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Sunday Conversation: Teddy Long on racism, Owen Hart, key career learnings, more

Teddy Long

Fan....driver....ring jacket carrier....ring crew....referee....manager....general manager....legend.

All of these things (and more) can sum up the professional wrestling career of Teddy Long, and we are given a look into all of the above and more in a near 30-minute interview that I conducted with him recently.

From his beginnings in the business thanks to Abdullah the Butcher through to the CM Punk/Undertaker storyline in WWE, he has seen and done it all.

We talk at length about why he was always happy to be working in the business, how much he loved Owen Hart and what it was like on he night that he died, dealing with racism from fans in his early days, whether he will veer be in the WWE Hall Of Fame and why he is the first to show respect in any locker room he is in. We look at the inner workings of being a referee, why certain people should have had more respect and common sense in the business (especially Abraham Washington in WWE) and the reasons why as he watched Vince McMahon allow himself to be humiliated as a character on TV each week that he was never worried about any storyline they threw his way.

We could have literally talked for hours about his stories in the business, but enjoy just a 30-minute glimpse into his 30+ year career.