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Pacific Northwest star Rip Oliver enters hospice care


Larry Richard "Rip" Oliver, 67, who was the top star in the Pacific Northwest for much of the 1980s, has entered hospice care due to end-stage heart failure.

Oliver has suffered several heart attacks in recent years and his condition worsened in recent months. Oliver holds the record with 12 reigns as Pacific Northwest Heavyweight Champion, one more than Buddy Rose, between 1982 and 1991.

Oliver started his career in 1976, as a prelim wrestler Rick Oliver, working around the Southeast. Originally from Florida, although most associate him with Oregon. He arrived in the Pacific Northwest in August 1980 for the first real push of his career. He was linked up with Rose, who had been the area’s top star for several years. He formed a heel group called The Clan, and ended up turning on Rose in 1982, making Rose a babyface. He was the top star in the territory for the next three years, until leaving for Texas.

He returned to Oregon as the top star until signing with WWF in August 1987.

He only had a short run there and returned to Oregon and wrestled for Don Owen until he closed the promotion at the end of 1991

At the end he worked as a babyface when his son, Larry Oliver, got started.