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Observer Feature: Terri Runnels on her Marlena run, history with the Rhodes family, more

Terri Runnels

By Gary Mehaffy, special to

Terri Runnels has been a recognizable face in the wrestling industry for well over 20 years. From her early days as Alexandra York in WCW to managing the enigmatic Goldust as Marlena in WWF/E, she has seen, and done, it all.

In this 30 minute interview, I talked to Runnels about a variety of topics:

- How she got into the industry

- How she feels women have been treated by fans and workers alike

- How the Goldust and Marlena characters developed from hated heels to beloved babyfaces

- Her feeling that Brian Pillman was in a dark place the evening before he passed away

- How Dusty Rhodes initially thought she was a gold digger when she began dating Dustin (something she found ironic, given that out of her and Dustin she was the one who owned a home and had money in the bank). 

- We discuss what she will be up to at this year's WrestleCon, whether or not we'll ever see her and Dustin's daughter Dakota in a wrestling ring - and even what her favourite breakfast is!

This is a fun, insightful interview that I think everyone who is a fan of Terri's will enjoy.