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September 21, 2005 Observer Newsletter: Spike & WWE counterprogram one another, TNA Unbreakable


The battle of 10/3 between Spike TV and the USA Network has heated up even more.

USA announced on 9/13 that it would now have more than four straight hours of WWE programming the first night. To make it clear that both USA and WWE do consider the UFC as competition, they have moved the start time of Raw to 7:55 p.m., getting a five minute jump on the UFC Unleashed show that will serve as a pre-game show to the two-hour live special that begins at 9 p.m. In addition, WWE will have a fourth hour, scheduled to start whenever the Raw/ They should have let me know the now then called "Raw Exposed: WWE's 10 Greatest Moments." 

This show is being done to keep UFC and Spike from being the beneficiary of all the hotshot programming, as when Raw ended, Ultimate Fighter would begin, and the regular Raw viewers, particularly those between 18-34 (more than 70% of some good nights) have stayed tuned to see Ultimate Fighter. The idea is not to allow both Raw & the live UFC special to end simultaneously and feed Spike a good rating.

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