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NWA Power Trip part two results: Anthony Mayweather vs. Chris Adonis

The National Championship was on the line this week on part 2 of NWA's Power Trip.

The Fixers opened the show in the ring with Joe Galli and cut a promo about their No DQ match with OGK tonight, calling them nerds and telling them to pack up like ROH did.

The Fixers (Jay Bradley & Wrecking Ball) defeated The OGK (Mike Bennett & Matt Taven) in a Crockett Cup first round match

This was an excellent first match in the Crockett Cup. The OGK are really great as a team, and the Fixers are underrated. The crowd was very hot for this match, so I’d love to see the OGK stick around in the NWA going forward because the fans really get into their work. They put over The Fixers huge in this match with their selling and making sure the finish was decisive and clean.

Before the match got started, Billy Corgan came out, grabbed a mic, and announced that this tag match was a first round match in the NWA Crockett Cup. Additionally, it was no longer a No DQ match.

The referee took all the weapons away from the Fixers, including a Barbie doll that was down Jay Bradley’s pants. That was weird. Taven and Bennett hit dropkicks to send Bradley out of the ring. The OGK struggled with taking Wrecking Ball down at first, but did after some effort. It wasn’t long before he was back up and slamming Taven onto the back of Bennett.

The Fixers took this a chance to take over and beat on Bennett for a few minutes, including keeping Taven off the apron so he couldn’t tag out. The OGK ended up both being on the floor, leading Wrecking Ball to go for a dive, but it was a fake out as Bradley tackled them on the outside.

Bennett fired up after a few chops to a roar from the crowd, but Wrecking Ball hit him harder and dropped him to the mat. Taven tagged in after Bradley accidentally kicked Wrecking Ball and ran wild, including hitting a great tope on Bradley. Wrecking Ball sat up after a twisting neckbreaker, but Taven hit a shining wizard for a 2-count.

Taven then connected with a sunset flip bomb off the middle rope, but Bradley broke up the pin while on the apron. Bennett speared Bradley off the apron, but it was for naught as he was able to get back up and cut Taven off. The Fixers both double powerbombed Bennett then hit an awesome double stalling brainbuster for the 3.

A great video aired for Pope’s return after being attacked by Matt Cardona and Mike Knox, with the footage voiced over by Pope’s excellent promo on how uncertain he was when he was being carted out after the attack. This was fantastic.

Mike Knox defeated Pope

The story of this match was quite good, and Pope had the crowd eating out of the palm of his hand. The announcers commented on Pope’s head injury being a major issue, and it played directly into the finish with him being knocked out. Knox isn’t very good, but this was a perfectly fine match and the story told was a good one.

Pope took it right to Knox and brawled around ringside. When they got back in the ring, Pope hit several splashes in the corner, leaving Knox staggering. But as Pope hit the ropes, Knox nailed him with a crossbody. That didn’t last long though, as Pope hit a clothesline and sent Knox to the floor again before picking up a chair. Knox cut him off and sent him back into the ring.

Knox nailed Pope with a big boot and several elbows before continuing his WWE Big Man Offence with chokes, elbows, and eventually a sidewalk slam. Knox caught Pope diving off the middle rope and hit a uranage. Pope wouldn’t give up and managed to hit a step up enziguri as the crowd cheered him on.

Pope grabbed a roll of tape and started taping up his hand for a knockout punch. Pope hit 3 of them before hitting two elbows off the middle rope and a final one off the top rope. Pope called for the Elijah Express, but Knox got his foot up. He then sent Pope into an exposed turnbuckle before hitting Pope’s head with a hip attack in the corner to knock him out.

Anthony Mayweather defeated Chris Adonis for the NWA National Championship

Good match here from both guys, and Mayweather getting the hometown win to a huge roar from the crowd was absolutely fantastic. They were so loud that it was difficult to hear the announcers, which goes to show how well this worked.

The fans chanted “Crimson” at Mayweather, which begs the question – why not continue to go by Crimson? Adonis was quite arrogant at the start of the match, posing after every bit of offence he got on Mayweather. Adonis tried it one too many times and paid for it by being body slammed by Mayweather. Adonis rolled to the floor and called for a timeout.

Adonis got into the face of several fans who were yelling at him. Mayweather came up behind Adonis and slammed him into the guardrail before high fiving the fan. I liked that. Simple spot, but the crowd went nuts and actually started chanting “Mayweather!” so maybe my assessment of the name change was wrong.

Mayweather threw Adonis into the guardrail right in front of his own kids who popped and cheered. That was great. Mayweather hit hard forearms in the corner on Adonis and the crowd got even louder. Mayweather missed a corner charge, and Adonis clotheslined him in the back of the neck and hit a neckbreaker, starting to weaken him for the Master Lock.

Adonis tried to lock it in over the next several minutes with Mayweather countering several times, but Adonis finally got it in the middle of the ring. Mayweather refused to tap, standing up and pushing off the turnbuckle before rolling Adonis up and pinning him for the win. The crowd was so loud it was difficult to hear the announcers. The crowd chanted Mayweather’s name as he hugged his family.

NWA Power ended with a hype video for Trevor Murdoch and Matt Cardona, which was awesome. It had dark and grim music, painting Cardona as the biggest villain in wrestling, as he claimed he was going to save the NWA. Great way to end the show.

Final Thoughts

I said it last week, but it is true again here – the NWA benefits greatly from these special episodes of Power leading into PPVs. The promotion being on the road with crowds like this make every show better, and this felt like a really great episode that had direction heading into the Crockett Cup and the NWA World Heavyweight Championship match next week between Murdoch and Cardona. Excellent episode.