Dango. Dango moved out of the way of a rocket launcher from Gags and Sal. Dango hit a falcon arrow on Sal for the pinfall.

Dango held Angelina Love like he was going to kiss her, but realized that Velvet Sky was watching, so they stopped short and cut to the back.

The Pope was with Kyle Davis and talked about how he wanted to talk to Trevor Murdoch next week, as he was concerned about Murdoch’s behaviour as of late. Pope saw common ground with his old friend because both of them had bad experiences with Matt Cardona recently, losing title matches, and he wanted to have a heart to heart with Murdoch about it.

KiLynn King defeated Chelsea Green & Jennacide in a number one contender's match

This was easily the best match on the show thus far, and KiLynn King was clearly positioned to get over in this one, but it was surprising given how they have been pushing Jennacide recently. Either way, King and Kamille should be a good match.

Green foolishly tried to take out both King and Jennacide at the same time, but that did not work, and King suplexed Green onto Jennacide. King and Jennacide hit some hard forearms on each other until Jennacide hit a low pump kick to King and threw Green across the ring. Jennacide hit a big boot in the corner for a two count.

Green went to the top rope, but got knocked off, and landed on the apron. Kinghit a flying knee off the top rope on Jennacide. Green tried to dive onto Jennacide and King on the floor but they caught her. King and Jennacide fought over getting into the ring to pin Green, but Green took that chance to recover and kick the middle rope as King was entering the ring again.

Green hit a curb stomp into the turnbuckles on King for a two count. Green locked on a camel clutch on King in the middle of the ring, but Jennacide came behind her and locked a sleeper on. Jennacide hit an atomic drop type move on King for a two count. Green went for the Unprettier on King, but King reversed into the Excalibuster for the win.

The Commonwealth Connection (Doug Williams & Harry Smith) & Nick Aldis defeated The Cardona Family (Matt Cardona, Mike Knox, & VSK) w/ Chelsea Green

Good match to end the show here, with Nick Aldis getting a win to set up a future match with Cardona. In this case, it wouldn’t have hurt to have Cardona tap out with at least a visual submission to further set it up, but we got time before the next PPV, so that might happen.

VSK started the match with Doug Williams and regretted trying to chain wrestle Williams immediately. VSK was only able to get ahead by raking the eyes. VSK did manage to get a headlock and pushed Williams back to the corner to tag out to Mike Knox. Aldis tagged in and Cardona tried to come in from behind, but got dropped by Aldis.

Cardona immediately tagged back out to Knox. Aldis tagged in Harry Smith, who hit a stalling vertical suplex on Mike Knox. Williams and Smith showed some good double team offence on Knox, making it easy to forget they originally were just a makeshift team for the Crockett Cup. Cardona tried to apply a wrist lock on Williams but as soon as they got too close to Aldis, Cardona ran away.

Smith came in and threw VSK all over the ring. The Cardonas got the heat on Smith for a little bit after Chelsea Green got involved, choking Smith on the ropes. Smith managed to knock Knox and VSK off the apron, leaving Cardona alone in the ring. Smith tagged out to Aldis. Aldis ran wild on Cardona, but it soon broke down into everyone hitting big moves.

Cardona hit Reboot on Aldis and went for Radio Silence, but VSK chop blocked Aldis and Cardona tagged out to VSK. Cardona fled the ring as Williams shoved VSK off the top rope and right into a Cloverleaf on VSK for the submission win.

Final Thoughts

This episode of NWA Power ended stronger than it started, with the first few matches not being great. Everything picked up with the women’s triple threat. I like how they are developing the Pope/Murdoch storyline and I’m quite interested to see where it goes. I also think Kilynn King and Kamille will be a fun match when it happens.