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NWA returning with Back for the Attack PPV, new Power episodes


The National Wrestling Alliance is set to return later this month on FITE TV with new episodes of NWA Power and a new pay-per-view event, Back for the Attack.

In an interview with the Associated Press, NWA owner Billy Corgan announced that Back for the Attack will air on FITE on March 21, with new episodes of NWA Power starting on March 23. FITE will also offer Back for the Attack to cable and satellite providers. Power will be on FITE via a low-cost subscription bundle. All events for the NWA going forward will be without fans, and without artificial crowd noise.

The article noted that the videos removed from the NWA’s YouTube account over the weekend was a part of the move to FITE.

“We were never in any financial peril,” Corgan said. “We were totally on a growth pattern. The plan for last year before things kind of hit the skids was to start pivoting. We were in discussions with Live Nation about running live events to help bring in revenue and expand who was watching the product. It was more about growing pains stuff, but we didn’t have any problems internally with the product.”

The NWA spent most of 2020 shut down due to the COVID-19 pandemic, with the last new episode of Power airing on January 26. In the fall, some of the NWA talent appeared on UWN Primetime Live. However, those shows were put on hold back in December due to the COVID-19 pandemic.