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UFC 210 & NJPW Sakura Genesis fan feedback

UFC 210 --

Thumbs Down

  • Best Match: Alves vs. Cote
  • Worst Match: Weidman vs. Mousasi

Mess of a card. Seems weird that two unranked fighters are competing against each other on PPV, even if one of hem shows some promise. But that's not a big deal compared to how messed up the Weidman situation is. Maybe NY's a hot market, but they gotta be skeptical about going back there after all the crazy stuff that's happened.

I don't know what happens to Anthony Johnson when he fights Cormier. I have no idea why he would try to grapple, even if he did take the first round. That's just so bizarre. That said, Cormier is one of the best fighters in the world and could be top ten ever. One loss to Jones, but look at the guys he's beat and how dominant he looks in beating them.

- Colin Faucher


I went to UFC 210 last night in Buffalo and here are a few notes:

  • Best Fight: Alves vs. Cote
  • Worst Fight: Usman vs. Strickland

There were scattered empty seats throughout the arena, particularly on the lower level, where there were a few different rows that were almost completely empty. My guess would be ticket brokers weren't able to unload them, but I'm not familiar with the local market. The four upper deck sections behind the big screens were either mostly empty or completely empty.

The crowd was really into Anthony Johnson all night and Cormier was booed all night. I still don't get it. One person in front of my excitedly exclaimed that he booed him because he gets upset at the boos, even though he likes Cormier, which is odd.

Everyone was murmuring during the fight about how inexplicably Johnson performed (I'd say Johnson's game plan, but apparently that wasn't the game plan).

Luke Harper was at the show. I saw him on the concourse just after the Alves vs. Cote fight.

The booing was so loud during the Mousasi interview, I couldn't hear a thing that was said.

Desmond Green was over huge with the crowd. 

When I left about five minutes after Cormier exited, Jon Jones had a long line for pictures and was still there taking them.

The only decision that surprised me was Chookagian vs. Aldana. From my view on the floor, it looked like in the last two rounds Aldana was landing really clean punches and Chookagian was largely missing or grazing her. The crowd was happy for Chookagian to win since she is local.

- Dan Plunkett


    Thumbs down. 

    • Best match: Probably one of the prelims I didn't watch. 
    • Worst match: Cormier-Rumble

    This show was built on two fights and neither one delivered. At least with Weidman-Mousasi they can blame Mirgliotta & the NYSAC for ruining the fight. 

    Rumble showed up with the dumbest gameplan we've ever seen from someone not cornered by Edmund. I love watching Rumble, but tonight he showed no heart or intelligence & crumbled under adversity. He left his neck exposed for way too long like he was just looking for a way out. Rumble is a front runner that falls apart under pressure. He might as well retire if those are the performances he puts on in title fights. 

    - Adam Berger


    Sakura Genesis --

    Thumbs Up

    • Best Match: Okada vs. Shibata
    • Worst Match: Jr. HW Tag Team Title Match

    Okada vs. Shibata was incredible. I don't think its at the level of the Omega match, or as unique and memorable as the Suzuki match, but still excellent. Another classic Okada match in a title defense -- the question now is how good of a match he can drag out of Fale?

    Takahashi vs. KUSHIDA was kind of a let down cause of the time it got, but also it makes for a good story, so that's cool. Maybe they figure if they only let Hiromu work five minutes or less he won't have time to kill himself out there.

    Sabre Jr. vs. Goto wasn't amazing -- even though they're both great workers, it's a weird match up. Still alright though. War Machine vs. Tenzan and Kojima didn't start great but really picked up. Nice to se the belts on War Machine. Hanson is top notch and does some incredible stuff. Seems perfect for Japan.

    Barring the Jr. HW Tag Team match, the rest of the card was solid. LIJ vs. Taguchi Japan was pretty good. I don't see Juice beating Naito, and I'm not sure he's at the IC Title level, but dude has had some good matches lately. That Pulp Friction spiked Naito hard and looked brutal. 

    - Colin Faucher


    Thumbs up. It was a one match show, but that match was insane good that is that is has to be thumbs up.

    • Best Match: Okada/Shibata
    • Worst Match: IWGP Junior Tag title match. It sucked. 
    • Disappointing match: Goto/Sabre. Interference ruined what was heading to a good story.
    • Exceeded expectations: War Machine/TenCozy. Solid and enjoyable clash of styles and age. 

    We are truly in an amazing era with NJPW and might even rival AJPW in the heyday -- Okada, Shibata, Naito, Omega can all pull out 5*+ matches with a supporting case of depth - Takahashi (imagine seeing him as supporting cast!), Goto, Suzuki, Ishii. 

     - Andrew Hall


    Thumbs in the Middle

    • Best Match: Main Event
    • Worst Match: Jr: Tag Champion 

    Horrible booking throughout. In fact, New Japan has been horribly booked since the day after the return of Suzuki. The Suzuki/Okada match killed Suzuki as a serious contender, once he couldn't win after torturing Okada for forty straight minutes. The junior tag matches went from being four star plus to 1/2 clusters. Because they have too much 'talent' they use Elgin and the Bucks less and the first hour of the shows are completely skippable.

    The Sabre/Goto match was very good until the interference but having Zack lose after the all that just makes him look like a complete geek. It led to a pull apart between Goto and Suzuki but Suzuki just had a pull apart with Yoshi-Hasi an hour earlier.

    No one wants to see Fale/Okada again. Having a a quick win every once a while as a surprise is a great idea but why Kushida, who really doesn't have the star power to take the quick loss, and why deny us one of the two most anticipated matches? Main event was excellent or else this would have been a big thumbs down 

    - Russell Griffith


    Thought it was a great show. Crowd was on fire throughout the whole show. A match that exceeded my expectations was the IWGP Heavy Tag match. I gave it ****. Worst match was IWGP Jr Tag which had too much interference. 

    Now onto the best match of the card which was Shibata/Okada. Match went almost 40 minutes and Shibata beat the hell out of Okada. Crowd were all in favor of Shibata. I gave it *****. I think the right move would have been Shibata winning. The crowd would have blown the roof off if he won. In my opinion the best overall wrestling show since Wrestle Kingdom in January. 

    - Derek Lentz


      Huge Thumbs Up

      • Best: Okada vs. Shibata 
      • Worst: Gedo/Jado vs. Suzuki-Gun

       If Okada vs. Omega was a 6 star match then Okada vs. Shibata should be 7 stars IMHO. It was an absolutely amazing main event -- the MOTY in my opinion so far and perhaps one of my new favorite matches ever. 

      - Nick Randall