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NWA Power Surge results: Kylie Rae vs. Madi, Austin Aries vs. Rhett Titus


NWA Power Surge opened with The Fixers (Jay Bradley and Wrecking Ball Legursky). Legursky yelled everything he said, from his name to “We’re special! We’re for hire! Pay us!” as they were the hosts of the show for tonight and wanted to advertise their services. I loved this.

Rodney Mack defeated D’vin Graves

This was an absolute nothing match with Graves and Mack both looking quite bad. Mack dominated most of the match with chokes and terrible offense, including making Graves tap out while under the ropes while squeezing his head against the ring post. Graves tapped out to a cobra clutch after a few minutes.

-- The Fixers talked about things they liked in wrestling which included big men who beat people up and their favorite foods. This already overstayed its welcome, but there was still some amusing moments.

Austin Aries defeated Rhett Titus in a NWA Junior Heavyweight tournament qualifying match

This match was awesome. This was a replay of a match from NWA Hard Times 2, but it didn't hurt to see it again here given how good it was.

Aries and Titus kept up a very fast pace in the early going as Aries tried to use mat skills to stay on top of Titus, but Titus used his ROH Pure division experience to stick with him. Aries popped out of a leg scissors and hit a dropkick while Titus rolled through a sunset flip to deliver a dropkick of his own.

Aries hit a dive on Titus followed by a kneecrusher and back suplex combination. Aries went for his corner dropkick, but Titus got the boot up. Titus then hit a kneecrusher and back suplex combo of his own. Titus went for it a second time, but Aries countered into the Last Chancery. Titus made the ropes and hit two hard boots in the corner for a near fall. Aries then hit a discus forearm, his corner dropkick, and a brain buster for the three count.

Kylie Rae defeated Madi

This match was very good. Rae is excellent and my wish for them to do more with Madi (sans her last name of Wrenkowski) seems to be happening as they played off her loss to Melina last week.

Rae looked fantastic early. Madi yanked her hair to try and get out of an armlock, but Rae held on. Madi pulled Rae’s head into the ropes to break it and then hit a boot while Rae was over the middle rope, choking with her foot afterward.

Madi went full heel, turning into a bully against Rae, rubbing her face into the mat after a suplex followed by a camel clutch. Rae fought out, but took a hard forearm to the back. Madi’s heel work here was excellent and Rae’s selling was awesome. Madi locked in a dragon sleeper in the ropes to further brutalize Rae.

The announcers noted that the loss to Melina in a previous episode seemed to light a fire of viciousness in Madi. Rae was able to get her in a cradle and floated over into a kip up and a superkick. Madi got a near fall, but Rae dodged a pump kick and rolled her into a crossface to secure a tapout.

-- The Fixers told more stories, explained 4K resolution, and told a story about a woman walking a goat. I think the first one was their best one, but these are funny -- mainly because they are such dork heels.

The Fixers defeated Fable Jake & Miguel Robles

The Fixers charged their opponents and began crushing them immediately. Bradley hit several big elbows on Robles before tagging out to Legursky, who slammed Robles with a powerslam. On commentary, Austin Idol told Legursky to lay the chops in as they apparently weren’t that hard. I laughed.

Bradley and Legursky threw Jake around the ring before crushing him in the middle of both of them. Legursky hit a cannonball on Jake before scoring the pinfall.

The show ended with the credits rolling, saying the Fixers produced the whole thing which made me smile.

Final Thoughts:

While this wasn’t a standard episode of NWA Power, it was a very fun and short half hour of wrestling. 

The most notable happening was Kylie Rae vs. Madi with Madi turning heel in the middle of the match, showing increased attitude and aggressiveness. I really liked how they tied it back to her loss to Melina and I hope they continue to push that forward. Meanwhile, I have to think Rae is on her way to a title shot with her performances lately, not just for the tag titles with Tootie Lynn but for a shot at Kamille’s title too.

I should note that something that has happened a few times over the last year with the NWA. Last week on Power, they announced that the main event for next week's show was going to be Trevor Murdoch facing Mike Knox for the NWA World title. That did not happen.

I enjoyed the show as there were two very good matches, but it is frustrating as a fan to be told something was happening next week and for it to not happen. All they had to say instead of next week was "Next episode of NWA Power" and it would have been fine. Work out your airdates before you record or fix the issues in post production and then advertise what is happening next week. It wouldn't have been hard to put up a short ad for this show and then for Power a week later on the TV show.

Just like when they gave three different dates for the start of the Champions Series last fall, they have consistently had a problem with properly announcing the dates of shows.