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NWA Power results: The War Kings vs. The End

NWA Power Episode 28: The War Kings vs. The End

NWA Power opened with a recap of what happened last week with Nick Aldis pulling Strictly Business from the World Tag Team title match from last week.

Kyle Davis was at the podium with an announcement from Billy Corgan, who provided Davis with a written statement. Corgan wrote about what happened last week, and stripped Latimer and Adonis of their tag team championship opportunity. Corgan also docked their pay, and also docked Aldis’ pay for one month, donating it to charity.

Corgan also announced that Aldis and Strictly Business would have their contracts terminated if they do this again, and if they do not appear next week, they will be stripped of their titles and would never be seen in the NWA again.

In light of the angle from last week that saw the show suddenly go off the air with no main event, this was a very good follow up. Corgan worked as a babyface owner that wasn’t going to be pushed around by the heels, and he let them know that he was the one in charge.

NWA World Television Championship: The Pope defeated Matt Cross to retain

Solid match from both guys here, and now Pope only needs 3 more matches before he can cash in for a chance at the NWA World's Heavyweight Championship.

Cross and Pope exchanged arm drags to open the match before Cross did a drop down and hit a dropkick as Pope hit the ropes. They both hit the ropes again, and as Cross went for a cross body (pun intended) Pope hit a powerslam.

Pope went for a vertical suplex, but Cross slipped out and hit a fireman’s carry into a neck breaker. Pope dodged an attack and sent Cross to the apron. Cross hit a pump kick and then hit a big suicide dive on Pope.

Cross went for a shooting star press, but Pope rolled out of the way (sort of. He rolled the wrong way), and then Pope hit the Elijah Express for the pinfall.

NWA World Tag Team Championship: Aron Stevens & Kratos defeated Fred Rosser & Marche Rockett

While I normally don’t like storylines with tag partners that don’t get along, this one is being done as well as it can be. They’re clearly building to the break-up between the two, but because they’re still managing to win, they are okay with their tentative alliance.

Stevens and Rosser started the match. Kratos was hesitant to tag into the match, but when he did he beat the crap out of everyone in the ring. His hesitation to make a tag was paid back when Kratos wanted to tag out when he had Rosser in an abdominal stretch. As Kratos argued with Stevens, Rockett tagged in and attacked, but it didn’t work well.

Kratos eventually tagged out because he was hurt, and Stevens swept Rockett’s legs and hit a DDT. Rockett dodged a corner charge and hit a dropkick. As he went to tag out, Kratos pulled Rosser off the apron. Stevens argued with him about it, but he hit a flying forearm on Rockett and scored the pinfall.

Melina and Taryn Tarrell were backstage, and both of them wanted to make sure that there were no shenanigans in the match with Kamille and Thunder Rosa.

Thunder Rosa defeated Jennacide

This was a great squash match, where Jennacide looked strong, but Rosa simply outwrestled her and tapped her out with her superior submission skills.

Jennacide used size and power to keep control of the early portions of the match, hitting power slams and avoiding Thunder Rosa’s offence. Rosa eventually managed to chop her down with kicks and locked on a kneebar for a submission finish, but she took a beating to get it there. Good squash match.

Austin Idol and Tyrus were with Kyle Davis, and Tyrus congratulated Pope on his successful defense, but indicated that Pope still hadn’t beat him. Idol announced that the first entrant in the 14-man battle royal was none other than Tyrus. Idol promised that Tyrus was going to win the battle royal and go after Aldis.

Idol also had a list of several competitors in the battle royal, and Davis asked how he got the information. Idol said, “Because I’m a genius,” which made me laugh. Idol joked that he was going to enter it with the quality of competition in the match, and promised that Tyrus was going to win. Good promo.

The War Kings (Crimson & Jax Dane) defeated The End (Parrow & Odinson) to become the #1 Contenders for the NWA World Tag Team Championship

Well, what in the world was that finish? This is a pre taped show. That was clearly a botched pinfall, as Odinson obviously kicked out before the 3 and had his shoulder up on the pinfall. Then on the replay it clearly showed this, and they had Joe Galli tell us the kickout happened after the 3. It didn’t. Just refilm it. It’s a taped show, for goodness sake.

Odinson and Crimson started in the ring, The End quickly took the advantage, using some double team moves. Crimson managed to hit an exploder suplex on Odinson and tagged out to Jax. The War Kings showed their experience with some huge moves hitting Odinson.

Dane and Odinson exchanged chops in the corner to the delight of Joe Galli, who called this a hoss fight, and he wasn’t wrong. Odinson did an AA on his own partner onto Crimson, and that looked like a finishing move, but Dane made the save.

Crimson hit some forearms and a John Woo dropkick on Parrow before tagging out to Dane. Dane ran wild, smashing Odinson with several high impact moves. Dane hit a suplex, and Crimson came off the top with a flying elbow on Odinson. Odinson kicked out, but the ref counted three anyway and the match ended in chaos.

Final Thoughts:

The show went off the air after a botched finish in a tag match that I was actually really enjoying. The match itself was a really good tag match, but the botched finish still being in on a pre taped show is confusing at best, and outright bad at worst. I don’t understand why they didn’t retape it. Aside from the weird main event finish, this week’s episode was quite good overall, especially compared to the debacle of an ending last week.