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Talk'N Shop A Mania live results: Anderson, Gallows & Romero


Preview by Josh Nason

The comedic world of Karl Anderson, Doc Gallows, and Rocky Romero's popular Talk'N Shop podcast comes together in a pay-per-view event Saturday night. Talk'N Shop A Mania.

Under their Southpaw Championship Wrestling personas of Sex Ferguson (Gallows) and Chadd 2 Badd (Anderson), the two will main event in a "Boneryard Match," a cinematic takeoff of the Boneyard match they were part of at this year's WrestleMania.

The entire show will run 90 minutes and while no official listing of matches has been released, there will be a contract on a tree match and a social distancing battle royal. The event will filmed on Gallows' property in Georgia between July 6-8 with an average of 14 hours a day of filming, complete with a COVID-19 station.

The event feature a slew of names from the present and past including Chico El Luchador (Romero), Heath Miller, Brian Myers, Mike Bennett, Maria Kanellis-Bennett, The Rock'n'Roll Express, Rhino, Willie Mack, D-Lo Brown, Swoggle, Teddy Long, Lodi, Sick Boy, Scott D'Amore, and more. 

Gallows, Romero, and Anderson were all guests on Wrestling Observer Live this week.

The show begins at 9 PM Eastern.


Karl Anderson, Doc Gallows and Rocky Romero appeared at the top of show in basically a video version of the podcast. They went out of their way to explain what this event was: for fun and to give back to the fans. Gallows did his spot-on Howard Finkel impression. Before they started, Anderson said to the fans, "Thank you for letting us do this."

If you haven't figured it out already, please do not expect a typical recap for this event.

Gallows, Anderson and Romero all appeared together in front of Gallows' house and confirmed to each other that this would "really suck."

"Oh sh*t, it's Teddy Long!" The ex-WWE star appeared early on as, apparently, a part of the Social Distance battle royal.

David Penzer was ring announcer, standing in the ring which was set up behind Gallows' house. It's a beautiful backyard. Nice digs, Doc.

Next was a promo package hyping Sex Ferguson (Gallows) vs. Chad 2 Badd (Anderson) in a Boneryard Match. Anderson wore a skintight neon green singlet and did some lightning fast martial arts maneuvers while Gallows did a good hybrid Undertaker impression. The graphics for this match really felt like something from an '80s wrestling show, down to the awkward still shots of the guys.

Chico El Luchador won a battle royal to become the first Talk'N Shop A Mania Champion

Freight Train appeared and put on his mask before getting into the ring. He eliminated Roman Riselli "or whatever his name was" according to Gallows. Chavo Guerrero showed up on commentary. Michael Bennett did a run-in. An imposter Sting appeared which I believe it was Anderson. It sounded like the guys on commentary really enjoyed Freight Train. Brian Pillman, Jr. was in last with Freight Train. Alex Koslov (of NJPW and Mexican strip club fame) did a run-in. His "bearded mother" showed up and she and Pillman teamed up to eliminate Mr. Train.

Chico El Luchador then appeared and eliminated Koslov's bearded mom to become the first Talk'n Shop-a-Mania 24/7 champion. After the match, Koslov's mom beat him up while he was cutting a promo.

- The next segment saw Mike Bennett show up in what I think might have been a Ford Aerostar from the '90s and "sold" Sex Ferguson a bottle of pills, then sped off.

- Cut to ring announcer David Penzer next. He was in mid-sentence: "... and I thought Sturgis was bad."

"Nature Boy" Paul Lee vs. Frankie Coverdale

Coverdale didn't get an entrance though he did get a name graphic. Someone in a red Corvette with "WOOOOOO" emblazoned across the windshield drove up Gallows' driveway. Enter" Nature Boy" Paul Lee. They cut to Maria Kanellis in a singlet posing and then another bigger girl posing in something revealing. Lee took about five minutes to get into the ring and the Talk'n Shop crew loved every second of it. This was basically a parody of an old Ric Flair vs. local jobber match. The two guys wrestled around Gallows' backyard. Lee locked on a side headlock, then spun around and yelled "Woo!" a lot. The finish wasn't shown and instead, we transitioned to the next match.

George North vs. Stump Kowalski

Kowalski was the total opposite of Killer Kowalski, who was really tall while North was someone pretending to be George South. Stump hit North with a 2x4 a bunch and the two brawled around the yard, around the pool, and into his house. Inside the house, they found Brian Myers (Curt Hawkins) playing with wrestling figures with Gallows' sons, one of whom who kicked North in the chest and he collapsed onto Stump.

- Teddy Long came out next and asked Penzer for his money. Penzer didn't have it. Long then did his "holla holla holla" catch phrase and introduced a team called the '80s Russians. They went against the Jungle Kittens. It was about two minutes long and one of the Russians pinned a Kitten with a clothesline. The match wasn't over yet. I guess.

Long cursed on the mic, and then Lodi, Sick Boy and "Yeti" Ron Reis came out. Reis came out in wrapped in some toilet paper but then he realized he was supposed to be doing the old WCW Flock gimmick. Lodi carried a sign that read LODI RULZ. D-Lo Brown appeared next in gym clothes. Rhino was in next in full gear and speared everyone in the ring. Brian Pillman Jr. appeared again. A Kimchee parody named Rimjob appeared. Chavo Guerrero came out riding Pepe the toy horse. He did a frog splash in the ring. "Cold Stone" Willie Mack was next out and stunned a few people. Later, he and Chavo shared beers until Mack kicked Guerrero in the stomach and stunned him, too.

Rory Fox vs. Swoggle

"Rapid Delivery" Rory Fox of MTV True Life fame was out next. He called out Matt Cardona because eleven years ago, Cardona ripped off his trunks and ruined Fox's career. Myers came out next and called Fox a jobber.

Myers: "I'm gonna give you an opportunity, kid."
Fox: "Opportunity? I'm 44!"
Myers: "Whatever."

He then brought out Swoggle as a stand-in and he and Fox had a match. Swoggle ripped Fox's trunks off to reveal Fox wearing a thong. I guess Swoggle won, because Fox immediately got out of the ring and ran into the woods.

- We saw the finish to Stump Kowalski vs. George North as Stump won after knocking him down a slide into a pool.

- Chico El Luchador was pumping iron backstage when Chavo Guerrero tried choking him during his bench press. Chico called for a ref and demanded he start a 24/7 match in the gym. Guerrero threw Chico into the sauna, hoping he'd sweat into submission. Guerrero accused Chico of being on "the gas" because he is so strong. They exchanged atomic drops before Chavo used a school boy on Chico to win the match and the title. He then told Chico he was going to "have sex all over the belt."

Chadd 2 Badd pinned Chavo a few seconds later in the next room over to take the title.

Outside, we saw nZo, formerly Enzo Amore. Between rambling and cursing, he also said he lost money because he came to the show. He mentioned Gallows putting himself over in the main event and apologized for giving away the finish.

Pelvis Wesley (Heath Miller) and the Honky Stonk Man (Brian Myers) showed up next, and the bigger lady in the bikini from earlier in the show and another old guy "won" the contract in a tree match.

Talk N'Shop A Mania Chadd 2 Badd defeated Sex Ferguson in the Boneryard match

Penzer made an official announcement for the Boneryard Match. Badd (Anderson) was in a hearse and carried to the ring in a coffin, but the druids dropped him and he fell out. He yelled at the druids and called out Ferguson (Gallows).

A guy played acoustic guitar next and sang a song while Ferguson drove to the Boneryard in an ATV and crashed into the Boneryard. There were lots of insider jokes thrown around while they had a goofy match. The arm of AJ Styles popped up from the "grave" which was a giant pile of mulch. Rory Fox did a run-in and he was still in his thong. Maria Kanellis showed up again and she and Chad 2 Badd did a little merengue dancing before Ferguson inervened, a callback to the New Japan days.

Kanellis then told Gallows she was a mother now and then disappeared. Myers and Miller were sitting in lawn chairs watching the match giving their thoughts and the Rock'N' Roll Express appeared to say a few choice words to Ferguson and Badd. They set up a gimmick table with photos to sign and nZo showed up. As they negotiated for a price, nZo was superkicked by Ferguson and fell through the table.

There was a flashback vignette in the middle of the match, a spoof of their experiences last year with AEW and WWE negotiations with a September 2019 graphic. The Young Bucks were in the video and they basically did a dramatization of their AEW meeting last year. After the meeting, they showed Anderson and Gallows getting texts from Triple H. They said they were "going up to NY" and the Bucks got angry and superkicked both of them and called them marks, later joking they would go to TNA anyway. Gallows and Anderson were selling and saying something about Aces & Eights.

They cut back to the match where Ferguson and Badd spoofed the Brock vs. Undertaker SummerSlam double pop-up spot. Badd grabbed Ferguson's ears and tried burying him. Ferguson tried apologizing and asked for a babyface singles run and maybe a title before Badd buried him alive in the Boneryard.

Afterward, Ferguson had a Jason (Friday the 13th) mask on, a possible nod to The Fiend/Bray Wyatt character changes of late. 

The final graphic teased a possible return.