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NWA Power Trip results: Kamille vs. Taryn Terrell, Rhett Titus vs. Colby Corino

This week's show was highlighted by some solid in-ring action.

Joe Galli opened the show to a loud crowd with Jax Dane in the ring. Galli asked what was next for him and he promised violence. Dane promised to kill the heroes of the NWA like he killed Crimson and promised more of the same tonight.

Jax Dane defeated Eric Jackson

I love squash matches like this with a big dude killing a jobber. It was delightful.

Dane lived up to his promise of violence by attacking right away. Jackson got a few elbows in the corner, but that just made Dane mad. Dane threw him across the ring before taking Jackson’s head off with a lariat for the pinfall.

- Kyle Davis talked about Dane’s one mile restraining order on Anthony Mayweather/Crimson, saying that Mayweather was in the building. Dane denied that and told Davis to keep a close eye on what he does at the Crockett Cup.

Chelsea Green defeated Kenzie Paige

This was an excellent match with both women working hard. 

Green and Paige exchanged several pinfall attempts at the start of the match, keeping up a very fast pace. Green slapped Paige, but Paige slapped her back a bit later and hit an exploder suplex and a shotgun dropkick that sent Green across the ring. Green baited Paige and sent her to the floor, followed by a stun gun and a pump kick for a two count.

Green hit two short arm clotheslines for a two and then got in a shouting match with a fan as he taunted her while she had a chinlock on. Green hit a German suplex of sorts, but Paige came back a European uppercut. Both women hit forearms and headbutts at the same time before collapsing.

Paige hit some hard chops and forearms before hitting a superkick for a near fall. Paige went for a package piledriver, but Green fought out and hit a flatliner into the middle turnbuckle before curb stomping Paige into the bottom turnbuckle for a near fall. Paige hit a cutter, but Green got her foot on the ropes. Green asked for a timeout and Paige turned around to talk to someone in the crowd, giving Green the opening to stand up and hit the Unprettier for the pin. 

Paige looked bad in that finish. She looked dumb for just walking away from Green and turning around, only to get hit with the Unprettier, but nonetheless, this was a very good match.

Colby Corino defeated Rhett Titus in a two-of-three falls match


This was an excellent TV match, going around 18 minutes. This was a pay-per-view quality performance from both men. If there is a match to watch on this show, it’s this one.

Titus offered a handshake, keeping the Code of Honor outside of ROH, but Corino refused. The opening portion featured some nice technical wrestling with Titus outwrestling Corino. Corino was able to neck Titus on the ropes before flying over the top with a forearm to his back, followed by a tope and finally a senton that crushed Titus.

Titus pulled Corino over the top rope into a Northern Lights suplex for a two count. Titus hit a backbreaker and a gutwrench suplex, followed by a dropkick that got Corino for the first fall. Titus hit a series of boots in the corner, but Corino swept his legs out as he went to the top rope and hit a package backbreaker after pulling him off. Corino locked on the sharpshooter and then let go for some reason to hit an elbow on the back. Tim Storm said that his back went out, but it didn’t seem like that.

Corino hit a back suplex into a backbreaker on Titus for two. Corino, doing his best Roderick Strong impression, hit yet another backbreaker for two. Corino went for a dive, but ate a dropkick from Titus for another two count.

Corino tried to get Titus with an O’Connor roll, but Titus countered and a series of pinfall attempts was initiated. Corino rolled Titus up and grabbed the ropes to make it 1-1. Both men started exchanging hard chops. Corino countered a suplex into a cutter, but Titus responded with a slash and then a belly-to-belly suplex for a near fall.

Corino countered a submission attempt and hit a big double stomp to Titus’ back before hitting a Strong esque vertical suplex into a backbreaker for another two count. Corino locked on an inverted deathlock, but Titus refused to submit and started throwing strikes before countering with a half crab but Corino got to the ropes.

Both men had their backs punished in this match. Titus threw Corino into the turnbuckle three times before hitting a spinning back suplex for a two count. Corino hit a low blow as the ref was in the corner and then hit a rolling elbow to the back of Titus’ head for the pinfall to finish an excellent match.

- Taryn Terrell was with Kyle Davis backstage and claimed she was going to with the NWA Women’s Championship. After she won it, they wouldn’t call it "The Burke" anymore, but "The Terrell." She was great here.

NWA Women's Champion Kamille defeated Taryn Terrell to retain the title

This was a very fun match. It wasn’t the best technically, but both women worked hard and Terrell bumped like crazy. Her antics were very amusing, so this was an easy thumbs up from me.

Terrell did her own introduction and then pulled out a photo, saying that they could put it in the belt when she won, Kamille grabbed it and tore it up. Terrell’s over the top character makes me laugh every time. Kamille was not impressed when Terrell grabbed the belt and put it around her waist. She called for a test of strength, but Kamille nearly ripped her arm off, so she went to the ropes.

Terrell paused for a water break and Kamille crushed her in the corner and hit a suplex when Terrell tried to do a monkey flip. Terrell yelled for help as Kamille Irish whipped her into the corner, which had me laughing again. Kamille hit a backbreaker and Terrell was left half dead in the ring.

Terrell managed to hit a jawbreaker, but Kamille caught her and hit a fallaway slam. Terrell screamed “Ow!” very loudly and went for another drink of water. Kamille stomped on her and hit a European uppercut that sent Terrell crashing to the mat again. Terrell spit water into Kamille's face and rolled her up for a one count. Terrell yanked the hair and stomped on Kamille for another one count. 

Terrell went for a kick, but Kamille caught it and threw her to the mat. Terrell caught her with a knee and hit a flipping neckbreaker for a two count. Terrell screamed it was a three and then locked on a camel clutch, but Kamille powered out and snapmared Terrell before hitting the spear for the pin and win.

Final Thoughts:

These “on the road” NWA shows are always really good, and I wish they did them more. A hot audience can elevate an average show to being good and this was a good show even without the fans. Everything was good and even the opening squash was great. This was an excellent NWA Power Trip.