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NWA Power Surge results: Tag Team title eliminator tournament finals


By Ian Carey for

Coming off the recent By Any Means Necessary shows the last two weeks, the NWA presented five previously unaired matches for this week’s episode of NWA Power Surge. 

Joe Galli teased that there would be some big announcements during the show and he would be correct, but first we headed to the ring for our first match.

JTG and Slice Boogie went to a no contest

JTG seemed to have the advantage in the grappling and striking game early, but then Boogie hid behind the referee and landed a cheap shot to go on offense briefly. JTG then came back with a dropkick and slingblade clothesline. Boogie regained the offense shortly after and landed a springboard elbow and snap vertical suplex for a near fall. JTG then came back and hit a neckbreaker, a few other moves and then a side slam. Shortly after, things got a little chaotic. 

JTG went for a superplex, but Boogie pushed him off the turnbuckle. That’s when Colby Corino showed up. Corino and JTG had been partners in the Tag Team title eliminator tournament but JTG didn’t seem to realize he was out there.  

Corino got up on the apron and distracted Boogie, allowing JTG to roll him up for a two count. Then, Boogie was in control when Corino got up on the turnbuckle again. This brought out Sal Rinauro who dumped Corino off the ropes and to the floor. Boogie was then so perplexed by this that he completely forgot about JTG and walked toward the ring ropes to see why Corino was now on the floor.

JTG then went after Rinauro and slammed him into the ring. Boogie got into it with Corino and JTG did the same with Rinauro and the ref called for the bell, throwing the match out. 

Kiera Hogan defeated Kenzie Paige

Paige got the early advantage until she missed an attack in the corner and Hogan capitalized. After Hogan was on offense for a bit, Paige hit a superkick and both wrestlers were down. Paige came back with a series of clotheslines and an enziguri for a near fall. She then locked in a full nelson and followed that up with a suplex. Hogan then dodged a knee attack, kicked Paige in the head, and hit a fisherman's neckbreaker for the win. 

With the win, Hogan bounced back from her loss to Mickie James in the main event three weeks ago. Paige lost her second in a row after dropping a title match against Kamille at By Any Means Necessary.

Melina defeated Skye Blue

The last time we saw Melina in an NWA ring, she defeated Chelsea Green and Kylie Rae in a triple threat match, earning herself a crack at Kamille and the NWA Women’s Championship in the process. As for Blue, the last time we saw her on Power, she dropped a match to Lady Frost that was contested under Mildred Burke rules. 

This was mainly to showcase Melina heading into her title match with Kamille at next month's Hard Times 2.

After the two exchanged some offense, Melina got a near fall off a headscissors takeover. Blue then seemed to counter a code red attempt, but it looked a little awkward and I can’t say for sure what they intended to do. Regardless, Melina locked in the California Nightmare shortly thereafter and Blue tapped out. 

This was a quick match mainly just meant to build Melina up.

BLK Jeez defeated Captain Yuma

Auston Idol was on commentary for this one, hyping up Jeez as much as he can. 

Jeez landed a shoulder tackle to start the match, but then Yuma ended up on offense, landing a hip attack and a crossbody shortly after. Then, Jeez tied himself up in the ropes and raked Yuma’s eyes when the ref separated them which impressed Idol very much. Jeez landed a heart punch, just as Tyrus does, but it didn’t seem to have much impact on Yuma.

Jeez then locked him in a modified straightjacket as Idol made it clear he taught him that move. Yuma made a comeback, but eventually Jeez ducked an attack, landed a brain buster followed by a frog splash and looked to have the match won but he picked Yuma up instead of pinning him. He then hit Tyrus’ heart punch again but this time, he was able to pin Yuma afterward. Idol was very impressed by all of this. 

Mike Knox attacks Trevor Murdoch

Before the main event, we were shown highlights of what happened after By Any Means Necessary went off the air. NWA World Champion Trevor Murdoch was inside the steel cage taking photos with fans when Mike Knox stormed the cage and attacked. He locked it so nobody could get inside, attacked Murdoch with a chair, and then choked him out with a shirt. The whole roster came out to try and stop the attack, but none of them were able to climb the cage and were left helpless. William Patrick Corgan came out and demanded that Knox leave the cage.

We then cut to Galli who officially announced that Knox will challenge Murdoch for the World title at Hard Times 2 on December 4th -- a fairly big angle to play out on Power Surge. 

The End (Odinson & Parrow) defeated Hawx Aerie (Luke Hawx & PJ Hawx) in the Tag Team title eliminator tournament finals

The main event was the finals of a tournament to determine the no. 1 contenders for the NWA Tag Team titles held by La Rebelion.

Heading into this one, the End defeated Cyon & Jordan Clearwater in the opening round and then Aaron Stevens and JR Kratos in the semifinals. Hawx Aerie defeated JTG and Colby Corino in the first round and then Mims and Sal Rinauro in the semifinals. Corgan joined the commentary team for this one. 

Parrow and Luke Hawx started things off, but PJ Hawx quickly tagged himself in. He landed a dropkick on Parrow and then Odinson tagged himself in. PJ eventually fell victim to the size and strength advantage as Corgan pointed out on commentary. 

The End spent some time beating down PJ while taunting Luke on the outside until eventually the son made the hot tag to his father. Luke hit a few kicks before he was caught by Parrow and put in an Electric Chair position, setting him up for the End’s finisher. Odinson came off the top with an elbow and pinned Luke for the win. 

After the match, the winners walked over to the commentary booth and Parrow told La Rebelion there would be no more hiding and they were coming for the titles. That match will take place at Hard Times 2. 

Final Thoughts:

For an episode of Power Surge, essentially the NWA’s B show, some big things happened. We got an angle for the World title match at Hard Times 2 and saw the finals of the tag team tournament to determine the next top contenders. It was a fairly important episode for the NWA.