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Percival A. Friend passes away


Al Friend, who was best known as a manager in the Central States during the 70s as Percival A. Friend, passed away today after what was reported as a  lengthy illness.

Friend was 70.

Friend started as in wrestling in his native Flint, MI, as a ring announced in 1963.  Shortly thereafter, he started working as a referee, and then a masked wrestler, often using the name The Green Hornet.

He gained his greatest success moving into managing in 1970, managing a number of heels that came through the Central States territory, most notably British star Black Angus Campbell, as well as Harley Race, Roger Kirby, and the tag team of Tokyo Joe & The Great Togo.  He also managed in other territories, most notably West Texas in 1973.

When his daughter was born in 1975, he slowly moved out of wrestling.  He got a job working with Standard Oil of Ohio in 1976 and retired from wrestling.

He remained close to the wrestling business for the rest of his life, writing extensively on the subject,  regularly posting on web sites and was a well-known regular at the Cauliflower Alley Club banquets in Las Vegas in recent years.