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NWA Power Surge results: The Joe Galli holiday celebration


NWA Power Surge opened up with Joe Galli hosting a holiday party at what he said was his home but looked remarkably like the NWA studio. He explained he just keeps a replica of the studio in his home, hence the similarity.

The first guest to arrive was fellow commentator Velvet Sky and they sent it to the ring for our first match.

Captain Yuma defeated Fable Jake

Jake had quite the size advantage and used it to his advantage early with a big suplex, atomic drop, and a big knee to the face. Yuma then made a comeback and landed a big tornado DDT, a series of jabs and a jawbreaker. Jake then hit a big powerslam for a two count. He charged at his opponent in the corner, but missed. Yuma then hit a modified facebuster/piledriver combo of sorts with his opponent's head wedged between his legs.

I'm not sure if Yuma's gimmick is that he's an astronaut or if he's just a generally space-themed wrestler, but he was surprisingly entertaining. 

The camera then cut back to Galli's holiday party with Tim Storm as the next guest to arrive. They talked about their favorite holiday movies before throwing it to the next match.

Jaden Roller defeated Rush Freeman in a TV title no. 1 contender's match

Storm joined the commentary team and spoke about Roller accusing him of cheating during their no disqualification match at Any Means Necessary. Storm clarified that there can be no cheating during a no DQ match. Roller was distracted with Storm at ringside, but still managed to get some sustained offense in early. He hit a running knee and a body slam before locking in a chin lock. Freeman made a very brief comeback after hitting a big clothesline. Shortly after, Roller hit his axe kick finisher on his opponent and got the three count to earn a shot at current champion Tyrus.

After the match, Roller pointed at Storm on commentary and said he's next so it appears we are getting a rematch between them first. 

We then cut to a promo featuring Danny Deals offering deals on various items including a bottle of water, a candy cane that had been in his mouth, and some holiday socks. I'm not sure why we saw this, but we did.

It was clear at this point that Galli was a little tipsy. Austin Idol was the next guest to arrive and pointed out that we were in the NWA studio and not his home, but Galli insisted that was not the case. Idol encouraged him to not drink anymore, but Galli then encouraged Idol to do the opposite.

Jay Bradley defeated Diante

Bradley charged at Diante as soon as the bell rang and was really aggressive from the get-go. Diante tried to fight back after Bradley missed a knee drop, but was not able to get his opponent up for a suplex. Bradley hit a big boot, but missed on a second one. Diante then missed a dropkick from the second rope and Bradley went back on offense. Bradley then hit a big uranage for the pin and win. Bradley played a good mean, big, aggressive guy here. 

The Gift Opening

Galli was now quite drunk. He encouraged his guests to open their gifts which I'm certain was just a series of items that happened to be available in the studio just before they started filming. Velvet opened up what was a pack of baby wipes; Storm opened what was a tie with puppies on it, and Galli then opened up his gift which was the book, "The Slaughter of a Mountain Man" and he pointed out that you can't spell "slaughter" without "laughter."

Idol then opened up his gift which was a can of breath mints. The four of them then did some improv around these random items with Sky hinting that Idol has bad breath. 

Kyle Davis then arrived and was promptly called Dyle Kavis by a heavily intoxicated Galli. Davis had arrived without knowing there was a party and was upset to have not been invited. Davis then revealed he had brought Galli an NWA t-shirt as a gift and then stormed off. Galli passed out drunk on the floor to end the show. 

Final Thoughts:

This was just a quick 27-minute episode featuring three matches not connected to any major storylines and a show-long story of Joe Galli hosting a holiday party. With that said, Galli was actually pretty funny.