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Teddy Hart charged with strangulation resulting in bodily harm


Teddy Hart has been arrested for the third time this year.

Hart, real name Edward Annis, was arraigned this morning in Richmond, Virginia on charges of strangulation resulting in bodily harm following his arrest yesterday. Under Virginia law, strangulation is considered a class six felony and could lead to 1-5 years of imprisonment and a $2,500 fine. He is currently held without bail at the Richmond County Jail and is scheduled for a April 24 hearing.

This comes following a video posted on independent wrestler Ace Montana’s Facebook page where he accused Hart of physically assaulting ROH star Maria Manic. 

“Literally had to pull my gun on Teddy Hart and throw him out of my friends house,” Montana wrote. “This piece of **** literally choked out and physically assaulted Maria Manic and would not let her get help. she texted me I’m in danger never ever did I think I would meet a piece of **** like this guy who has now been arrested with a felony against him. I don’t think this guy knew how close to death he was. This video is me kick him out before the cops came and arrested him.”

Hart continually denied the allegations in the video.

This is the third arrest for Hart this year. He was first arrested on February 12 for possession of a Schedule II controlled substance and possession with the intent to distribute. He was then arrested on March 4 due to a violation of his house arrest. He is scheduled for a April 23 court date for the February arrest.

Hart had most recently been appearing for Major League Wrestling, but was released from his contract in December.