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Pro Wrestling Tees releases official Owen Hart T-shirts


Pro Wrestling Tees, Martha Hart, and Dark Side of the Ring have partnered together to release the first official Owen Hart T-shirts in over 20 years.

Two Owen Hart T-shirts were released on Pro Wrestling Tees tonight. The shirts are sold by Owen's wife Martha, with all profits going to the Owen Hart Foundation.

Other Dark Side of the Ring merchandise is also now available on Pro Wrestling Tees.

"Excited to announce that we signed a deal w/ both Martha Hart & @VICE to bring you BRAND NEW Owen Hart shirts along with the first @DarkSideOfRing shirts," Pro Wrestling Tees owner Ryan Barkan wrote. "All profits from Owen's tees will be donated to the Owen Hart Foundation."

The death of Owen Hart is the subject of this Tuesday's Dark Side of the Ring season two finale. The episode will premiere on Vice TV at 10 p.m. Eastern time.

Martha Hart was the guest on the latest episode of Talk is Jericho. CBS Sports, The Wrap, Sports Illustrated, and Uproxx also have interviews with her.