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Revolution Pro Wrestling live results: Matt Riddle vs. Shibata


Submitted by reader Abdulkerim Unal from York Hall

-  Josh Bodom def. Ryan Smile to win the interim cruiserweight title

Pretty good match for what it was with good action throughout. At one point there was a "knockoff Lesnar" chant at Bodom.

- RPW Tag Champions Charlie Sterling and Joel Redman def. War Machine

WM got a pretty big pop while Sterling and Redman got no response. There was some good back and forth action with WM having the upper hand for most of it. There was a point when Hansen had Sterling and Redman in opposing corners and proceeded to uppercut them for about a good minute. The crowd chanted "one more time" so he proceeded to do it again for another 30 or so seconds. Eventually, Sterling and Redman took over and won the match. Afterwards CCK came out and took out Sterling and Redman.

- Yoshi Hashi def. Pete Dunne

Dunne came out to a pretty big pop and the biggest up to that point. This was a pretty good match with Dunne taking off his mouth guard a few times which got some good crowd reaction. Dunne was more over than Yoshi although there was good support for Yoshi. The crowd chanted a few times "please don't go" at Dunne. Hashi won in what was a good match.

- Zack Sabre Jr. def. Marty Scurll

Scurll was probably the most over guy on the whole show and got a bigger pop than Zack. This was a great match with constant back and forth action and a lot of submission holds. At one point, Zack was hurt in the ring and Marty stepped outside and appeared to be grabbing something from under the apron. It turned out to be some rope which he then used to pull back on Zack's finger with Zack selling his hand as being really hurt.

Ref teased DQ'ing Scurll but decided against it. Sabre took out the ref which led to Scurll getting his umbrella and attacking Zack. Later, both guys were outside and the ref was holding Scurll back which gave Zack time to bandage up his bad hand. There was more back and forth and the crowd was really into the match with everyone on their feet. Scurll had the upper hand but in the end, Zack managed to pick up the win in a 40+ minute match.

- Trent Seven def. Trevor Lee

Lee challenged Seven to a dance-off. Lee did some dancing and Seven started to dance but was jumped, getting some boos. This was a fairly short match with some good action. Lee shouted "I'm a TNA superstar" which led to anti-TNA chants. He kept doing the "delete" chant but the crowd didn't really do it. Seven picked up the win after hitting a rainmaker and a tombstone piledriver. 

- Jay White def. Martin Stone

- RevPro Champion Shibata def. Matt Riddle

Riddle was extremely over with constant singing throughout and lots of "bro" chants. Shibata got a good reaction as well. This was a very good match with Riddle having the upper hand to start, but Shibata made a comeback. Eventually, Matt gave Shibata a hard chop in the corner with Shibata no selling it which led to another hard chop with absolutely no selling by Shibata and with him just casually walking to the next corner and telling Matt to do it again.

Another chop again with no selling and walking to the next corner which he did for another two corners, eventually leveling Matt. The crowd started really getting into the match by this point. Matt hit Shibata wih a Bro 2 Sleep. Back and forth elbows for a good while and eventually Shibata got Matt in a chokehold and got what for me was a surprise tap in around 10 minutes.