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NWA Power results: Tim Storm vs. Royce Isaacs

NWA Power Episode 12: Something Left to Prove

The show opened with an absolutely excellent recap of the Nick Aldis/Tim Storm feud.

David Marquez opened the show with Tim Storm wearing a Mama Storm shirt, and he talked about how excited he was to wrestle Aldis. Storm said that when he won, he would cross the bridge of a future title shot later, though he was a man of his word. He then apologized to his mother before saying that he was going to kick Aldis’ ass.

The NWA World Champion came out and said that he was all relaxed, and how Storm was intense. He entered the TV title tournament for fun, because there was no one left for him to beat. Aldis said the intense look on Storm’s face was starting to piss him off, and he should break the rules and embrace the hate. He mocked Storm and challenged him to attack, calling he and Ricky Morton “Randy the Ram” as they are a bunch of old guys that just can’t let go.

This was absolutely fantastic. These were wonderful promos from both men, and this feud feels very personal. It always felt special, but this fully turned it into a blood feud.


Aron Stevens defeated Sal Rinauro

Stevens wanted to prove he was a shooter using various submission holds, but as Rinauro made the ropes, Stevens yanked on Rinauro’s shoulder. Stevens ran at Rinauro, and Rinauro hit an uppercut, dodged a dropkick, and went for a figure four leglock. Stevens drove Rinauro into the corner and then hit a “karate clothesline” as called by Stu Bennett - an interesting technique. Stevens locked on the Million Dollar Dream, which Bennett called the Mongrovian Clutch.

Stevens kept the hold on after the bell, and Trevor Murdoch came out to make the save. Murdoch said that he was angry that Stevens got involved in his match on the pay-per-view and he was angry that Stevens was taking advantage of young wrestlers. Murdoch said he didn’t want the National title, but wanted to fight Stevens. Stevens said that he would fight him if he put his spot on the TV title tournament on the line.


Trevor Murdoch defeated Shooter Stevens

Murdoch hit a shoulderblock on Stevens which sent him to the floor. Stevens came back in and tried to kick Murdoch, but Murdoch blocked it, hit a clothesline, and then slammed Stevens twice. Murdoch locked on a weird Koji Clutch-type move, but Stevens made it to the ropes. Stevens attacked and hit a series of strikes and headbutts to Murdoch’s arm.

Stevens went for the Mongrovian Clutch, but Murdoch got to the ropes. Stevens switched to a sleeper, but Murdoch drove him into the top turnbuckle and then hit a full nelson slam. Murdoch then locked on a Indian Death Lock for the submission, so he stays in the tournament. This match was not very good at all, but Murdoch is over as a babyface.


-- A brief video aired of the Pope with Eddie Kingston and Homicide. Pope said that he saw them both as future world tag team champions and Kingston as a future world champion. Homicide agreed as he was a former world champion himself in Ring of Honor, and believes that Kingston was a future world champion.

-- A recap of Eli Drake’s drunk promo from last week aired. He came out a bit more sober this week. Drake talked about how Aldis seemed to want to keep him out of the title picture. He agreed with everything that Ricky Morton said, and that if Aldis wouldn’t fight him, he would. Drake said that he could team with anyone and wants a tag team partner to challenge for the tag titles. He trash talked Ken Anderson a bit.

-- Colt Cabana came out and said that he was tired of Drake talking down to Anderson and that he was a good guy. Drake said, “I don’t care about Anderson, but I need a tag partner. Will you do it?” Cabana said, “No. Ken Anderson is my tag partner.” Drake went back to acting very heelish here. I have no idea who the babyface or heel is in this feud, and it’s a bit frustrating. The performances are good, but I’d like to know who to root for.


A video aired of Allysin Kay saying that she was confused by what happened with Marti Belle and how she thought it was Melina and Thunder Rosa in her ear.

Tasha Steelz defeated Marti Belle

Belle and Steelz exchanged some basic wrestling, ending with Steelz slipping out of a head scissors. Belle hit a knee to the stomach and sent Steelz to the corner. Steelz floated over and then went for a roll up, but Belle hit a running knee for a two count. Belle hit a vertical suplex on Steelz, drove her into the corner. and started stomping her. Belle hit a knee to the chest and a clothesline after an Irish whip.

Belle knocked Steelz back into the corner and went for a running knee, but Steelz dodged, ducked a clothesline, and hit two axehandle smashes before hitting a running forearm. Steelz hit an uppercut, a kick to the stomach, and a running neckbreaker that was slightly botched. Steelz blocked a forearm and then hit a cutter for the pin that Belle fell too late for, but they still managed to pull it off.

This wasn’t a horrible match. Both women kept it very basic which was to their advantage. There were only two messed up spots, and it was more to do with Belle’s timing and when she took the move. Melina came into the ring afterward to berate Belle for losing.


Two more names were drawn for the NWA TV Title Tournament: Ziggy Dice vs. Caleb Konley.

Tim Storm came out to wrestle Nick Aldis, but Aldis came out in his dress pants and said that he didn’t come out dressed to wrestle because he only entered the tournament for fun, and Storm took the fun out of it. The crowd chanted “coward” at Aldis as he announced that it wasn’t worth getting injured. Aldis called his group Strictly Business and said that in the best interest of his group, he wasn’t going to wrestle.

Storm said that Aldis was a coward, and until now, he backed everything up but has now shown his true colours. Aldis went up on the apron and then ducked out again, to boos from the crowd. Aldis said that an important part of the New Year is leaving the past behind, so he was leaving Storm in the past and Royce Isaacs would fight Storm instead.

NWA TV Title Tournament Qualifying Match: Tim Storm defeated Royce Isaacs

Storm went on the offensive right away and started beating Isaacs all around the ring. Storm hit a fallaway slam and didn’t take his eyes off Aldis. Storm hit a snapmare and then a boot to Isaacs’ head. Latimer distracted Storm, and Isaacs was able to hit a Northern Lights suplex and several strikes in the corner.

The fans chanted “Mama Storm!” to cheer Storm on, but Isaacs hit a slam and went to the middle rope, but missed a senton. Storm hit a clothesline, a back elbow, and a big boot on Isaacs. Storm hit a forearm and sent Isaacs to the corner before looking at Aldis and hitting an avalanche in the corner.

Isaacs managed to hit a cutter in the corner, but Storm was able to get his feet on the rope. Isaacs grabbed a full nelson and went to pick Storm up into a deadlift German suplex, but Storm countered with a series of elbows and then the Perfect Storm for the pinfall victory, advancing into the TV title tournament.

As Storm was getting Isaacs out of the ring, the Rock n’ Roll Express came out and when Aldis finally noticed them, they warned him to never turn his back on his opponent. Then, they simply walked by and led the crowd in chants of “rock and roll” as the show went off the air.


All in all, this was a very good episode of NWA Power with some absolutely incredible work from Tim Storm and Nick Aldis. Aldis is now firmly established as a heel with his true colors being shown, and Storm is an even bigger babyface than before. You know these two are going to have to clash for the NWA World's Heavyweight Championship one more time down the line, and I can’t wait for it. The work they have done is incredible.