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NWA Power results: Trevor Murdoch vs. Mike Knox World title match

This week's show also featured Dirty Dango and JTG in action and a great Kiera Hogan promo.

NWA World Champion Trevor Murdoch and Mike Knox opened the show at the podium, cutting promos on each other. Knox said he "accidentally" jumped Murdoch which was a funny line. Knox said that to get beat twice by Murdoch, the champion was going to need a lot more than what it took the first time. Knox wasn’t very good here, but it was fine. Murdoch was excellent.

The Dirty Sexy Boys (Dango & JTG) defeated The Ill Begotten (Captain Yuma, Rush Freeman & Alex Taylor)

Freeman (with his mullet) started the match and didn’t want to be in the ring with Dango, so he tagged in Yuma. Poor Yuma was on the receiving end of a few double team moves. Yuma protested Freeman’s cheating tactics to get the advantage on JTG. Taylor and Freeman got the heat for a little bit before Dango was tagged in and ran wild, hitting a guillotine leg drop on Yuma for the pinfall.

This was a perfectly fine opening match that was designed to show Freeman and Taylor not getting along with Yuma, leaving him to take the pinfall. DSB got their win back from two weeks ago and move up the tag team ranks.

-- Kiera Hogan was with May Valentine and talked about how Mickie James inspired her and that she wanted to be the same type of inspiration to others. Hogan commented that she still wants to beat James eventually as her two losses to her have rocked her. Valentine and Hogan playing an excellent babyface were great here.

-- Christopher Silvio, Esq. was with Valentine and talked about his client Jax Dane and the restraining order against Anthony Mayweather. He said Dane was done with Mayweather.

Cyon defeated Sal Rinauro (w/ Judias & The Sinister Minister) in a no DQ Match

The major story of this match was Austin Idol coming out to help Cyon. It was recently dropped that Cyon had a father who was a legend in the NWA and they have been heavily implying it could be Idol. This was the first real explicit evidence for it and is actually quite compelling.

Rinauro immediately started throwing chairs into the ring, but ate a big boot when Cyon came in. Cyon hit a back suplex on the podium on Rinauro. He slammed Cyon’s head into the announce table and hit an elbow drop with a chair. Rinauro slammed Cyon into a table and then back into the ring while screaming for approval from The Sinister Minister.

Cyon cut Rinauro off and locked on a surfboard stretch. Cyon set up a chair in the corner, but Rinauro reversed the Irish whip and drove Cyon into the chair. Cyon crashed to the floor and Idol came out to help him up and told him to get back into the ring. Cyon fired up, hit a death valley driver, and locked on a crossface with a hammer for the submission.

-- Several wrestlers cut promos about the Team Wars tournament coming up where the winner gets $30,000. They never really clarified what the tournament is or who is in it, but the promos weren’t bad. I can’t call it effective, though, as I have no idea how the tournament works.

-- Natalia Markova, Jennacide, Paola Blaze and Tarryn Terrell were at the podium. Blaze talked about being attacked by Markova, and threatened to break her face. Jennacide accepted Markova’s challenge for a later date.

-- Another video aired for the Team Wars tournament, but it had the same issue as the last video. However, we did learn it would be a six-man tournament.

NWA World Champion Trevor Murdoch defeated Mike Knox to retain the title

Murdoch tackled Knox and hit some crossface blows on the mat. Murdoch leg dropped Knox on the apron and then hit a flying crossbody on Knox for a two count. Matt Cardona made his way out to distract Murdoch. Knox drove Murdoch into the ring post twice and they ended up on the outside of the ring.

Knox had an extended heat segment here but Murdoch managed to hit a DDT at the end of it to drop Knox and start his comeback. Knox missed a corner charge and Murdoch rolled him up for a near fall. 

But, the ref botched the count as Knox’s shoulder accidentally went up so Murdoch just cradled him and pinned him to retain the title in their rematch.

Murdoch went after Cardona after the match, but Knox cut him off and hit a forearm. Cardona and Knox beat down Murdoch after the match and Cardona hit Murdoch with the title belt. Cardona mocked Murdoch with the title before dropping it back on him.

This was a short match that really had no chance to get going, but that might be for the best given Knox’s ability in the ring. The angle at the end was quite good as Matt Cardona is getting good heat. Velvet Sky’s calm commentary while claiming to be angry really didn’t help much. She has improved lately, but she was not good here.

Final Thoughts:

NWA Power was a very easy watch this week with nothing on the show that was particularly bad, but also nothing that was outstanding either. The best thing was easily the Kiera Hogan promo segment.