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wXw 16 Carat Gold night one results: Thatcher, Riddle, WALTER


Submitted by reader Markus Gronemann from Oberhausen, Germany

Pre show they introduced the champions Bad Bones and Bobby Gunns and their challengers, WALTER and Mike Bailey..Bones wanted to know the stip for the world title match which Walter gets to choose but instead got a tag match for tonight.

- Dark Match: Emil Sitoci defeats Ivan Kiev and Julian Nero and Julian Pace in a tournament alternate four-way match.

Sitoci earned Jurn Simmons' spot in the tournament.

- 16 Carat Gold Tourney 1st round: Keith Lee defeats Avalanche

Both guys were over with the crowd. Lee won, showing off impressive power spots.

- 16 Carat Gold Tourney 1st round: Chris Brookes defeats Alexander James in a fun match.

16 Carat Gold Tourney 1st round: Lucky Kid defeats Matt Sydal

This was an early show stealer as Kid is really good and Sydal was amazing too.

16 Carat Gold Tourney 1st round: David Starr defeats Emil Sitoci in another good outing by both men.

- Mike Bailey & WALTER defeat Bobby Gunns & John Klinger

Wild brawling and hard hitting stuff as you might expect from those four. Bailey got the pin on Gunns with his moonsault body press.

16 Carat Gold Tourney 1st round: Matt Riddle defeats Da Mack

Huge surprise as Riddle hit a flying knee right at the bell and won in just five seconds for a great visual. Mack sold by falling off the ramp twice on his way backstage.

16 Carat Gold Tourney 1st round: Travis Banks defeats Mark Haskins

Very good, but crowd wasn't into it.

16 Carat Gold Tourney 1st round: Timothy Thatcher defeats Jonah Rock

They played a tremendous package on Thatcher from the latest Shotgun episode before the match where he talked about what wrestling in Germany, Ringkampf, and winning the tournament means to him. This was a physical match with Thatcher picking up the win via armbar.

-  16 Carat Gold Tourney 1st round: Absolute Andy defeats Marius Al-Ani

This was a new main event as Starr/Simmons fell through. These two have a big grudge as Andy turned on Al-Ani mid match in October. Al-Ani started with his Uso style dive over the post to the outside onto Andy. This was a wild brawl, hard hitting, and overall great with tons of near falls. Andy used his wrench to almost win. The finish came when Andy distracted the ref, hit a mule kick cheap shot, and a superkick.. Al-Anis' foot was on the rope but the ref missed it, so we'll see what happens tonight.

Night two of the tournament happens on Saturday.