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NWA Power Surge results: Velvet After Dark

Idolmania Sports Management took on The Rude Dudes on a unique NWA TV show.

Velvet Sky opened the show with a neon light on attempting to talk seductively. I have no idea what this has to do with wrestling. She threw it to the first match.

Cyon defeated Garrison Creed

Creed and Cyon started brawling and went to the floor quickly with Cyon locking eyes with Austin Idol at the commentary desk as he beat on Creed. Joe Galli pressed Idol for more information about being Cyon's father, but Idol refused to say more. Creed got some offense after snapping Cyon’s neck off the ropes.

Idol was clearly cheering for Cyon, so that seems to be an advancement in the story. Creed hit a vertical suplex and rolled over to hit a headbutt. Creed called for a killshot with a running knee, but Cyon hit a death valley driver for the pinfall. Cyon locked eyes with Idol again after the match.

- JTG and Dango were with Sky and she proposed that she would manage them, among other things. There were many awkward lines here.

Paola Blaze defeated Tootie Lynn

Lynn hit some kicks and a monkey flip on Blaze for a two count. Lynn transitioned into an armbar, but Blaze fought out after poking the eyes which Idol called technical wrestling. Blaze locked on a chinlock and later hit some forearms in the corner, but missed with double knees. Lynn hit a series of kicks and then an enziguri for a two count. Lynn hit a roundhouse kick that dropped Blaze, but Blaze pulled the referee in the way when she charged and rolled up Lynn with her feet on the ropes for the win.

- Sky was with JTG and Dango again and there were a lot more awkward lines.

- Aron Stevens was in the ring for a wrestling clinic with KC Rocker. Stevens demonstrated an armbar and apparently dislocated his shoulder. Stevens then cranked his neck with a cravat, switching accents as he spoke. He ended with the Mongrovian side choke. Stevens had an incredible amount of spray tan on. He choked him out with the Mongrovian side choke, driving his thumb into the neck of Rocker and hitting him with several elbows in the corner to knock him out to end the demonstration.

- Idol interrupted Sky’s awkward monologue and asked her what she was doing. She claimed that Idol ruined her moment and she threw it to the main event.

Idolmania Sports Management (BLK Jeez & Marche Rockett) defeated The Rude Dudes (El Rudo & Jamie Stanley)

This was a heel vs. heel match, so that immediately messed with the psychology. Jeez hit a dropkick to Stanley's stomach, but got driven back to the corner where Rudo tagged in and hit a corner clothesline. Rudo hit a back suplex on Jeez, but Jeez got up and hit some chops.

Jeez went for a sunset flip, but Stanley broke it up and tagged and stretched Jeez with an abdominal stretch. Jeez tagged out after hitting another sunset flip on Rudo and Rockett came in for a big dropkick and near fall on Rudo. Rudo hit an STO on Rockett for another near fall Stanley hit a back body bomb, but missed an elbow after a cocky pin attempt. Rockett hit a powerslam for a two count and Jeez hit a flatliner on Stanley for another two count.

Jeez sent Rudo to the floor with a low bridge and then hit a tope con giro while Rockett hit Stanley with a Booker T-style side kick to get the win.

The show ended with Idol and Sky arguing and she walked off, leaving the mic with Idol. He then claimed it was Idol After Dark now.

Final Thoughts"

I can’t recommend watching this episode at all. It was completely missable and not worth your time. No real story advancement, and just a ton of awkward, bad segments.