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NWA Power results: Trevor Murdoch vs. Matt Cardona World title match

This week's show also saw Nick Aldis vs. Tom Latimer in an I Quit match.

This week's NWA Power opened with Tyrus and Austin Idol being interviewed in the back. Tyrus said that Cyon must like a beating since he's always coming back for one. Idol told William Patrick Corgan that he needs to understand that Idolmania Sports Management is the only thing that matters.

Cyon promo

We cut to the ring where Joe Galli was standing with Cyon. Galli straight out asked the masked wrestler who his father is. Cyon said that ever since he told everyone his father was a former NWA World Heavyweight Champion, it's all anyone wants to talk about. He told the live crowd to not worry about his past because his future is even brighter. 

Idolmania Sports Management (BLK Jeez, Marshe Rockett, Jordan Clearwater and NWA TV Champion Tyrus) (w/ Austin Idol) defeated Cyon, The Ill Begotten and Mims 

Tyrus asked for silence as Clearwater took his robe off before the match began. 

Cyon came out really aggressive as commentary played up how much he wanted to get his hands on Idolmania Sports Management. 

Jeez ended up getting the heels back into it. Rockett hit Taylor from the apron as he was coming off the ropes and the heels started to work him over afterward. Tyrus kept working on Taylor, but calling out to Cyon on the apron. 

Mims got a hot tag and took out everyone from the opposing side. He hit Jeez with a spinebuster for a near fall. Cyon then came in and gave a death valley driver to Clearwater. Jeez then hit a suicide dive onto Cyon shortly after. 

Mims and Tyrus ended up in the ring together. Mims went to slam Tyrus, but Rockett hit him from behind as he was lifting his opponent. Tyrus fell on top of him and the referee counted to three, giving Austin Idol's team the victory.  

Nick Aldis defeated Tom Latimer in an I Quit match

Latimer cut a promo before the match, saying he was going to make Aldis say "I quit" and then would become the new face of the NWA. 

They exchanged strikes to begin, but Aldis quickly took control with a clothesline and a Lou Thesz press. Latimer fought out of a cloverleaf attempt early on. Latimer later countered a penalty kick from the apron, allowing him to go on offense. 

Latimer hit Aldis with a metal turnbuckle hook he found under the ring. He would later use the weapon to fish hook his opponent while he had him in a camel clutch as well. Aldis still wouldn't submit, however. Aldis attempted to use a chain, but Latimer countered and used it on him. 

Latimer then wrapped Aldis' hand with the chain around the ring post. He yanked on Aldis' arm until Aldis countered and rammed Latimer head first into the post. This allowed Aldis to go on offense for a period. 

Latimer kicked the ropes as Aldis was getting back in the ring. He then hit Aldis with a chair a couple of times. Aldis hit Latimer with a low blow to get himself back into it and later dropped his opponent head first onto a chair. Latimer fought out of a figure four leg lock shortly after, however. 

Latimer hit Aldis in the arm with a chair shot up against the steel steps. Moments later, Aldis hit Latimer with a chair and both men were down. Aldis then came off the ring apron and dove onto Latimer, sending both of them crashing through a table at ringside. 

They ended up exchanging strikes in the middle of the ring. Aldis went for his cloverleaf again, but Latimer countered by raking his eyes and delivering a spear. Aldis backdropped him on a chair moments later. Aldis then wrapped his opponent's neck in a chair and stomped on it, but Latimer still wouldn't quit. 

Aldis then locked in the cloverleaf while Latimer's head was still wrapped in the chair. Women's Champion Kamille came out and threw in the towel on behalf of Latimer, ending the match. 

After it was over, Aldis looked disappointed and Latimer kept screaming that he didn't give up. After the show came back from break, we were shown footage of Latimer attacking a bunch of security guards. 

Matt Cardona defeated Trevor Murdoch to win the NWA World title

It was noted on commentary that Murdoch's reign with the title has been longer than any of Dusty Rhodes' runs with the belt. 

Cardona stalled quite a bit to start. It was also noted on commentary that Cardona's gear was a tribute to former NWA Champion Christian Cage. 

Cardona escaped to the outside several times in the early moments. He called for a test of strength, but then just booted the champion in the midsection. But, Murdoch fought back. Anytime they were in the ring, Murdoch would gain the advantage and Cardona would then roll to the outside and stall for time. 

Finally, Murdoch just went out, collected his opponent and rolled him back in the ring. Cardona kicked the ropes as Murdoch was getting back in, causing the champion to spill back to the outside. Cardona then gave him a DDT on the floor, busting him wide open. 

Cardona got a chair out from under the ring and lodged it in the corner. He then got a two count after a neckbreaker. Cardona took his time working on Murdoch with strikes. 

Murdoch fought back and hit a spinebuster. He then went to the top rope looking to hit his bulldog. The champion looked very unbalanced on the top which allowed Cardona time to recover. Murdoch still came off the top with a crossbody for a two count. Murdoch then gave Cardona a big piledriver, but Cardona got his shoulder up on two. 

Murdoch then missed a charge in the corner and went head first into the chair that Cardona had set up earlier. Cardona then hit Radio Silence and got the three count to win the title.

After the match, VSK, Mike Knox and Chelsea Green came out to celebrate with the new champion. Cardona then cut a promo. He told Corgan not to worry and that he's not going to do what Shane Douglas did to that title. He thanked himself for being a self-made superstar and, according to him, changing the business.

Cardona also thanked Green, Knox and VSK. He referred to the fans as the NWA Universe, promised to save the company, and be the greatest NWA World Heavyweight Champion ever. 

The new champion continued to say that there was no one who could stop him, which brought out Nick Aldis. The former champion called Cardona arrogant and told him that he still has a contractual rematch that he hasn't redeemed. Aldis vs. Cardona for the title was later made official for the Crockett Cup. 

Final Thoughts: 

The NWA treats its World title with such respect that any time it changes hands, it feels important. I'm very interested to see Cardona vs. Aldis at the Crockett Cup. It really feels as though Aldis could win the belt back but maybe Corgan wants to see what Cardona can do with a longer reign. I'm interested to see where it goes.