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NWA Power results: Trevor Murdoch in action, NWA 74 announcement

William Corgan announced a no. 1 contender's World title tournament.

This week's NWA Power from Nashville, Tennessee, saw a new TV Championship contender crowned in addition to a tournament announcement to find a new no. 1 contender to the World title.

Odinson defeated AJ Cazana & Judias (w/ James Mitchell) in a no. 1 contender’s match for the NWA TV title

Judias dominated the other two men in the early going until Odinson spilled to the floor, leaving Cazana to the big man. Odinson tried to suplex both Cazana and Judias, but that did not go well. Judias and Cazana continued throwing punches to no heat. Odinson pushed Cazana into the arms of Judias and hit a huge European uppercut on Judias, driving Cazana into a DDT.

Odinson hit Cazana with a neckbreaker and then hit an exploder suplex on Judias onto Cazana for a two count. Judias got up and hit a huge chokeslam on Odinson, but Cazana broke it up. They resumed throwing punches until Cazana hit a spinebuster on Judias for a two count. Odinson hit a pounce on Judias and then an F-10 on Cazana for the pinfall.

Odinson getting the win here was the right call. They needed a babyface to challenge Tyrus, and Odinson might be able to get a halfway passable match out of the champion.

- Kyle Davis was with Junior Heavyweight Champion Homicide who put over the Mortons for helping him at Alwayz Ready. He said he was intending to defend the title against Kerry Morton, but had a match scheduled with VSK first.

- May Valentine was sitting down with Aron Stevens, explaining why they were not on a flight to Brazil like they said they would be at Alwayz Ready. They claimed their plane tickets were cancelled, but because of that, Stevens ended up managing Rodney Mack. Mack was one of the guys there at the start of Stevens’ career, so Stevens felt inclined to help him. Stevens said that they would visit Brazil at a later time, but you will still be seeing he and Valentine around.

- The Cardonas were backstage and Chelsea Green spoke about how they are going to hold William Corgan to his word and that they were all promised title shots. VSK talked about how he was going to take the Junior Heavyweight Championship, and that is the only promise Corgan had fulfilled right now. Mike Knox said Corgan needed to reach out to him via letter as he didn’t have a phone. So, now we know what the promise Corgan made at Alwayz Ready: every member of the Cardona family will get a title shot, including Matt Cardona upon his return.

NWA World Champion Trevor Murdoch defeated Thrillbilly Silas (w/ Pollo Del Mar) in a non-title match

Murdoch squashing this guy was a delight. Murdoch destroyed him, and I love seeing a mean guy squash a jobber. Fantastic stuff.

Murdoch slapped Silas as he trash talked, hit a spinebuster, and showed a little bit of that edge we have seen, but in a clear babyface way. Murdoch beat the crap out of Silas in the corner with clotheslines, punctuated by a huge Stan Hansen-style lariat out of the corner. Pollo del Mar grabbed the foot of Murdoch, allowing Silas to hit a back suplex. This didn’t last long as Murdoch hit a big boot and a pop-up spinebuster before hitting the top rope bulldog for the pinfall.

Pope joined Murdoch at the podium with Kyle Davis. He wanted to congratulate Murdoch on his title win and said that he was proud of Murdoch. Murdoch walked away without saying a word.

- Allysin Kay was with May Valentine and talked about how she had unfinished business with Kenzie Paige and Ella Envy, but she also had unfinished business with Kamille too. KiLynn King walked in and challenged Kay for a no. 1 contender’s match for the NWA Women’s World title.

Kerry Morton (w/ Ricky Morton) defeated Jay Bradley (w/ Wrecking Ball Legursky)

This was a good way to do a big man/small man match. I really liked this.

Joe Galli informed us that Corgan allowed Legursky and Morton to be at ringside despite not having manager’s licenses because of the nature of the feud between these two teams with Colby Corino paying the Fixers to take out the Mortons.

Bradley used his size to dominate Morton in the early part of the match, beating on the smaller man. Bradley hit several strikes and threw Morton across the ring. Morton refused to give up, getting up at every single knockdown. Morton tried to small package Bradley, but Bradley just shoved him off and stomped on him. Morton reached out for a tag to his dad as Bradley dragged him to the corner, but this isn’t a tag match. I liked that little touch as it showed he used to primarily working in a tag team with his dad.

Bradley power bombed Morton before taunting Ricky. Kerry fired up and hit a big running knee to Bradley's face before rolling him up for the pinfall. Morton outsmarted the heel and won with a move, so I like that.

- Corgan came out and announced a tournament called the Race to the Chase with the winner getting a shot at World Champion Trevor Murdoch at NWA 74 in St. Louis. Corgan announced Tim Storm would be in the tournament with the previous stipulation in a match against Nick Aldis that he would never challenge for the World title again being lifted at the request of Murdoch.

Corgan then announced the following matches for the tournament, but it's unknown how big the tournament is and when these matches will begin:

  • Pope vs. Brian Myers
  • Thom Latimer vs. Chris Adonis
  • Nick Aldis vs. Tim Storm

They cut to the desk and Storm was legitimately in tears at the desk, because he truly thought he was never going to have a chance to challenge for the title again. Storm thanked Murdoch and Corgan as the show went off the air with tears of joy in the eyes of Storm.

Final Thoughts:

The wrestling really wasn’t the main point on this episode of NWA Power with the promos setting up future things being highlighted more. That said, the opening triple threat was likely the best match on the show. Murdoch squashing a jobber is always fun. Finally, closing the show with Storm crying tears of joy at being able to be in the tournament to become the no. 1 Contender for the NWA title was fantastic. Storm remains an incredible babyface, and despite being quite limited in the ring due to his age, he still makes me believe in him and want to see him win. Exceptionally great stuff here.