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WWE NXT results: Kota Ibushi & TJ Perkins vs SAnitY as Dusty Classic quarterfinals roll on


The Big News: Kota Ibushi was pinned by SAnitY. (No, really.)

The Medium News: The Revival forfeited a match, allowing DIY to advance to the Dusty Classic semi-finals.

The Little Beaver Sized News: TM61 and the Authors of Pain also advanced to the next round of the Dusty Classic.


We start things off with Charly Caruso giving us updates on the Dusty Rhodes Tag Team Classic, which was just to say that all four Round 2 matches would happen tonight.


Dusty Rhodes Classic Quarterfinals: Shane Thorne (w/Nick Miller) pinned Roderick Strong (w/Austin Aries)

This was taped in San Jose, California, during (and I quote) “NXT's hugely successful tour of California this past weekend”. Aries came out in street clothes and announced that he was unable to wrestle due to an injury in a match with Shinsuke Nakamura. Aries encouraged TM61 to forfeit.

Out came Mr. William Regal who confirmed Aries' injury, but instead of waiting a week to do the next match, he announced that one member of TM61 would face Roderick Strong and the winner's team would advance.

Shane Thorne took the challenge as we were informed this match was “previously recorded” which is funny since NXT is always “previously recorded”. This was a very good match. Strong and Thorne fought on the top rope, and Strong laid him out with a back breaker on the top rope, which looked a lot better than when Charlotte and Sasha Banks did it.

Thorne hit the Alberto Del Rio double foot stomp from the top rope which led to the fans chanting “Si, si, si”. Thorne had the match won with a sit out power bomb, but Aries distracted the referee. Miller went after Aries, but Strong hit a baseball slide dropkick. When Strong turned around, Thorne used a small package for the pin!


Next week is the official contract signing for Samoa Joe vs Shinsuke Nakamura at TakeOver.


Dusty Rhodes Classic Quarterfinals: DIY defeated NXT Tag Team Champions The Revival via forfeit (non-title)

This is supposed to be the rematch from TakeOver: Brooklyn, where the two teams had the best match of the night and one of the best of the weekend.

Scott Dawson came out on crutches. Is everyone injured on this show? Dawson claims to have suffered a possible career threatening knee injury and his doctor told him if he was a jamoke like Ciampa or Gargano he wouldn't be able to wrestle, but since he is such a man all he has to do is take two Ibuprofen.

Dawson announces that in order to prevent an even bigger injury, The Revival is dropping out of the tournament and saving DIY the embarrassment of tapping out to The Revival.

Not mentioned by the announcers is the fact that they were actually forfeiting, unlike Austin Aries, and that's why we had the first match and not the second match.


Cedric Alexander said Andrade Cien Almas taught him you need to be vicious and have a mean streak and he would like to thank Almas in the ring, any time any place.


Someone is returning! Great! They didn't tell us who though.


DIY was backstage and Dashe flew in to ask what they were thinking. Gargano & Ciampa said it reinforced what they were going to do. They are going to win the Dusty Rhodes Classic and then win the NXT Tag Team Championship.


Dusty Rhodes Classic Quarterfinals: The Authors of Pain defeated No Way Jose & Rich Swann

Jose started the match by dancing which frustrated Acham. This led to a hurricarana on Acham, which is the biggest offensive move hit on the AOP so far. Rich Swann fared well against Rezer until he got caught by both men outside the ring, but it's okay because Jose dove off the top rope onto them.

The AOP finally cut off Swann and that was it for Swann. To show his worry, for the first time Paul Ellering had to cheat, choking Swann on the ropes behind the referee's back. Like all good tag team matches, we got a hot tag. Jose was in and showed that his offense was just as effective against two people. Jose actually picked up Acham and hit him with a TKO for a near fall. However, Jose got cut off and was hit with The Last Chapter. The AOP move on!


I am sure everyone who reads spoilers already knows this, but the semifinals are next week and it's only the finals that will be at TakeOver: Toronto, unlike last year.


We got a Mickie James video package to build to her facing Asuka at NXT Takeover: Toronto.


Dusty Rhodes Classic Quarterfinals: SAnitY defeated Kota Ibushi & TJ Perkins

Like in the first round, Alexander Wolfe and Sawyer Fulton represented SAnitY. My spell check sure hates every time I type SAnitY.

Both cruiserweights looked good against their larger foes. Perkins put Wolfe in the kneebar and Wolfe tagged out to Fulton, who got in the ring and was trapped in a kneebar of his own. The shine actually went on through the commercial break and into the second half of the match. Ibushi did the Triangle Moonsault, but Perkins got caught on his dive and slammed onto the ring apron (which is the hardest part of the ring).

Wolfe was hungry during the heat, so he chewed on the middle rope and then the tag rope while waiting to be tagged in. Wolfe had his knees up for the Fulton body slam, but Perkins got out of his, dropped Fulton face first onto his partner and made the hot tag.

Ibushi hit the Golden Star Power Bomb, but Eric Young distracted the referee. Then in the most shocking thing since Charlotte beat Sasha Banks in Boston, Wolfe pinned Kota Ibushi with their double team slam.

That was unexpected.

So that does it for this week! Next week it is SAnitY vs TM61 and DIY vs The Authors of Pain! Who moves on to the finals? Until then remember to say your vitamins and take your prayers!