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NWA Super Power preview results: Kamille's first match and interview


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Nick Aldis told the story of why he ended up with Kamille as his insurance policy. At All In, Brandi Rhodes got herself in the way of an elbow drop by Aldis and played a role in Aldis losing the match. Aldis, in response, hired Kamille, who took care of Brandi in the rematch, helping Aldis get the win over Cody and become the NWA Worlds Heavyweight Champion for a second time.

A recap of the match between Nick Aldis and PJ Black from ROH aired, with Kamille taking a blow for Aldis, saving him from a dropkick by Black. Aldis was then able to lock on the Texas Cloverleaf and submit Black.

The agreement for Aldis and Marty Scurll to fight over the NWA Worlds Heavyweight Championship at the 2019 Crockett Cup aired. How Kamille was kicked out of the match when Scurll pretended to be tripped by her was then shown.

Aldis dodged an attack, but Scurll crashed into the referee and Kamille came back out, getting ready to attack Scurll, but Aldis cut her off and told her to leave the ring because he wanted to do it himself. Aldis won, and Scurll and Aldis hugged.

The lead-up to Strictly Business forming was recapped. It built from Kamille moving away from being the insurance policy to an in-ring competitor herself, attacking Allysin Kay on the latest episode of NWA Power.

Kamille defeated Madi Maxx

Kamille came out, towering over her opponent. When the bell rang, she ran Maxx back into the corner and stomped her several times, leaving her beaten down. Kamille then threw Maxx across the ring and hit a body avalanche in the corner. Kamille slammed Maxx and picked her up. Maxx fired up and hit a few forearms before going for a sunset flip.

Kamille picked Maxx up. Maxx dodged a clothesline but ate a leg lariat. Kamille stomped on Maxx. Kamille put Maxx on the top turnbuckle and ran at her, but Maxx hit a kick and went for a crossbody. Kamille caught her and put her up on her shoulders before hitting a steamroller and then a spear for the three count.

Kamille is obviously green, but she looked quite good in this match. They kept her to doing the basics, and it paid off with her looking like an absolute monster.

Kamille spoke for the first time, saying that people didn’t like her growing up because she was gifted. The coaches loved her, but the parents of the other girls did not. The parents complained that she was putting all the girls in danger when she played softball. She decided to play with the boys, and she still put up great stats. Kamille said she was hated for her power and strength -- and not only peers, but adults too. This is why she has no respect for authority or anyone that wants to talk to her.

Kamille said wrestling came easy to her. Nick Aldis called her in October 2018 -- and she was happy to answer the call. She said Aldis hired her because she was a force that could take care of business. This is why she was willing to take hits for him -- and give them back. She said she let her actions speak for her. She's not one to start a fight, but she was always going to end it.

She then called out all the women in the NWA about how they talked about her. Kamille said she was going to take them all out.

This was excellent. It explained all of Kamille's motivation and why she didn’t talk for so long, while also explaining her relationship with Aldis. This tied up the last few months of storytelling beautifully and finally revealed her full role in Strictly Business while setting her up to take on all the women in the division. Kamille did a very good job explaining her background and why she has done what she has so far in the NWA.

This served as a preview for NWA Super Power, a lost episode of NWA Power that is going to air in May 2020. This little teaser reminded me of how much I miss the show, and I’m very much looking forward to its return, whenever that comes.