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Ryback returns on NY indie show featuring Hardys, Ricky Steamboat & Jushin Liger


Here's some notes of interest from Thursday's Northeast Wrestling show submitted by Patrick Tobin.

- The "Rumble in Rockland" show was heled at Palisades Credit Union Park in Pomona, NY, and was a make-up date from July.

Caleb Konley vs. Kamaitachi vs. Travis "Flip" Gordon

Everyone took turns getting cool moves in. The finish came when Kamaitachi was on the top rope to do something to Konley, who was on the mat. Gordon springboarded up, stood on the top rope and superkicked Kamaitachi off the turnbuckle, then Gordon hit a corkscrew moonsault onto Konley for the pin. Crowd liked Kamaitachi, who carried himself like a big deal.

- Ryback!

The next match was announced as a tag match, but Kenny Bengal came out. He complained that NEW told him they didn't have an opponent for him, and his partner wasn't there either. He put out an open challenge and Ryback's WWE music hit. "The Big Guy" came out in gym clothes, gave Bengal a meathook and a Shellshock, and then left.

- Mandy Leon pinned Sumie Sakai with a running unprettier

Sakai did every heel trick she could to try and get heat, but the crowd mostly just did "USA" chants instead of actually booing. After the match, Sakai offered a handshake to Leon, and then it looked like she pulled her in for a kiss, which made Leon flip out.

- Broken Matt Hardy pinned Vinny Marseglia with a twist of fate.

- NEW Champion War King Hanson (ROH's Hanson) def. Donovan Dijak

Hanson looked like Erick Rowan cosplaying as Triple H's Conan entrance. He won with a spinning heel kick. This was the best match on the show as the crowd was really into the power moves and near falls.

- Cody Rhodes submitted Brian Anthony with the American Nightmare

Ricky Steamboat was the guest referee, and the single biggest pop of the night was for him chopping Anthony after Anthony tried to deck him with a foreign object.

- Jushin Thunder Liger and Jeff Hardy beat Mike Bennett and TK O'Ryan

Liger hit O'Ryan with a brainbuster, followed by a Hardy swanton bomb. Hardy played the face-in-peril throughout the match, and both heels acted scared of Liger.