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NWA Power results: Tyrus & Cyon team up, Nick Aldis in action

Women's Champion Kamille and KiLynn King also had a good promo.

Tyrus opened this week's NWA Power with Kyle Davis as Davis announced Mims may have been hospitalized after their match at Alwayz Ready. 

Tyrus claimed he has defended the title seven times, but if he were to cash it in, he would be able to challenge for the NWA World's Heavyweight Championship with the Lucky 7 Rule. Tyrus said he had a clause in his contract that he didn’t need to follow the rule, so he wasn’t giving the title up, and he was going to win the World title too. The first step is teaming with Cyon tonight, and then he is firmly aiming at champion Trevor Murdoch. Please no, not this.

Kamille and KiLynn King confrontation

Highlights from Kamille vs. KiLynn King from Alwayz Ready aired, showing how close King came to winning the Women’s championship.

Kamille made her way out to the ring to be interviewed by Davis. Davis asked Kamille what was next and she said the match with King was the hardest of her career and she wanted to have King come out. Kamille talked about how she and King were both trained by Bully Ray, and that they both have the same mentality and King took her to her limits. Both women showed respect to each other.

King reiterated that she was serious about the NWA and that she would be the new champ if she didn’t make one mistake. King said she was still coming for Kamille and for the title, but she was going to earn her spot for it again. King promised to end her reign, and Kamille said she wouldn’t have it any other way. This was awesome and a good promo from both women here.

- NWA Junior Heavyweight Champion Homicide was with May Valentine and he said he hadn’t heard Luke Hawx's comments about Homicide disrespecting him. He said Hawx should stop being a baby and overly sensitive. He was happy Hawx tried to help him, but he didn’t want to make it anything more than what it was. Homicide said he would welcome all comers to face him, leaving it open to anyone.

Nick Aldis defeated Brett BuffShay

Aldis hit several shoulder tackles and used technical wrestling to take him down. A few fans chanted “ham & egger” at BuffShay which made me laugh. Aldis hit a brainbuster, but Aldis picked him right back up. The announcers were baffled by this, theorizing that Aldis was frustrated after the PPV. Aldis caught BuffShay as he went for a back body drop and hit a powerbomb before locking on the Kingsland Cloverleaf.

This was a lovely squash that got a nice ovation as Aldis is well loved by the audience. I liked Aldis showing how easy he won this match as it highlights how much of an elite wrestler he is in the NWA. This was the perfect execution of a squash match.

Davis came into the ring and asked Aldis if his mentality has changed after losing the title match at the PPV. Aldis said that you could do things the right way, but none of it matters because it makes you a target for everyone that comes into the promotion. He said that anyone that wanted to take his top spot would have a very difficult time doing it. 

Aldis congratulated Murdoch, but he said Murdoch knew that Aldis had him beat, and if they were to go one on one again, he knows where to find him. I’m not sure about this promo because it made it seem like Murdoch needed to chase Aldis, which is counterintuitive to Murdoch being champ.

- National Champion Jax Dane was with Davis in the ring and talked about how no one could take the title from him. Dane claimed to be the most dominant NWA National Champion, and no one had the guts to take it from him. He said it was harder to become the National Champion than the World Champion. Eric Jackson, who Dane beat in a few seconds recently, came down saying he wanted another shot at the title. Jackson attacked Dane, but Dane leveled him with a lariat and left him laying. He showed guts, but paid for trying to pick a fight.

- PJ Hawx was with May Valentine to discuss his brewing feud with Homicide. He expressed respect and he said he thought it was a misunderstanding between both men.

Idolmania Sports Management (Tyrus & Cyon) defeated The ILL Begotten (Alex Taylor & Jeremiah Plunkett)

This match had no heat at all. Tyrus may have been in the match for less than a minute total and was breathing heavy after his DDT bump. They made the right call to have Cyon carry the bulk of the work. The match was fine because of this, but had no heat since it was two heel teams.

Tyrus could barely walk getting into the ring, which is hard to watch. This match was heel vs. heel, so that hurt the heat quite a bit in that it was non-existent. Taylor and Cyon still had a very good exchange of technical wrestling to open the match. Taylor broke out of a submission by grabbing the ropes.

Velvet Sky informed us during this sequence that Danny Deals is suing Madusa for when she slapped him on NWA USA, leaving him in a neck brace for weeks. Plunkett tagged in and the technical wrestling continued. Plunkett got Cyon with a dropdown and hit a slingshot into a neck on the ropes from Taylor. That was quite creative.

Joe Galli announced Mims was hospitalized with both a concussion and separated shoulder. Tyrus tagged in and the match got slower as he stepped on Alex Taylor’s face to no heat. He then tagged out after doing nothing. Tyrus and Cyon beat on Taylor for several boring minutes. Cyon did the Garvin stomp on Taylor, who fought out with a dropkick.

Plunkett and Tyrus tagged in and Plunkett forced Tyrus to sell with forearms and a DDT, but Cyon blind tagged in and hit a death valley driver for the pinfall.

Final Thoughts

Tyrus is really bad. KiLynn King and Kamille were awesome. The promos on this show were quite good for the most part. That’s about all I can say about this episode.