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Velveteen Dream alleged to have threatened, punched, bitten gym employee

The former WWE NXT roster member was arrested on August 20.

Patrick Clark (FKA Velveteen Dream) is alleged to have punched, bitten and made death threats towards a gym employee during an altercation last month. 

Clark was arrested on August 20 and charged with battery and trespassing on a property after warning. The incident took place shortly after 8 p.m at Club Orlando, a fitness center located in Orlando, Florida.

According to police documents obtained by TMZ, Clark became "irate and argumentative" after having to leave an area of the gym that was closed for cleaning. After a gym employee requested Clark leave the premises, Clark is alleged to have made death threats aimed at the employee and then struck them in the face. A fight between the two continued and Clark reportedly bit the employee on his chest under his left armpit. Clark was then arrested after police witnessed teeth marks on the gym employee. 

Through his attorney, Clark has submitted a written plea of not guilty to the charges. Clark was then arrested again on August 26 for violation of his probation by the Orlando Police Department.