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Observer Feature: Doc Gallows on Bullet Club, GFW, Punk and more

Interview: June 3rd, 2015


Twitter: @gmehaffy

Full interview:

I had the opportunity to talk to the Bullet Club’s own Doc Gallows about all things Bullet Club, NJPW, CM Punk and Global Force Wrestling, as Global Force prepare to kick off their company with the first of their live events on June 12th in Jackson, TN.

Some of the highlights were as follows:

Joining the Bullet Club:

TNA and I had a year agreement with a one year option and they missed the option when they were trying to renegotiate. It didn’t work out. I ended up leaving TNA. I had been friends with ‘Machine Gun’ Karl Anderson – my current partner – and we were talking and he needed a partner and I was looking for the next place to go. I’d always wanted to go to New Japan…..We ended up having great chemistry together.

What’s next for the Bullet Club:

I don’t feel like it’s cooling off – I feel like it’s getting hotter. I think what you’ll see now is with Global Force Wrestling and with Bullet Club guys coming to the U.K. and over to Europe, going to Australia and doing all this stuff you’re going to see more of a worldwide feel.

How he thinks CM Punk will do in UFC:

I think he’s going to do great! He’s of the most determined, motivated individuals – passionate individuals that I’ve ever met….I think he’s gonna do really good – obviously we’re all waiting to see!

Jeff Jarrett’s vision for GFW:

It’s called Global Force Wrestling. I think he’s called it that for a reason! He’s partnered up with all these different promotions in all these different countries in all these different continents….There will be a TV deal. I don’t know where – yet – and I know he’s working on a whole other bunch of media outlets as well, as far as the internet goes.

Will bigger companies try to squash GFW now that the company has become a reality:

People are always going to look to do stuff like that….Jeff is a positive guy and knows how to navigate through all that stuff. I don’t foresee it being a huge problem......I know that Jeff has been really open to all of us…. If you’re working for Global Force, they’re not going to say “Hey, you’re not allowed to go and work for this company, you’re not allowed to go and work for that company.” If you’re not working for us, go continue to get your name out there!

We talked so much more in the 15 minute plus interview. It’s a great listen – albeit one that it took us a few dropped calls to complete – the joys of technology! I hope you enjoy it!