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NWA Power Surge results: Sal Rinauro vs. Jax Dane

This week's show was hosted by The Beautiful People.

This week's completely missable NWA Power Surge opened with The Beautiful People (Velvet Sky & Angelina Love) as hosts. Oh no, they are doing this horrible Velvet After Dark gimmick again.

There was nothing here this week that one would have to go out of their way to see. It wasn’t as bad as the first Velvet After Dark, but it was still no good. 

Anthony Andrews defeated Traxx

Andrews quickly refused to make a clean break on the ropes, hitting a big boot and then a shoulder tackle. Traxx hit the ropes and took Andrews down with a flying shoulder block, but Andrews pulled Traxx face-first into the turnbuckle. Andrews did a face wash in the corner, but with his knee. Andrews went to leapfrog over Traxx’s back into a leg drop on his head, but Traxx moved and Andrews landed in the funniest way on the mat. Worst attempt at a Kotaro Krusher ever. Andrews hit a pump handle powerslam for the pinfall.

- "Magic" Jake Dumas & CJ joined Sky and Love. Sky asked Dumas what his purpose was in the NWA, saying he clearly had magic. I dispute that. He claimed to be evil magic incarnate. He claimed he was in the NWA because he wanted people to believe. There were jokes about Dumas’ grocery list as he was teaching CJ English, and she listed off an embarrassing element. This sucked.

Eric Jackson defeated Sodapop

This was a decent match with Sodapop looking good in his debut. Jackson continues to show a lot of potential and the junior heavyweight division continues to have a lot of good and upcoming wrestlers in it. Sodapop countered a tilt-a-whirl with a Russian leg sweep, but couldn’t keep Jackson down for long as he hit a sling blade and a bulldog for a two count. Jackson hit a German suplex with a bridge for the pinfall.

- Kyle Davis was in the control center, running down what we know about NWA Hard Times 3 thus far with some new additions: Question Mack vs. Question Mark II in a mask vs. mask match, and Jordan Clearwater vs. AJ Cazana for the vacant NWA TV title after Tyrus cashed it in for a World title shot at the PPV.

- Taryn Terrell & Natalia Markova were with Love & Sky and it broke down into Terrell & Markova arguing.

Rolando Freeman defeated KC Roxx (w/ Aron Stevens)

Freeman is over with the audience in the studio, but this wasn’t a very good match. That said, Freeman does have a good underdog thing going for him.

Roxx got taken down right away and went to the floor and tried to get coaching from Stevens who ignored him. Freeman took this opportunity to hit the ropes and attempt a suicide dive. "Attempt" is the key word as it was botched and Roxx basically had to hug him to the floor as Freeman’s feet got caught on the ropes on the dive. Freeman hit some chops but missed a cannonball. He hit a flying headbutt and then a big boot on the kneeling Roxx for the pinfall.

- Mercurio was with The Beautiful People and he asked for the lights to be turned down, claiming they were all going to be less than clothed. He said he wrote a book about that was a best seller in Italy about romancing women, speaking with a terrible fake accent.

Jax Dane (w/ Chris Silvio, Esq.) defeated Sal Rinauro

I liked how Dane sold for Rinauro in this match as everything was believable and ended with Dane hitting a lariat.

Rinauro tried to pet the vest of Dane multiple times because it was soft, which enamored him. Dane did not enjoy this, driving Rinauro into the ring post after a dive and making him pay for his foolishness. Dane took his vest off and put it on Rinauro's arm while stomping it. Rinauro proved slippery, hitting a dropkick to Dane’s knee, followed by a jawbreaker and a tiger feint kick before hitting a superkick and a schoolboy for a two count. Dane finally responded to all of it with a lariat for the pinfall.