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NWA Power results: Tyrus vs. Odinson TV title match

The build toward NWA 74 somewhat continues.

The OGK opened this week's NWA Power with Kyle Davis and talked about wanting to be the first tag team to hold the IWGP, ROH and NWA Tag Team titles. Mike Bennett was on fire in this one, calling out La Rebelion for when Damian 666 helped them beat The OGK.

La Rebelion then came to the podium and said that The OGK didn’t know what they were asking for, because they worked harder than anyone, especially when The OGK was sitting at home when ROH wasn’t running. Both teams started brawling, but Damian 666 attacked them from behind and spit red mist into the face of Bennett and Matt Taven, leaving them laying.

Cyon (w/ Austin Idol) defeated Rodney Mack (w/ Aron Stevens) to become the no. 1 contender for the NWA National Championship

This was mostly fine, but it is weird to see a heel being the top contender to champion Jax Dane, but somehow, I am not shocked that they did this. Regardless, Cyon is the better worker, so it does make for a better match against Dane.

Mack dominated the early part of the match with some power moves, but it was turned around very quickly when Cyon whipped the arm, driving Mack to the mat, followed by punches. Cyon hit a DDT as the announcers commented that Aron Stevens wasn’t doing a good job managing Mack as he was not very involved in cheering on and coaching him. 

Cyon continued the attack, but Mack responded with a hip toss and went for a sunset flip, but Cyon was able to sit down on it and get the pinfall while pulling on Mack’s kneepad.

- May Valentine was with Thom Latimer and Kamille backstage to discuss the upcoming NWA 74 PPV with Kamille noting that Billy Corgan was making her wrestle two nights in a row, facing the winner of the Burke Invitational on the second night. Latimer said that he was going to do whatever it took to be a part of either show.

-Trevor Murdoch was with Valentine and he confirmed that he asked for a match with Pope next week on NWA Power. Murdoch said that at NWA 74, he was going to defend his championship and that why he wanted to face Pope was between him and Pope.

The Miserably Faithful (Gagz the Gimp, Sal the Pal & Judias) (w/ Father James Mitchell) defeated The ILL Begotten (Alex Taylor, Rush Freeman & Jeremiah Plunkett) (w/ Danny Dealz & Ronaldo Freeman) in a Team War match

This was perfectly acceptable, but was a weird heel vs. heel match which NWA seems to love. Eliminations are done via pin, submission or hitting the floor on the outside of the ring.

Sal started the match with Freeman, unloading a violent assault that seemed quite out of character, but after losing focus, Freeman hit him with a lariat. Deals seemed to trip his own man by accident, leading to Sal hitting a flatliner on Freeman for the pin.

Plunkett tried to pin Sal right away, but he kicked out and then hit a handspring stunner on Plunkett for a two count. Sal hit a series of headbutts to stagger Plunkett. Deals tried to convince Sal to go to the top rope, but Plunkett caught him after the distraction and hit a DDT to pin Sal.

Gagz came into the ring and took a hard Irish whip into the corner. Gagz hit some chops, but ate a knee from Plunkett. Gagz went for the eyes of Plunkett, but he punched Gagz right in the face to break it up. Plunkett locked Gagz into a bearhug, but Gagz seemed to enjoy the pain and scratched the back and chest of Plunkett before locking on the Gagz Reflex on Plunkett for the submission.

Alex Taylor came in and suplexed Gagz for a two count. Gagz ended up on the apron, but Taylor dropkicked him and he fell to the floor for the elimination. Judias came in and hit Taylor with a big boot. Judias chokeslammed him and then demanded he rise to his feet before hitting a crucifix bomb for the three count to win the match.

- Heart 2 Heart with Valentine was with Colby Corino for this edition. Valentine asked him what his childhood was like with his dad, and he said it was great. Aron Stevens was there and kept hijacking the interview to ask about Tyrus. Corino got frustrated as he kept starting to answer the questions and realize they were irrelevant to his pursuit of Homicide's Junior Heavyweight Championship. This was bad comedy.

- Homicide was backstage with Valentine and Caprice Coleman. He talked about defending his title against PJ Hawx, and that he didn’t want to face the past in Luke Hawx. Homicide promised to break his bones if he kept calling him out.

Coleman said that he was going to be on the call for the NWA USA go-home show for NWA 74, and that when Homicide was done fighting kids, he should come for him.

NWA TV Champion Tyrus (w/ BLK Jeez) defeated Odinson to retain the title

Odinson tried very hard to make this acceptable, but it was not. Tyrus was horrible here and did next to nothing.

Odinson hit a series of hard European uppercuts on Tyrus, which winded Tyrus within 30 seconds because he had to sell. He hit an exploder suplex and a big splash in the corner. He hit an elbow on the back of Odinson and did pushups on his back, later followed by a nerve hold. Odinson stomped on the foot of Tyrus and bit his forehead to break the hold.

Odinson went for a European uppercut, but Tyrus fell before it even connected. Odinson rectified that with two hard ones and then a third off the top rope, but Tyrus kicked out. The crowd was fully behind Odinson here, but Tyrus swatted him (and by swat, I mean stuck his hands out hoping Odinson would fly into them) out of the air and hit a heart punch for the pin and win. This sucked, but at no fault to Odinson.

A bonus match from NWA Alwayz Ready -- Taya Valkyrie vs. Natalia Markova-- aired after the credits. I'm not sure why they chose this one as Markova was injured in the match and it turned into a mess.

Final Thoughts:

I can’t say anything special happened on this episode of NWA Power. It felt very missable outside of the opening promo segment with the OGK and La Rebelion. The Heart 2 Heart with Valentine was pointless and unfunny, and they set up a heel vs. heel match for the National title, and delivered a heel vs. heel Team War. 

This was not very good overall and did very little to make me look forward to NWA 74. They need to start promoting the matches hard, and I saw very little of that on this show.