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NWA Power results: The Tyrus era begins

Kratos and Aron Stevens also battled in a grudge match between former partners.

NWA Power opened with Kyle Davis in the ring as he introduced Tyrus to open the show. Idolmania Sports Management all came down to the ring to celebrate their victories at NWA Hard Times 3.

Austin Idol called Davis “Kyle Doofus” and said that he and everyone else doubted Tyrus and the rest of his group. Idol cut this promo with his back to the hard camera to which Davis said, “I’m glad you found the hard cam” which made me laugh.

Tyrus put over Jordan Clearwater for winning the TV title and Cyon for winning the National title. BLK Jeez said that it was what successful men looked like. Tyrus then talked about how there were various contenders already in line for a title shot.

Tyrus also said that Clearwater and Cyon could cash in any time for a title shot, which is news to me. Clearwater needs to win seven in a row with the TV title, and I don’t think the National title has ever been cashed in for a title shot at something else. Tyrus could just be wrong, but I wouldn’t be shocked if they changed the rules and didn’t tell us.

This promo really did nothing to advance any story other than acknowledge Idolmania Sports Management had all the gold. Tyrus said a lot of nothing, but at least Idol was entertaining.

NWA World Television Champion Jordan Clearwater and Mims went to a time limit draw

Yikes, this was not good. Clearwater controlled essentially the entire six minutes and it was boring. With this kind of stipulation, you can’t spend the whole time getting heat just to go to a draw. At least let the babyface have a chance to do something to add a little excitement to it.

The first half of this 6:05 time limit match was Clearwater trying to run the clock down including poking Mims in the eyes and using basic offense to keep him grounded. Mims started to fight back with two minutes left, but Clearwater gouged the eyes again. Clearwater suplexed Mims for a near fall.

Clearwater hit a clothesline after a sunset flip attempt that he kicked out of before going to a chinlock. Mims made a brief comeback before eating a Midas touch big boot from Clearwater. Then, time ran out.

Odinson defeated Ryan Davidson

I thought Odinson was a heel, but Davidson was using heel tactics, so they may have turned him without telling us like they do several other people. Or they’re both heels. Or they just don’t know what they’re doing. This was a nothing match, mainly because the crowd was silent throughout. The confusing heel/babyface thing didn’t help.

Davidson had a brief assault on Odinson to open the match, but he was soon working Davidson over with European uppercuts. The NWA seems to want to establish Odinson as a top guy sooner rather than later, but having him lose to Thrillbilly Silas seemed to cut off any heat this match could have had.

Davidson got the heat on Odinson far too long for someone that the audience doesn’t know. The silence during that part was astonishing, and then about eight people started clapping for Odinson until he hit a nice dropkick. Odinson hit a springboard uppercut for a two count and went for a torture rack, but Davidson attacked the arm and then hit a powerslam for a two count. Odinson countered a fireman’s carry into an irish whip and hit the pounce for the win.

- May Valentine was with Aron Stevens and she asked about him being booked to face Kratos tonight. Stevens claimed he was a manager, not a wrestler, and thought it was stupid. Valentine called him the greatest pro wrestler of all time and that she didn’t want them to hurt him since he was retired. They’re still going with the Stevens/Valentine couple thing.

- AJ Cazana and Anthony Andrews were with May Valentine talking about facing the Fixers for the tag titles on NWA USA. The NWA put the graphic up for Aron Stevens instead of Andrews, which was funny. This is pre-taped, so it’s even funnier.

- Stevens came out to the ring and claimed he was protesting and asked that the fans remain silent to protest him wrestling because he was retired.

Kratos defeated Aron Stevens by DQ

A terrible DQ finish to end what could have been a decent match, but they decided to give us this instead.

Joe Galli said that Stevens would lose his manager’s license if he didn’t wrestle which no one had mentioned until now. Stevens left the ring in fear as Kratos came into the ring. Stevens attempted to load his glove before the match, but the referee forced Stevens to remove it or else be DQ’d. Stevens removed something from the glove before taking it off and put it in his pocket.

Stevens claimed he didn’t have a wrestling license, so if Kratos touched him, he would sue him. Stevens attacked Kratos from behind and then said his license was good for two years, so ring the bell. Stevens turned around into a flying knee. Kratos hit a suplex and then two masked people ran in and attacked, causing the DQ.

The masked men were clearly Rodney Mack and Marshe Rockett. Question Mark II tried to make the save, but Rockett and Mack laid them out too. Stevens put on his glove, loaded it, and punched Kratos in the face. Tim Storm claimed that they had talked about the loaded glove for months, but this is the second time as the first time was at Hard Times 3.

If this is their follow up to NWA Hard Times 3, NWA is in for some hard times. This sucked. There wasn’t a single good match on the show, and the promos were pointless.