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NXT New York City live results: Nakamura teams up with DIY


Submitted by reader Mark Osborne from The Theatre at Madison Square Garden

- No Way Jose pinned Roderick Strong

NWJ wins with the full Nelson slam. He was super over, but Roddy got a nice hand when he entered as well. After the match, Jose danced with Shane McMahon at ringside. Shane was there with his kids and Pete Gas for the whole show.

- Peyton Royce and Billie Kay defeated Daria and Liv Morgan

Daria and Liv, both from New Jersey, had family and friends there so they got nice ovations. Liv came out and started walking down the ramp, but then stopped and ran backstage. She came back with a box of pizza, dropped it on the entrance way and ate a slice anyway. Liv got some cheers for a back handspring off the ropes and a bridge ducking a clothesline. Daria got tossed into Peyton's knee for the finish, but Daria stumbled and basically just crashed into her midsection instead of her knee.

- Oney Lorcan pinned Elias Samson

Sampson was booed vociferously from the moment his music hit. He tried to talk and play a song about how much he hated New York, and was drowned out by boos. Sampson did show some nice athleticism at one point, jumping clear up to the top rope and superplexing Oney. He got a "You still suck" chant for that one.

- TM-61 defeated Sanity

Sanity was very over with the crowd. Eric Young, Alexander Wolfe and Sawyer Fulton came out without Nikki Cross. Crowd chanted "Where's Nikki?" at the start. Fulton took the pin. The three members of Sanity beat down TM61 after the match. Tye Dillinger came out to make the save and got a HUGE pop. He challenged Young to a match.

- Tye Dillinger pinned Eric Young who was a great heel in this one.

The whole crowd was chanting "10" at every opportunity. As the ref counted the pinfalls, the crowd chanted "10, 10..." instead of "1, 2..." They chanted "10" for every count out, too. Dillinger won with the Ushigoroshi.

- Bobby Roode pinned Cedric Alexander

Cedric got a nice hand coming out, but the crowd went crazy for Roode. (Well, his theme song anyway.) Whole crowd sang along throughout, even into the match itself. This was far and away the best match on the card, and got a good amount of time. Cedric hit a nice tope con giro over the referee and onto Roode on the entrance ramp. Only match of the night to get "This is awesome" chants. The finish saw Cedric go for the Lumbar Check, but Roode grabbed the referee by the shirt. While the ref was trying to break free, Roode delivered a low blow to Cedric. He followed with a DDT for the pinfall.

- NXT Women's Champion Asuka defeated Nikki Cross and Ember Moon in a three-way

Lots of support from the crowd for Asuka and Ember. They tossed Nikki out of the ring early and did a staredown which got a lot of cheers from the crowd. Ember hit a crazy suicide dive onto both women at one point. Ember went up for The O-Face, but got knocked off the top. Asuka kicked Nikki's head off for the pinfall.

- NXT champion Shinsuke Nakamura & DIY defeated Samoa Joe & NXT Tag Team Champions The Revival

Everybody got their spots in. Joe dodged Nakamura early, but they finally faced off. Joe actually dropped Shinsuke right on his head/shoulder on a snap power slam which really scared the crowd. Nakamura rolled to the corner for a second, but got up and finished the match with no apparent problem. Gargano hit a full-speed suicide dive right in front of Shane, and almost landed in his lap.

Ciampa and Gargano took out Dawson with their tandem finisher, the knee strike/kick, and Shinsuke hit the Kinshasa on Wilder to get the pin. The whole crowd yelled "Kinshasaaaaa!!" like Corey Graves.