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NXT TakeOver Chicago fan feedback: UK title match steals the show

Thumbs Up

  • Best Match: Tyler Bate vs. Pete Dunne
  • Worst Match: Triple Threat Women's Title

As always NXT delivered an enjoyable Takeover event and once again pretty much said sorry main roster go ahead and try to follow that.

First match was good as Roderick Strong gets a victory over Eric Young. Nice to see Strong put in a good spot and hopefully he moves up the ranks.

The UK Championship match between Tyler Bate and Pete Dunne was fantastic. Loved this match. Great stuff including having Jim Ross on commentary which is always a bonus. Even though the UK special the other night was enjoyable, this match blew all of that show away. Was a little surprised for the title change since you would think they would save that for the UK shows.

Triple Threat Women's Match was good, only listed it as worst match by default. Asuka retaining not a shock. Not sure anyone is ready to take it from her. Ember Moon I guess is possible, but really there is nobody in Asuka's league in NXT.

Bobby Roode vs. Hideo Itami was a great title match and turned out better than I thought. Was weird that this didn't go on last, at least until I saw why they saved the tag team match. I assume they are building Drew to face Roode. Not sure who else is getting a title shot.

Tag Team Title ladder match closes the show and it was another good match and the show closing angle was very strong. Not too many teams left in NXT. They need to rebuild the tag team ranks.

Overall a very good NXT show and once again I don't expect Backlash to live up to this.

- Robb Block


Thumbs up

  • Best: Bate vs. Dunne
  • Worst: Roode vs. Itami 

Great show, especially the U.K. Title and ladder match. The DIY break up was brilliantly executed and actually shocked me. Awesome crowd, great commentary and inspired performances by all. 

- Nick Randall


Thumbs up

  • Best Match: Tyler Bate - Pete Dunne
  • Worst Match: Asuka-Riot-Cross 

Last few shows I've gone in with low expectations and have come away thoroughly entertained. Speechless about the U.K. Title Match. JR was great and Nigel really upped his energy and that combination is gold. For my money, the combination of a breathless match, crazy and appreciative crowd, and JR and Nigel on the call: it was 5 star on the enjoyment level from a fans prospective.

Amazing ladder match which I thought started off a little slow and clunky, but had a slow boil and ended with another epic performance for DIY. Love seeing Ellering laid out, but still giving the thumbs down sign and inspiring AOP and taking the bump like a pro. A great heel turn, but I am sad to see DIY go.

I see so many similarities with Bobby Roode and the Miz. Great ring personas, over as hell, matches are good, but the in ring performances just leave you wanting a little more.

Roderick Strong had his best match in NXT so far and I think eventually will be the one to get Roode. Good match.

- John Hotsinger


I've never written one of these but after an amazing Takeover I felt the need to share my thoughts. 

I believe without question​ that match of the night has to go to Bate vs. Dunne with bonus points for the fact these kids are both under the age of 25. They have YEARS to grow and learn and they're already putting on (in my opinion) five star matches. I don't feel this often but I felt honored to watch that match, it was a masterpiece. Absolutely incredible.

"Worst" match of the night was the triple threat but honestly, any other show it would have been just fine. A bit sloppy but told a great story and the fact Asuka pinned them both? Stroke of genius, she looks like a monster. I think with some time Ruby will be a mega-star and Nikki will have a great career. Side note: Ember cut a solid promo on the pre-show, she seems to be getting much more comfortable speaking in front of a camera.

Lastly I want to talk about that ladder match, the match itself was fantastic. The finish with the slight no-sell by AoP bugged me but all in all it was solid. The post-match turn however, that was masterful. My favorite (least favorite...god damn Ciampa) heel turn ever. No Triple H being a puppet master with the Shield, not telegraphed like the still wonderful Festival turn, and not "sudden" like KO and Zayn. My heart still hurts, and I'll never be able to forgive Tommaso for what he did...and I know this stuff isn't real. It hit me on such an emotional level, I'm kind of in a daze.

I can't wait to see where they go from here with Ciampa and Gargano, I hope we see a long program between the two that carries over onto the main roster. 

- Kyle Manchester


Thumbs in the middle

Best match: UK title

Maybe the WWE fans watching this show will see how much better pro wrestling from outside the States can be with that UK title match stealing the show. Not even a main event ladder match could come close to the heat that match had

- Erik Yonker


Wow, what a show.

Leading with this: On a 5 match card I cannot pick a worst match. I mean granted if you cut most WWE/NJPW shows to only it's top 5 matches when they usually do 8 or more maybe they'd feel similar, but wow, they maxed out every minute of content tonight.

Best match was the UK title match with Bate vs Dunne though. My favorite single of the entire night was them down after a spot but too close together and Dunne just starts throwing barely backed up shots. I just loved that moment: He's in range, SO HIT HIM!

But everything was good! Roderick Strong not only outsmarted 3 guys in the opener but I'd say outman'd them. With a stacked group of potential title contenders on the show right now he demanded the next spot. 

Women's title match picked up that "follow that" gauntlet from the Brits and said "damn right we will!" Final spot wasn't perfect but good enough to gloss over given that they nailed everything up to it.

NXT title match, apart from the fact that it was the semi-main event spot definitely spoiling the result was a great match. Itami worked Roode's arm so well I damn near talked my way into Itami winning with an Anaconda Vice in Chicago, which would have been great but the right guy won. Itami won back some luster he'd lost while out though so win-win creatively.

And yeah, great tag title match, kept me guessing, brilliant whoever brought up that end of show corner graphic early while we're waiting for the heel turn, I relaxed, Ciampa attacked. Other than Ciampa and Gargano now having to try and get 205 Live over now everyone in the match was more interesting when it was over. Yes that's a lot easier to do when guys can get "promoted" from your brand, but it was still done wonderfully. 

If not for Owens/Styles, I don't think I'd even watch tomorrow's "main brand" show, would be too much of a letdown.

- Graham Shaw


Reaction to Takeover: "This is awesome!"... literally.

I was left with a post-Thanksgiving meal nap satisfaction after NXT Takeover went off. The event had everything: good psychology, amazing story-telling, a hot crowd, triumph/tragedy, etc. NXT never ceases to amaze me. The "big brand" needs to follow in NXT's footsteps.

Biggest Takeaway: The Storytelling.

It's time people understand what makes Takeover so special: HHH and William Regal. These guys have amazing synergy, and they're consistent. The WWE has the most amazing talent it has ever had, and NXT is taking advantage of it -- through wrestling and storytelling. I know that makes me sound like a mark, but let's not forget, Raw and Smackdown are getting the same wrestlers that blow the roof off of every NXT event. They should be getting the same reaction/results at the big PPV's. NXT's wrestling is amazing, but their storytelling is top notch. Tonight, we saw heels have the overwhelming success in the ring. But guess what? I'm ok with it! They did it right, and left something to be desired. The same cannot be said for Raw of Smackdown 

  • Best Match: Bate vs. Dunne. There's really no need for me to type anything. You have eyes.
  • Worst Match: Triple Threat (Women's Title)

It stinks that I have to point out a flaw for Takeover. All in all, there weren't many bad moments. If I had to pick, I'd give it to the triple threat match. There were a few missed spots, but nothing egregious. I'm giving it a thumbs down for two reasons: 1.) Ember Moon was not in the match. 2.) They had to follow Bate vs. Dunne. The crowd was so hot for the U.K. Title Match, so it was impossible to top that.

- Jordan Kirkland


Thumbs Up

  • Best Match: Authors of Pain vs DIY
  • Worst Match: Asuka vs Ruby Riot vs Nikki Cross

When Asuka is on the "worst" match of a card, it's a hell of a card.

Chicago crowd did not think Itami looked like a guy who could win the main event. Roode made him come close, but barely. Where they put Itami now will be interesting. 205 Live would be a waste, but at his size he's not really a top contender. He's no Nakamura to the audiences.

- Jeff Cohen


Thumbs up on the show overall. The ladder match was good with some nice spots but the UK title match stole the show no doubt. 

I wasn't crazy about the Women's match which is usually the case for me during NXT events.

I liked the tag title main event. That division has always been great for NXT so why not showcase them. Also like the heel turn. DIY has probably run their course as the team that has a ton of heart but always comes up inches short.

- Jared Aldridge


Big thumbs up for the night. 

Only match I can kinda complain about was the women's match which I found to be quite sloppy, especially Ruby, I think she needs a bit more confidence and some work. Nikki needs a 1-on-1 with Asuka I think. All in all that match wasn't amazing for me, I give it 2.75. They can all do better.

Best match was easily the UK Championship match. 5 f*cking stars, nothing else to say.

Most heartbreaking moment since Owens turned on Zayn, which is the reason I don't ever close my network tab when the credits roll. I need to see a fade to black. This one hurt.

Personally, I gave the matches tonight 4.25, 5, 2.75, 4.5 and 4.25 (in order down the card). Excited to see what you give the UK match, I really hope you do give it 5. I don't see how it could have been any better.

- Jake Smith


I give this Takeover a thumbs up.

1) Strong vs Young great way to start off in Chicago knowing that Strong has deep roots there is amazing great opener
2) Dunne vs Bate I don't need to say anything this one got me speechless match of the night for sure the U.K. Scene has grown a lot and this gave the world a gateway to it phenomenal match 
3) The women's match was wasn't great but especially after the U.K. Title match I wouldn't expect the next one to be close....decent contest Asuka is clearly above everyone else and with the recent signings the women's division will get stronger and with more experience for Cross, Riot, and Moon the division will be top notch again
4) The NXT Championship match was better than I expected considering the contrast in styles and Roode is one hell of a seller and performer and Itami proved that he's ready to reclaim his spot with this match. It was great story telling good finish I think the right man went over good match
 5) The tag titles match going on last is a respect to DIY( now formerly DIY) and how much of an impact they've had on the brand considering the size differentials and the people involved they made this a great match only problem would be the slow climbing of the ladder but that's just me knit picking besides that it was great all the spots were phenomenal to the double ladder jump to the German through the ladder(oh and Gargano is one tough SOB for taking that ladder shot) it was great story telling. 
5.5) The aftermath was smart by WWE to put the ending credit on the bottom left of the screen thinking it was over then Ciampa just unleashed and destroyed Gargano....I know these guys will have great matches together but it's a shame to break them up I fee they could've really done well in any tag team division particularly Smackdown with matches vs the Usos and American Alpha and the New Day but I digress 

***** only bad note is that I was hoping that WWE would've signed Adam Cole by now and shown him on screen or in a physical way this would've been the perfect crowd to introduce him to.....unless his eventual signing and debut are totally awesome this is the only down of the night 

- Vicente Vitela


Thumbs up. Show was awesome. Enjoyed all of it. Show with not much hype totally delivered from top to bottom. 

  • Worst Match: Women's match. It was good, finish was cool but crowd was gassed after Dunne/Bate
  • Best Match: Dunne/Bate. Simply amazing. For my money, 2nd best match of the year behind Okada/Omega. Thought it had it all. Great technical spots, smooth transitions, innovative offense, near falls and believability. Know it's great if you mute the crowd( That was super hot), it still is a classic. ***** for my money. 

Ciampa heel turn was masterfully done. Not a bad thing on the show. 

- Mike Flynn


Enthusiastic thumbs up with the match of the night going to Dunne vs Bate. 

Fantastic crowd that shows if you give the audience great matches, they'll reward you every time. 

Perfectly executed heel turn by Ciampa and the production assistant who put the show logo in the corner moments before the turn should get a little bonus. Loved Ciampa's body language and facial expressions. Looked like. Man who didn't want to do what he was doing but knew that he HAD to. 

- Mike Snoonian