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NWA Power results: Trevor Murdoch vs. Mike Knox

Cyon vs. Joe Alonzo, and Ella Envy vs. Max the Impaler also took place on the show.

This week's show took place from Valor Hall in Oak Grove, Kentucky. 

We opened with Kyle Davis in the ring with Mike Knox. Davis announced that Harry Smith was not medically cleared to compete as the main event had been advertised as Knox vs. Smith. Knox then cut a promo saying Smith was faking because he didn't want to face him, and called out Trevor Murdoch to face him later in the show. 

Max The Impaler defeated Ella Envy

Max The Impaler is certainly an intimidating presence. They attacked Envy before the bell. The ref gave Ella a little time to recover and she then came out with a flurry of strikes, but they barely impacted her opponent. 

Max quickly took over the match and finished her off with a backbreaker. It was a little more than a squash, but basically a squash. 

After the match, Max took a pom pom type object that had been tied to Ella's hair. The story is that Max will take a trophy from all their victims. 

Max seems like a cool character that I can see being built up with more squash matches before being entered into a bigger program. 

- Kyle Davis interviewed Cyon in the back. Cyon said his thoughts are on the NWA National title and he's basically looking past his match tonight. He said his opponent, Joe Alonzo, is not on his level. When Davis tried to bring up that Austin Idol is claiming to be his father, Cyon grabbed Davis by the jacket and told him to never ask him that again. 

Cyon defeated Joe Alonzo

Alonzo came into this one very cocky and got a good laugh when Cyon was unable to land a kip-up early in the match. 

They had a back and forth start until Cyon started to take over and wore his opponent down with strikes. He then worked on Alonzo with various moves including a string of three bodyslams in a row. He also hit a delayed vertical suplex for a two count. 

Alonzo started to make a comeback and got a few near falls off pinning combinations. He then rocked Cyon with a headscissors. Alonzo followed that up with a suicide dive. He then went for another one, but Cyon caught him. The masked man then suplexed him on the concrete floor before we went to commercial. 

As we come back from break, both wrestlers dove to get back in the ring before the 10 count. They then exchanged strikes from their knees in the center of the ring. 

Alonzo hit a springboard cutter for a two count. The crowd was really starting to get behind Alonzo at this point, but that's when Cyon regained control. Cyon then delivered a superplex to his opponent for another two count. 

Cyon hit a buckle bomb, but Alonzo followed that up with a big lariat. The crowd was into this and had been good all night, actually. Cyon locked his opponent in a surfboard before slamming him face first into the mat for another two count. Cyon then hit the rolling death valley driver for a near fall as Kyle Davis screamed that nobody has ever kicked out of that move before. 

Alonzo hit a superkick and then bounced off the ropes, but was caught by Cyon who delivered another rolling death valley driver. He then opted to give him a third for good measure before finally getting the pin. 

Cyon then made the title belt motion around his waist, signifying that he wants that NWA National Championship. This was good and the fans really responded to it. 

- Kyle Davis interviewed Jax Dane and his attorney, Chris Silvio, Esq., backstage. Davis asked Dane about his match on NWA USA this week where he'll team with "Magic" Jake Dumas against The Miserably Faithful. Dane said he's not a tag team wrestler anymore but in this case, he doesn't mind letting Dumas ride his coattails. He continued to say that NWA USA is his show. Silvio then said that wherever Jax is, that's where the money is. 

Trevor Murdoch defeated Mike Knox via disqualification

Murdoch punched Knox right in the face to start the match and then dared Knox to do the same to him, which he did. The two continued to exchange strikes like this for a little while. 

Eventually, Murdoch got the better of the exchange. He clotheslined his opponent to the floor and they both landed hard on the outside. Murdoch then got up and hammered his opponent with strikes. 

Knox raked Murdoch's eyes and dropped him face first on top of the guardrail to take control of the match. Knox continued the attack once both were back in the ring as well. He hit a short arm clothesline and a leg drop to the back of the head for only a one count. Knox then held on tight to a headlock. 

Murdoch eventually came back and hit Knox with a big DDT. Murdoch hit a series of clotheslines and a spinebuster. He then went to the top for the flying bulldog, but Knox avoided the move. Knox then hit a high crossbody for a two count. He then hit the Knox Out, but was lackadaisical in his cover and only got a two count. 

Knox then went to the outside and got the ring bell, but the referee pulled it out of his hands. Knox shoved the referee to the ground, causing a disqualification. After Knox regained possession of the bell, Murdoch clotheslined him out of the ring. 

As Knox was heading to the back, the commentary team suggested a rematch between the two could be upcoming.

Final Thoughts

Overall, it was a fun show, the DQ finish in the main event notwithstanding. It seems as though Cyon is really starting to put it together and the angle of Austin Idol claiming to be his father is pretty interesting. I liked Max The Impaler who will be a fun heel for the division. The main event was good, although the DQ finish was a bit of a drag. The best part of the show for me was the crowd as they were into everything which made the show feel fun.